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Participate in a Workplace Communication, Part 13

Updated on February 10, 2011

The Post Assessment

Participating in a Workplace Communication is an Art. It would take a lifetime for you to master it. Your goal however is that you have to accumulate communication skills as much as possible within the time frame allocated to you. One of the ways to achieve it is to expose yourself to lots of exams and tests. Try to answer the items below.

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Directions. Select the correct answer for each item from the lettered choices and write only the letter in the space provided for.

A. Distinguish whether the following underline word is:

a. Noun b. pronoun c. adjective d. adverb

__ 1. She hears mass every Sunday.

__2. The beautiful lady wears a very nice gown.

__ 3. Carlos prints his name legibly.

__4. The old man walks slowly but surely.

__5. He dressed nicely that he was appreciated by many.

__6. They are obliged to attend the meeting.

­­­­__7. The frail lady is so ashamed to mingle with the group of men.

__8. We are used to attend the flag ceremony early in the morning.

­­__9. Mrs. Delos Santos speaks loudly to be understood by her class.

__10. Dubai is known as the “city of gold”.

Write S on the blank if the group of words is a sentence and SF if it is a sentence fragment.


___ 11. Long tables for food

___12. It incurs much money to celebrate the town fiesta

___13. Possessed ordinary powers

___14. Filipino hospitality is the known virtue among Filipinos

___15. Long tables of food satisfy the visitors of the newly wed couples

___16. The parade of bands

___17. Mr. Simoun possessed ordinary powers, that’s why he was disliked by the public

___18. The fairs

___19. Relatives and Friends

___20. The parade of bands made the occasion lively

___21. The host and the hostess

___22. The fairs were attracted by young people

___23. Magnificent display of fireworks signifies a great celebration

___24. Relatives and friends meet during homecomings

___25. The host and the hostess were so tired afte the grand occasion

___26. Magnificent display of fireworks signifies a great celebration

___27.The principals

___28.The students were

___29. The principals observe strictly all the teachers

___30. The students were scolded because they were misbehaved

. Classify the following sentences as to: a. declarative b. interogative; c. imperative; d. request; and e. exclamatory.

A Write only the letter of your choice.

___31. How did you spend your three-day vacation?

___32. Teaching is a noble profession.

___33. Oh! How beautiful they are.

___34. Tell the truth about the incident.

___35. Please, do it right away so we can start the program at once.

___36. Hurry! Collect all your things.

___37. If I were you I will do my best.

___38. Kindly tell the truth so that the case will be settled at once.

___39. Tell me your parents are and I will tell who you are.

___40. Which is farther, Aparri or Manila?

A. Choose the correct form of the verb, Write only the letter.

___41. Most of the news today (a. is b. are) full of untoward incidents.

___42. Someone (a. kick, b. kicks) the wooden wall violently.

___43. The American (a. speak, b. speaks) fluently in English.

___44. The gentleman (a. are, b. is) not in good mood.

___45. Either Marilyn or Jacqueline (a. is, b. are) going to the city hall.

___46. The ova of the earthworm (a. is, b. are) hatched easily due to hot soil.

___47. Mathematics (a. seem, b. seems) to be the favorite subject of engineering students.

___48. When the baby (a. cry, b. cries) it scan be heard in the entire neighborhood.

___49. Somebody (a. pretend, b. pretends) to be the most intelligent in that section.

___50. Mumps and measles (a. is, b. are) contagious diseases.

___51. The congressmen and congresswomen (a. argue, b. agrues) intelligently.

___52. A portion of the highway (a. was, b. were) destroyed by heavy trucks.

___53. The senators together with the governors (a. has b. have) their courts call to the president of America.

___54. Drinking liquor, in addition to vandalism (a. are, b. is) against school rules and regulations.

___55. Either Karen or we (a. has, b. have) declared their income tax.

___56. Plenty of the farmers (a. has, b. have) harvested more than one hundred cavans of palay.

___57.A portion of the lot (a. was, b. were) planted with cassava.

___58. The band (a. seem, be. seems) attractive of the players are in the colorful uniform.

___59. No one ( a. undertand, b. understands) the problem raised by the principal.

___60. Something topsy turvy (a. is, b. are) unpleasant to the eyes of observant people.

A. Choose the correct tense of the verb in the following sentences.

  Write only the letter of the correct answer.

___61. I (a. go, b. will go, c. went, d. have gone) to Japan on the month of May.

___62. Mr. Cruz (a. select,  b. will select,  c. selected, d. had selected) Jose, the other day as his companion.

___63. The applicant (a. demonstrate,  b. will demonstrate, c. demonstrated, d. had demonstrated) his best.

___64. Mr. Delos Santos wants to (a. sit,  b. sat,  c. will sit, d. has seated ) on the newly constructed bench.

___65. Merly (a. drink,  b. drank,  c. will drink,  d. has drunk) five glasses of coke yesterday.

___66. I will (a. take,  b. took,  c. taken,  d. have taken) you to the guidance office for your offense committed.

___67. Mr. Bueno (a. give,  b. gave,  c. has given,  d. will give)  his opinion this morning regarding politics.

___68. The mother (a. buy,  b. bought , c. had bought, d. will buy) crayons for her child come Wednesday.

___69. Jose promised to (a. bring, b. brought, c. has brought, d. will bring) snacks for tomorrow’s visitors.

___70. Clara had just (a. break, b. broke, c. will break, d. broken) her relationship with Romeo.

A. Select the meaning of the underlined words in each sentence.

Write only the letter of the correct answer.

___71. Mrs. Santos always have prodiqious preparations whenever they have their own fiesta.

a. marvelously great c. numerous

b. Unforgettable d. presentable

___72. After his speech he was vociferously applauded by the audience.

a. Appreciably c. embarrassingly

b. Clamorously d. disgustfully

___73. He frequently mngle with great poets because he is just a poetaster.

a. An inferior poet c. a well-known poet

b. An Intelligent poet d. a superior poet

___74. You cannot just fool him, because he is a pundit.

a. Boastful c. mischievous

b. Any learned man d. intelligent

___75. He is so frightful due to the hectic warnings.

a. Exciting c. terrible

b. False d. abrupt

___76. Mr. Reyes had chided his servant of not following instruction.

a. Praised c. pushed

b. Scolded d. slapped

___77. A fellow who doesn’t know how to climb is slithering down the trunk of a coconut tree.

a. falling  c. sliding

b. shouting d. hurting

___78. It is difficult to argue with him, for he is one of the rascals.

a. Unprincipled fellow c. illiterate fellow

b. Dull fellow d. stupid fellow

___79. It seems that the wizened old man is nearing his death.

a. Shrunken c. slender

b. Stout d. limp

___80. Their fugitive sweetness as sweetheart lasts only for several days.

a. Exciting c. terrible

b. False d. abrupt

Select the appropriate idiomatic expression for each of the following sentences

. Select the appropriate idiomatic expression for each of the following sentences. Write only the letter of the correct choice.

___81. The Americans (a. gave away, b. gave in, c. gave off, d. gave back) to us the control of the archipelago when they felt we were ready to have our own independence.

___82. We will never (a. given in, b. give off, c. give away, d. give up) our fight for everlasting peace, for we have shed much blood.

___83. Many men easily (a. give back, b. gave in, c. give off, d. give up) to women who shed tears for tighter relationship.

___84. Other nationalities can immediately identify Filipinos in a crowds because we (a. gave away, b. gave in, c. gave off, d. gave back) a different aura.

___85. Filipinos are hospitable by nature that we can easily (a. give in, b. give off, c. give away, d. give up) anything when somebody asks for it.

___86. Two well-known universities in the Philippines (a. send down, b. send on, c. send in, d. send for) five foreign students for violation of the school’s rules and regulations.

___87. The manager of the GSIS (a. sent down, b. sent on, c. sent in, d. sent-off) the janitor for not following instructions.

___88. Jose and his family moved to Zamboanga so the telegram is (a. sent down, b. sent on, c. sent in, d. sent for) to them there.

___89. Many OFWs (a. sent on, b. send down, c. sent in, d. sent for) packages to their beloved parents.

___90. Presidents of various alumni batches (a. send off, b. send for, c. send in, d. send on) letters of invitation fro the general assembly.

___91. We Filipinos vow to (a. live with, b. live for, c. turn to, d. turn out) our native land for we are really makabayan by nature.

___92. My brother’s expenses are all (a. turn to, b. turn out, c. live with, d. live for) my parents for an audit.

___93. The celebration of a Barangay fiesta is never (a. live for, b. live with, c. turn to, d. turn out) despite an approaching typhoon.

___94. Whenever the students have a problem, they (a. look for, b. look at, c. charge to, d. charge with) their class adviser.

___95. Our forefathers, who are farmers (a. look for, b. look at, c. charge to, d. charge with) new fertile lands on which to settle.

___96. During the Spanish regime, some Filipinos were (a. look for, b. look at, c. charge to, d. charge with) in subordination, of not following orders coming from the higher-ups.

___97. Well Educated Filipinos usually (a. call off, b. charge with, c. charge to, d. look at) what is happening around the world before they make any move.

___98. Due to modern sicnece and technology we can now (a. turn out, b. call up, c. turn to, d. turn with) our loved ones.

___99. Newly married couples usually (a. live with, b. live for, c. turn to, d. turn out) their parents during the first few weeks for sentimental reason.

___100. Responsible parents promise to (a. live for, live with, c., turn to, d. turn out) their children’s future.

idiomatic expression

A.       Study the following underlined idiomatic expression in each sentence and select the correct meaning.  Write only the letter.

___101. He threw himself into his work with all his heart, just to earn a living.

a.       most likely                          c. most submissively

b.      most predominantly       d. most admittedly

___102. Come on, have a heart.  Lend me your notes on the lecture, so I can catch up with the previous lessons.

a.       be considerate and understanding

b.      be kind and merciful

c.       be loving and mindful                                            d. be helpful and cooperative

___103. There are some beautiful quotations that we should know by heart that may uplift our way of living.

a.       to memorize                                              c. to remember

b.      to inculcate                                                 d. to practice.

___104. There was a heated exchange of words when the discussion went into the heart of the matter concerning benefits of employees.

a.       The most relevant part of something

b.      The most important part of something

c.       The acceptable part of something

d.      The most prioritized part of something

 ___105. The loss of his mother affected him so much that he cried his heart out the whole day, so as to vanish his sorrows.

a.       to grieve so much for so long that emotion is exhausted

b.      to voice out any sentiment

c.       to have an exit of past happenings

d.      to forget everything unusual

___106. Her sister has set her heart on studying nursing for it is an indemand course.

a.       To decide very strongly

b.      To desire very stongly

c.       To determine very strongly

d.      To accept very strong

___107. Mr. Segundo has his heart so much in the project that he would do almost anything for it, even at the middle of the night.

a.       To be very proud of

b.      To be very fond of

c.       To be very appreciative of

d.      To be very exalted of

___108. Mrs. Cruz’ manner showed that she spoke from the heart and the supervisor believed her of ther principles in life.

a.       to speak with sincerity

b.      to speak with sense

c.       to speak with relevance

d.      to speak with essence

___109. It was such a distressful situation that he could not do otherwise out wear his heart on his sleeve, even he had done his best.

a.        to expose one’s feeling to the world

b.      To resist one’s feeling to the world

c.       To refute one’s feeling to the world

d.      To accept one’s feeling to the world

___110.  …………………………………………………….      exclusive my heart to you, will you handle it with care?  Means –

a.       To give all one’ affection to

b.      To propose one’s affection to

c.       To insinuate one’s affection to

d.      To presuade one’s affection to

B.      Determine the synonym of the underlined word of each of the following sentences.  Write only the letter.

___111. The students make their assignment religiously.

a.       Accomplish                                 c. neglect

b.      Forget                                           d. put asside

___112. He improve the way of dealing to people.

a.       Worse           b. better              c. abrupt              d. gradual

___113. Burning is dangerous to health.

a.       Beneficial                    c. helpful

b.      Hazardous                   c. important

___114. Teresita clenched every work she knows, it would be of great help.

a.       Grasped       b. refused           c. forget               d. neglect

___115. The Bible says, love your enemy.

a.       Hate              b. disregard        c. fondness         d. assault

___116. That employe has done an enourmous job.

a.       Gigantic  b. negligible   c. numerous  d. simple

___117. Whatever thing done unduly becomes a poison.

                                .a. excessive      b. moderate       c. small d. few

___118. He committed suicide because what he thought his life is a despair.

a.        Hopefulness                             c. bountifulness

b.      Hopelessness                            d. assuredness

___119. The officials think  it over, what would be the prioritized project.

a.       Deliberate   b. leave                                c. refuse              d. refute

___120. I hate you because of your mischievous acts.

a.       Agree    b. dislike   c. befriend     d. amend

Correct Usage of Verbs

A.      Correct Usage of Verbs

Choose the correct form of the verb and write the letter of the correct answer on the blanks.

___121.  Mang Juan (a. sets, b. sits) on the newly bought sofa.

___122. Maria (a. sets, b. sits) the table for her mother’s visitors.

___123. I saw Pedro (a. set, b. sat) on the concrete bench yesterday.

___124. Josefina forgot that her sister (a. set, b. sat) the viand for the VIPs.

___125. I would like to (a. lie. B. lay) for few minutes to gain strength.

___126. The chicken (a. lies b. lays) egg on the grassy portion of the park.

___127. It was the other day when the drunk man (a. lay, b. laid) along the highway.

___128. Her aunt (a. felt, b. used to feel, c. was feeling) disgusted when Geraldine failed all her subjects.


___130. Jose (a. felt, b. used to feel, c. was feeling) rich everytime he relates stories.

___131. He died because he (a. felt, b. used to feel, c. was feeling) all due to his uncurable disease.

___132. Don’t (a. drive, b. drove, c. driven) when you are intoxicated.

___133. I don’t like to (a. break, b. broke, c. broken) my relationship with her.

___134. Rex has (a. break, b. broke, c. broken) his legs due to cycling.

___135. (a. Choose, b. Chose, c. Chosen) your partner come JS Prom.

___136. Marvin had (a. choose, b. chose, chosen) his life-time partner at his best.

___137. He used to (a. swear, b. swore, c. sworn) not to commit sins.

___138. Yesterday, the mayor (a. swear, b. swore, c. sworn) doing good in his Administration.

___139. This morning, Marilyn (a. tear, b. tore, c. torn) the letter due to indecent words.

___140. It was the other day when Jose was (a. bite,  b. bit, c. bitten) by a crazy dog.

___141. He was punished because he used to (a. steal,  b. stole,  c. stolen) big amount of money.

___142. The (a. steal, b. stole, c. stolen) money was returned to the right authority.

___143. Last night, the boss (a. speak,  b. spoke, c. spoken) hurting words to his subordinates.

___144. The mother (a. beat, b. bite, c. beaten) two dozens of egg for leche flan on her daughter’s 18th birthday last Monday.

___145. The birthday celebrant (a. wear, b. wore, c. worn) her best dress bouht from Hongkong.

Understanding Troublesome words.

A.      Understanding Troublesome words.

Select the appropriate word in each of the following sentences.  Write the letter only of the correct answer.

___146. How often should a neat person take a (a.bath, b. bathe)?

___147. He used to (a. bath, b. bathe) his youngest child everyday.

___148. Sometimes (a. cloth, b. cloths, c. clothe, d. clothes) uplift someone’s personality.

___149. I would like to (a. cloth, b. cloths c. clothe, d. clothes) her, so she won’t appear poor.

___150. His barong tagalot is made up of pine (a. cloth  b. clothes, c. clothe, d. clothes)

___151. I prefer to be (a. social b. sociable) rather than an introvert.

___152. The (a. social, b. sociable) life tends a person to become socially literate.

___153. We (a. advice, b. advise) you not to speak bad words.

___154. His (a. advice, b. advise) let Jose to become a sucessful doctor.

___155. The mother sat (a. beside, besides) her lebloved daughter.

___156. The governor is an approachable person (a. beside, besides) being an intelligent potician.

___157. Were you (a. born, b. borne) in a remote place?

___158. Aparri is (a. farther, b. further) than Pangasinan if you are in Manila.

___159. Will you explain (a. farther, b. further) what you mean in your text?

___160. Since birth, Mariela is (a. healthy, b. healthgul).


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    • profile image

      ernie l. perezjr. 

      5 years ago

      thanks a lot for this module i have learned a lot. i also used as my references in teaching.

    • profile image

      James G. Paras 

      7 years ago

      Thank you because I learn many words to use in speaking English.

    • profile image

      James G. Paras 

      7 years ago

      EThank you because I learn many words to use in speaking English

    • profile image

      raymund pabuna smaw-b 

      7 years ago

      thanks a lot,because i learn,more,knowledge in this part,in these part you have learn the correct usage of verb and sentence?by using internet site,you can explore your talent and skills,often communication gives a better advance knowledge..communication is important to all people,god communication makes people happy......

    • profile image

      Mario S. Macaraeg 

      7 years ago

      Undergoing testing on previously done activities and coming up with summary as conclusion would be probably based on the over-all result. It teaches the right way of constructing sentences with correct subject verb usage, punctuations and widens our vocabulary. Although, often communication gives a better advantage to writing because it involves proper pronunciation, to be easily understood with the accent and more ideas are conveyed-faster way of communicating. Manners are also observed while delivering a message so it shows a better perspective on how well good communication takes place.

    • crystolite profile image


      7 years ago from Houston TX

      Good hub,thanks for sharing.

    • ronytparagas profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pangasinan, Philippines

      Learning materials shall be made available to all. By uploading all the information via internet site like the hubpages is one way of expressing our generosity.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thank very you... i have got an idea on how to work on my module on this topic

    • Jeff Berndt profile image

      Jeff Berndt 

      8 years ago from Southeast Michigan

      Taking lots of tests is not really the best way to learn good communication skills. The best way is to, well, practice communicating with people and learn from your mistakes. If you can't afford to make mistakes, take a class and learn from other peoples' mistakes. Taking tests is a good way to figure out where you need to improve, but test-taking by itself won't teach you much.


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