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Paranormal Musings Newsletter-Vol 2-Oct 2007

Updated on March 2, 2009

To view the entire newsletter, go to my web site at http// and then click on the “Paranormal Newsletters” page.

Mysterious Mt.Shasta

What is it about Mt.Shasta that draws so many? Some visitors to the area find it inspiring, some find it enlightening, some find it awesome, some are unnerved by it, but everyone who visits the small towns in the shadow of Mount Shasta feels something they don’t feel anywhere else.

Mount Shasta is a part of the Cascade Mountain Range, located in Siskiyou County in Northern California about 45 miles south of the Oregon border. Mount Shasta is the cone of an extinct volcano rising to a height of over 14,162 feet above sea level, and is one of the largest volcanic peaks in the continental United States. Over the last 10,000 years, Shasta has erupted on average once every 800 years. During the last 3,500 years the volcano has erupted about once every 300 years. The most recent eruption may have occurred in 1786 A.D. So, this would indicate that there might still be molten lava somewhere within the mountain. But, there are quite a few who believe that the dome is hollow, and within the majestic mountain live the survivors of Ancient island of Lemuria, which sank under the waves of the Pacific Ocean a little over 12,000 years ago.

Strange lights and sounds are often seen or heard on the mountain. Lenticular clouds, shadows and outstanding sunsets add to the mystical aura of the mountain. Some people believe wondrous little people, often referred to as "The Little People of Mount Shasta." They are reportedly seen around the mountain. They are third dimensional beings like humans, but they live on a slightly higher level of the third dimension, such as third and one half level, and they have the ability to make themselves visible and invisible at will.

There are also reports of the Bigfoot race of people being seen on some remote areas of Mount Shasta, along with many other mysterious beings. The Bigfoot people are now very few in numbers around the world and around Mount Shasta. They are of average intelligence and possess a peaceful heart.

Many people report seeing strange lights on the mountain. One explanation is that there are spacecrafts coming and going constantly from a spaceport deep within the mountain. Mount

Shasta is not only a home for the Lemurians, but it is also said to be an inter-planetary and inter- galactic multi-dimensional portal. There is a huge city of Light above the mountain called

the CrystalCity of Light of the Seven Rays. The lights can flash on and off all over the Mountain during the night and sometimes during the day.

There have been so many fascinating myths and legends written about this soldering volcanic mountain peak—far too many to innumerate here. Through them all the solitary mountain simply slumbers on, her secrets intact. It is said that Mount Shasta reveals "herself" only to those who honor life, honor themselves for whom they truly are, honor the Earth, and honor all other kingdoms sharing this planet.

A group of Native Americans from the McCloud River area practice rituals on the mountain. Other surrounding tribes also continue to use the mountain for spiritual practices. Numerous mysterious legends and psychic messages speak of the significance of Mt. Shasta as a place of powerful earth energies.

The Center for Inter Dimensional Healing, an organization devoted to psychic and clairvoyant healing, is located in the city of Mount Shasta, along with dozens of other spiritual organizations, business, religious cults, psychics and prophets. All seem drawn to the mountain by an unseen psychic force of nature no one has ever been able to explain.

Take a drive north on CA State Route 5 about an hour past Redding. When you round a bend in the road and see the majestic mountain looming ahead, see if you don’t suddenly understand what the magnetic draw to Mt.Shasta is all about.


Did You Know . . .

. . . that Thomas Edison was working on a invention that would enable people to talk to the dead? He named his idea “Telephone to the Dead.” In an article in The Scientific American in 1921 (yes, that magazine has been around that long!) Mr. Edison wrote: “If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties and knowledge that we acquire on this Earth. Therefore, if personality exists after what we call death, it is reasonable to conclude that those who leave Earth would like to communicate with those who they have left here.” Mr. Edison went on to say, “I am inclined to believe that our personality hereafter will be able to affect matter. If this is reasoning is correct, then, if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something.”

Unfortunately for us all, Mr. Edison passed to the other side before he was able to complete his device.

In 1995 Popular Science Magazine published an article about unexplained E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomena) being picked up by Ham Radio operators. An avid short wave radio operator from the Denver, Colorado area read the article and decided he would develop it. Within months he was successful in actually putting together a device that was capable of facilitating two-way conversations with the dead. Paranormal investigators in Colorado have been testing this device and have gotten remarkable results. “Frank’s Box,” as the inventor named it, has produced information from the entities that use it from the other side that would be impossible for anyone to fake. Although E.V.P has been recorded on tape recording devices in the past, this is the first device that actually affords a two way conversation with the dead.


Will this device ever be available to other paranormal investigators or even to the general public? Not for a while since no one has figured out as yet how to mass produce the invention… but they will, eventually. And every day communication between the living and those who have passed away is just a matter of time.

To read more about Frank’s Box, pick up the summer 2007 issue of Haunted Times magazine written by Christopher Moon, the Paranormal Investigator who has been testing Frank’s Box.


How About Halloween?

No October newsletter would be complete without a mention of Halloween! I was in a Walgreen’s a few weeks ago and was saddened by all the scary items they had for sale for Halloween. How did Halloween get to be such a scary holiday? It sure didn’t start out that way… It started out as a religious holiday. Halloween has been celebrated for over 2000 years. It started with the ancient Celts and by the 800’s the Catholics picked it up. Somewhere along the time line someone decided that gory was in… it must be that Hollywood scenario again. “Let’s give ‘em what we think they want—to have the begeebers scared out of them.” I guess that sells movies.

I don’t remember Halloween as a scary holiday when I was a kid. I remember running from house to house in my neighborhood with my paper grocery bags for candy. My parents never had to check my candy for holes before I could eat it. Halloween was fun then… now even the jack ’o lanterns have scary faces. Among all the new and “improved” gory costumes you can still see a little ghost now and then knock at your door on October 31st, but who’s afraid of ghosts?


The Truth About White Witches

This is an article written by a friend of mine. I hope you enjoy it.

White Witch I Am!!

No toads or the power of three; no dancing in the moon- light under a full moon, but I am a White Witch and practice my craft.

I follow the path of nature and watch the signs around me. I read the ancient Runes to start the day. Runes are a tool like reading cards, or palms. They are used in Divination and Magic. Runes are made from small pieces of wood with pictographs representing the forces and objects in nature. My symbols are with me all the time to help during my day and life.

The gifts that were given to me are reading people, touch and sometimes knowing the future. Touch is the hardest for me as at times I can feel way too much pain. This can and does make me ill on occasion. Because of this I must stay grounded to the Goddess Earth. This is where I get my strength.

I don’t do many spells because they can bring evil. I take great care in how I use what God and the Goddess has given me with everything I do. I have, however, used binding spells to prevent evil from outside forces.

I don’t tell people that I am a White Witch, or that I use it daily. This is not something to brag about—it is a gift. Yes, I do use herbs, stones, and other things to make potions. My craft has been handed down from Grandmother, to Mother, to daughter; and if I see one of my children to have these special powers, I will guide her to use them with great care.

I am a White Witch! Blessing to Be!

Storie Rose


What Are Orbs?

Orb is a term used for circular anomalies that appear in photographs and videos, and at times, seen by the naked eye. They appear to be balls, diamonds, or streaks of light in various sizes. Orbs sometimes appear to be in motion, leaving a trail behind them. The image looks as though there is a neculus and a rainbow energy circumfrance. Spirt orbs would never have a sharp edge around it.

There are two trains of thought as to what orbs are:

1) an indication of paranormal activity or
2) a nautral occurance intensified by a camera’s flash.

Some investigators believe the phenomena is flash reflection off of dust particles, insects, or moisture droplets in the air in front of the camera. I have been a professional photograph for years, so I know what reflections, insects and moisture droplets look like in a photograph.

Its almost impossible to determine exactly what orbs are with any scientic certainy. I can determine what most of the orbs I’ve taken are not, however. A dust speck shows up as opaque white “blob” on a negative or photograph. Water droplets on the lens have a distint edge, are usually a flat gray color, and do not display an energy pattern around its edge or in the center.

Here’s what else I know:

  • Orbs do not show up in every photograph. They do show up in some photographs taken in cemeteries and at sights that have reported paranormal activity.
  • They don’t show up in every photograph taken at cemeteries and in locations that have reported paranormal activity. For instance, if several people take photographs of the same area within seconds of each other, some will have orbs show up in the finished photograph, and others won’t show anything. It also doesn’t seem to matter if a 35mm film camera or a digital camera was used.

My therory: What if orbs get their energy from the camera flash itself. Since they are not ususally seen by the naked eye, it’s possible that, whatever they are, they are able to use the energy displaced by the falsh in order to make themselves visiable, and since the falsh burst is so fast, they can be seen only in the photograph. This makes as much sense to me as any other therory I’ve heard.

My therory doesn’t explain what orbs are, but it might be a plausable explaination as to how they materialize. I believe that orbs are energy that science hasn’t discovered an explaination for yet. Are they paranormal? My guess is that they are, but paranormal “what” is still in question. I have taken thousands of photographs in hundreds of different places in my life. The only places where orbs have shown up in my photographs is in a place that has been reportedly haunted. That leds me to believe that they are an energy source associated with paranormal activity.

Moving Orb taken in the tunnel behind the Cozmic Cafe (The Soda Works) in Placerville.
Moving Orb taken in the tunnel behind the Cozmic Cafe (The Soda Works) in Placerville.
Close up of orb taken in the front part of the Cozmic Cafe, Placerville.
Close up of orb taken in the front part of the Cozmic Cafe, Placerville.


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