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Part 1-Ielts Speaking Topic: Hometown

Updated on June 14, 2013


IELTS(International English Language Testing System) is the world's leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment. Below are some sample questions and answers for this topic.

1. Where do you come from?

-I was born and brought up in Ningbo, a city that is located southeast of Zhejiang province…

-I was raised in a coastal city in Australia called Sydney. I’m sure you have heard of it. It’s where the 2000 Olympic Games were held…

2. What tourist attractions are there in your hometown? Would a foreign visitor enjoy them? What place(s) in your hometown do you go to in your spare time?

-There are many land marks in my hometown. For Example…

-Tianyi Square, the largest and best shopping mall in Ningbo…

-The moon lake is a must see location when visiting Ningbo….

3.What do you think needs to change in your hometown? What do you think needs to be done to make your hometown a better place to live in?

-I’m not a huge fan of the traffic in Ningbo there are always traffic jams during the peak hours.

-The bicycles and mopeds in Ningbo have to go. They are always causing traffic accidents or congestions on the roads.

-The subway is currently under construction…

4. What do you like about your hometown? What's the most attractive part of your hometown?

-I am a major fan of the food, daily routine and people in my hometown.

-Since Ningbo is a coastal city there is a huge variety of sea food such as crabs, lobsters, prawns and oysters…

-The people in my hometown are really friendly and hospitable. We often invite people to visit our homes or a meal…

-Well there isn’t much in Ningbo that is famous, not like Beijing, where there are so many famous places, but Tianyi Square is where most people go when they come to visit.

5. For you, what benefits are there to living in a big city?

-Big Cities have a way better transport system than small towns…

-The level of educational institutions allows students to get the best education money can buy…

-Superior health care…

-Wider range of career opportunities…

-It’s difficult to get bored when you live in a city that never sleeps…

-Big cities are posh and you’re exposed to a wider range or luxury items than compared to a small city…

6. Did you learn much about the history of your hometown in school?

-History has always been one of the subjects that I have been excelled at, but unfortunately there isn’t a lot of history regarding my hometown…

-History has always been one of my weak points but as far as a can remember most of the stuff we learnt in history class was about famous cities like Shanghai or Beijing…

7.What sorts of buildings are there in your hometown?

-In my hometown there is a mixed variety of both classical and contemporary buildings….

-In the city center is are a lot of new high rise buildings, where as at the edge of town there are a lot old flats that may only have about 5 or 6 stories….

Model questions and answers for IELTS Hometown


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      Jason 3 years ago

      Here is the another source.

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      Berry 5 years ago

      Write more please~~~