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Penolong Akauntan W27 Example Exam Questions

Updated on October 10, 2015

Penolong Akauntan Exam General Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. On the day of the exam candidates should bring: i) Call Letters Examination. ii) Identity Card iii) Stationery; 2B pencil, pen, ruler, eraser and other equipment deemed necessary.
  2. Candidates must comply with the chief invigilator.
  3. Candidates must be seated fifteen (15) minutes before the examination starts.
  4. Candidates are prohibited from communicating with other candidates. Please raise your hand if you have any problems or questions.
  5. Candidates may only leave the examination center thirty (30) minutes after the examination begins.
  6. Answers shall be made in: i) paper OMR - for Section A and B IC number on the answer sheet should be the same as the letter calls Examination.
  7. Reference to any materials is not permitted.
  8. Candidates must be well-dressed, polite, and not flashy. 10. The use of calculators is not allowed.

Section a - General Knowledge of Penolong Akauntan

Examination Syllabus

The test consists of two sections:

  1. i) Section A - General Knowledge
  2. ii) Section B - Troubleshooting Power

Part 1


Time: 40 Minutes

Number of questions: 50

The purpose of this section is to test the candidate's awareness of things going on in the country and developments.Candidates are required to know in general economic, financial, trade, technology, governance, and social.


1. Which of the following is a breakdown of the assets in the balance sheet?

I Cash
II Vehicles
III Receivables
IV Working Capital

A. I and II
B. II and IV
C. I, II and III
D. II, III and IV

Answer: C

2. Which document is the source of the cash?

A. Invoices
B. Debit Notes
C. Purchase Order
D. Payment Voucher

Answer: D

Section B - Power to Solve Problems - Penolong Akauntan W27 Exam


Time: 45 Minutes

Number of questions: 40

This section measures the candidate's ability to solve problems by using the items on the concept of the following items:

i) Skills Using Logic In this section, the candidate is required to use all the knowledge, thinking skills and apply their skills given information to select the correct answer in solving the problems presented.

penolong akauntan contoh soalan peperiksaan
penolong akauntan contoh soalan peperiksaan | Source


1. Which of the following numbers, which is odd?

B. 54
C. 49
D. 4

Answer: B

Answering technique: All numbers are a result of squares except 54

Penolong akauntan contoh soalan exam
Penolong akauntan contoh soalan exam | Source

2. What are the next form?

Answer: C

Answering technique: Start the next line into two, three and four.

ii) Skills Interpret Data

Candidates will be given a series of questions solving problems using a variety of data and statistics. Candidates are required to analyze these data to solve the problems presented.


1. The following table shows the number of visitors to a theme park on Malaysia Day holiday last year. If a visitor is randomly selected, find the probability that was chosen was a kid

contoh soalan peperiksaan penolong akauntan
contoh soalan peperiksaan penolong akauntan | Source

Answer: B

Answering techniques:

Total number = 52 + 68 + 104 + 136 = 360
Total number of children = 104 + 136 = 240
The probability of children selected = 240/360 = 2/3

2. The data below shows the number of customers who come to the convenience store near the park from five to one month

Bilangan Pelanggan

Find the probability for a customer from Taman Mewah who came to the department store.

A. 18/33
B. 8/35
C. 8/33
D. 3/8

Answer: C

Answering techniques:

description: 4000/4500 + 2300 + 2200 + 4000 + 3500 = 8/33

iii) The concept of Mathematics

The concept of applied mathematics, including algebra and geometry. Though some of the candidates who have the qualifications in the field of Mathematics at diploma level, this does not mean an advantage for them to answer questions over candidates from other areas because of the questions raised is more to the fundamentals of mathematics syllabus for Form 5 (SPM) ,


1. 8 football team took part in a competition. If the match is held in the league (each team must meet each other), the number of games that will be played in the match?

A. 28
B. 49
C. 56
D. 62

Answer: A

Engineering said:

8 teams taking part in each team must meet each other. Therefore, each team will have to play as much as 7 times. This means there are 56 games. But each team met with other teams only once to avoid double counting, the number of games is ((8 × 7) / 2) = 28

2. There are 40 students in a class. 90% of them took the exam and 3/4 of them have been passed. How many students graduate?

A. 36
B. 33
C. 30
D. 27

Answer: D

Answering techniques:

90% of the 40 students = 36 3/4 of 36 students = 27

Penolong Akauntan W27 Guide Questions


The following advice will hopefully help the candidates in the examination.

Objective questions

(The questions in Section A and B)

a. Candidates should be aware that all the candidates who sat the examination is of various academic fields.The questions submitted also covers all academic fields. Therefore, there are some questions that may be difficult to answer because certain individuals are outside the field of specialization. Therefore, if there are questions that can not be answered, candidates are advised not to waste time and continue to answer the questions that follow. When time permits, go back to the question.

b. Objective questions are multiple-choice questions in which four (4) options presented and the candidates answer must select one (1). The answer may be required not only the right but the most accurate. When reading and studying all the options available since it takes is the correct answer. By leaving thoughtful answers wrong, the answer options will be reduced and this may help in choosing the right answer.


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