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Updated on April 4, 2016

Nothing is perfect. It is one of the invisible laws of Nature. In an imperfect world, perfection can be an impossible dream, an unreachable goal, and even an irrelevant concept. Perfection means there is no room for improvement, no change is necessary, no space to grow, no margin for error, and nothing to learn. A perfect being is incapable of mistake and illogical emotion, always do the right thing and knows no regret, expects things in good order and follows strict codes of conduct. Our human world started with no law and order. We made up the rules along the way and learned to do the right things by making mistakes. Our civilization has been around 7000 years old. It chronicled how a deeply flawed and terribly imperfect living species made it this far through indescribable violence toward one another, incredibly beautiful artworks, deeply moving music, inspirational literature, invention of magnificent machines as well as Weapons of Mass Destructions. Human life is filled with joy, sadness, disappointment, wonder, bravery, treachery, deceit, sacrifice, all the things that a perfect being can never experience.

Imperfect world

All living in Nature is based on DNA, the source of imperfection. The DNA is the blueprint from which all living thing is built. It has a simple and flexible structure. When it reproduces attempting to make an exact copy, mistakes and changes can occur. Sometimes, this results in reproducing a different living thing and once in a while, a new living species. This imperfect design is perfectly suited for life to propagate in a changing and unpredictable environmental condition with wide climate swings and unreliable food sources. The resulting diversity ensures that when one living thing does not survive the changing habitat, another living thing with a different adaptability may have a chance to make it. The fossil records show countless living things from micro-organisms to dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth. Today, the Earth is populated by a different countless living things from bacteria to human beings that thrive in their habitats.

Imperfect Design

This imperfect design manifests with its full force in us, the human species. Even though we all look different, think different, and possess different capability, our human natures are all deeply flawed. We are capable of great compassion but also deadly evil deeds. We can be unreasonable loyal and trustworthy toward friends but show indifference and distrust toward strangers. Deep down we know what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong. But, when it comes to self-preservation, everyone is for oneself. In times of famine and war, the worst of human nature raises its ugly head and reveal itself without inhibition. The only reasons that we have not faced total self destruction are the goodness in us and the desire to live a happy and healthy life. Today, our society stresses:

  1. Laws and order – There are laws on all levels of human life – domestic, social, and business – to guard against human behaviors that will disrupt and or disturb the peaceful order of the man-made world,

  2. Education and culture – There are institutions that teach and inform people the codes of conduct, rules and regulations, laws of the land, and most importantly, the traditions, customs, and the common values that have kept our civilization alive for thousands of years.

Overcome Imperfection

Our society is constantly changing to find more ways to accommodate all the human’s physical needs as well as the psychological urges.

  1. There are more government agencies to look after the well fare of an expanding population,

  2. There are more business ventures to feed the increasing material demands of the people,

  3. There are more health facilities to combat the new and deadly diseases that inflict the people,

  4. There are more entertainment programs and venues to offer the people diversion from the daily routines.

    None of these is necessary if we are a perfect being. However, by working together with each person doing what one is capable of, we are overcoming our imperfection and creating a man-made world where all our material comforts can be met and spiritual yarning can be fulfilled.

Perfect Solution

The human’s journey through life is a long learning process whether one likes it or not. In school, learning something new is a happy and exciting experience. In life, learning something new can be a life changing and painful ordeal. We do not have all the tools to face and solve all the uncommon problems. What we have are the memory that will not allow us to forget those painful moments and the ability to change our perspective on life. This results a life of remembrance and awareness – who can forget:

  1. The childhood innocence and wide-eyed adventures,

  2. The teenage years of rebellion and self-consciousness,

  3. The adulthood’s happy and tragic relationships, success and failure in jobs.

    Who has not been awakening by:

  1. The blurry line between right and wrong, good and bad,

  2. Unfairness is common place, happily ever after exists only in fairy tales,

  3. Nothing is impossible is not true in a person’s life time.

    We are imperfect being living in an imperfect world. At the end of the journey of life, each person will have one’s own story to tell, feelings to share, and knowledge to pass on. This is how our 7000 years of civilization is built. All we are doing is to play the part to our best ability based on a design perfectly tailored to the life on Earth. And that is perfection.


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    • Seshagopalan profile image

      Seshagopalan Murali 23 months ago from Chennai, Tamil Nadu

      Actually this is interesting !!! But I strongly feel, everything in this universe is balanced. All the imperfections together shall form one part of a balance. The imperfections are like a puzzle. You solve them together to form a perfect object.

    • Sparrowlet profile image

      Katharine L Sparrow 23 months ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Wow, this is philosophical, yet at the same time delves into science and history! I enjoyed this read, especially the portion about dna. It is true, if dna were "perfect" and replicated perfectly, there would be no development of diversity in the natural world. Interesting hub, well done.