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Paranormal and what is the truth?

Updated on October 18, 2009

Seen all the Paranormal tv shows, Interested?

We have all seen the television shows on cable/sky and freeview about investigating the paranormal. Television studios have invested millions and millions into these programmes for information on the supernatural,paranormal and things that go bump in the night for us to watch and jump even when we see a shadow. Also not forgetting those who have had fame and much fortune from investigating and dabbling in the paranormal Supernatural and the dark side of the unknown.

But I have to ask the million dollar question now? What is the truth? I'm still searching book after book for an answer I have come close with certain books from Amazon which I still have my nose in. I've watched paranormal programmes series by series some from behind the sofa. I've searched the Internet download after download most are pranks some are suppost to be taken seriously but have been proven fake these are known as Debunked. Be it Debunked footage fake footage that has been proved to of been tampered with or the footage has been re-inacted, same as with Debunked Photo's.

My family and I are having a hard time we have cooking smells creeping upstairs in the middle of the night, last night it was swede... We don't have this veggie in the house.The kitchen was warm as if the cooker was on, when the heating was off. The dog won't go downstairs nor will we.... My husband doesn't believe but in the past 6 years we have lived here I can remember 4 incidents where he has shot upstairs quicker than my eldest when she hears the ice cream van running for her piggy bank.

There are ideas of camera's recording all night with night vision. Experiments and test areas set up. People hold all night vigals which would spook anybody. You see strapping big blokes on the telly with a camcorder looking butch, until someone in the crew passes wind then they freak out some get excited and have to investigate the paranormal smell!

If there is anything out there (the x files theme tune would come good round about now)

Let it be, let them borrow your cooker, try to live in harmony. If they are nasty then basically ya need help coz it may be easier for them to move than you and the kids.

I love the idea of loved one's watching over us and protecting us, but hunting them down and racing the next paranormal production on the other channel for solid proof is not professional. It's entertaining watching them scream but let the professors at universities give us what we really want a solid picture a solid story a solid clip. Not a maybe it is or a percentage of originality.

Remember the Loch Ness monster are you a believer? Look out for my research into Myths & Legends with all the proof I can find pack into an amazing Hub...(again x file theme tune be fantastic here), alas tiz the time of year with Halloween drawing close, that the shows and entertainment start. Someone please if you're going to go that way please please just tell us the truth. An hour of watching you jump scream and set up little beeper things is o.k be honest after and say had a wicked time got paid for it but naaa, didn't find anything. Instead of "Fantastic night got a lot out of this" If you want pictures of Orbs come to my house or for a laugh don't dust then blow on your furniture and take a quick picture. It looks the same.... We want the truth!

There is only 1 paranormal investigation team that have come close, but are worrying me and half of Britain by dabbling in the wrong side of the paranormal, they know who they are, on behalf of everyone watching on Halloween stay safe and if you have to do it then be truthful.

Good Luck to all ghosthunters/ghostbusters/loch ness fans and people reading this....

Happy Holidays

The Proof you need?


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    • mroricle1973 profile image

      mroricle1973 8 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Wow... some deep stuff