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Homeschool Supplies | Readers-Text Books-Teacher Guides

Updated on October 5, 2012

Pathway books are excellent text books for homeschooling or additional tutorial reading programs

Homeschooling Text Books from Pathway Books

Parents are finding the back-to-basics books from Pathway books to be excellent text books for homeschooling or additional tutorial reading programs for preschool through the 8th grades.

What makes Pathway books so desirable is that they are clutter free from commercialism and do not complicate or confuse children’s lives with modern age problems.

Books are written from a less complicated time period when stories focused on farm life, farm animals, family and working together. Pathway books come complete with children readers, workbooks, and teacher guides.

Pathway books are especially designed for the Amish Parochial Schools; these books are now being used by non Amish to help kids grasp reading skills at an early age and to keep them motivated to read up to grade 8, which is very comparable up to grade 12 in public schools.

These Christian based books do not promote any specific religious beliefs or teach Amish beliefs; rather they provide a refreshing old school approach to learning lifelong values and skills needed to prepare today’s children with the basics in reading and vocabulary skills.

Kids need to grasp and enjoy reading skills at a very early age. Pathway lessons have proven to be instrumental in helping kids learn the basic fundamentals of reading, so they can learn to enjoy reading for a lifetime.

Pathway Books first focus on having children to learn the sounds and introduction to working with the short vowel and consonant sounds. Then as the child grasp those sounds they begin to introduce consonant blends, the long vowels, consonant and vowel digraphs and other sounds, so that the child understands the words and begins to enjoy reading.

Since these books were written for Amish students, they are not cluttered with, social status, peer pressure issues, TV news, electronics and other distractions. Just basic wholesome ABC learning that seems to be missing in our budget strapped public school systems.

You can find Pathway books for preschool and grades 1-8. At Cottage Craft Works unique back-to-basics online general store at Books are packaged to include the student books, workbooks and teacher guide for each grade level.

Several other homeschool book options are available as well as a 900 page handbook for creative teaching.

Don’t expect a quick ship as Pathway books are shipped directly from the Amish Pathway Book Store in LaGrange Indiana. Orders are processed US snail mail. So be sure to order way in advance before needing them.


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