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Personality Temperament Types

Updated on October 25, 2017

Based on Keirsey Temperament Theory By David Keirsey

Our personality temperaments say a lot about who we are, how we think, and ulltimately, it influences our life path direction or purpose. The following is a list of personality tempertaments based on David Keirsey. Each temperament is based on the particular styles of communication, goals, strengths and valuable qualities of various groups of all individuals to serve a purpose to humanity and the world. Which personality temperament are you?



Guardians are true protectors. You are loyal and dependable and believe that everything worth earning is met by hard work and perserverance. This includes cooperating with others and leaning on discipline and resources to get ahead. Guardian types can be highly traditional. You get fulfillment from teamwork and pride from taking on responsibility for others' well-being. The subcategory archetypes of the Guardians include: Supervisors, Inspectors, Providers and Protectors.



Idealists are highly intuitive and inspirational leaders and supporters. You are the wise romantics that believe in the quality of life from personal integrity. This means living by love, faith and kindness, which are hallmarks of all idealists. Harmony amongst others and an optimistic outlook is what drives you. Idealists tend to dwell in the internal and spiritual worlds, and strive for truth. The subcategory archetypes of the Idealists include: Teachers, Counselors, Champions and Healers.



Rationals are the independent problem-solvers. You live with a rational mind and stick to the facts. Rationals are known to be pragmatic in dealings and are highly resourceful. Both practicality and efficiency is the goal for you, and you strive to maintain this in every way. Rationals are consistent and are the contributors many of modern day solutions by use of technology and other inventions. The subcategory archetypes of the Rationals include: Fieldmarshall, Architect, Mastermind and Inventor.



Artisans are the creatives and performers of life. "All the world is a stage.", is a phrase that expresses how you likely engage with the world around you. You tend to be impulsive, as an adventure is what keeps you thriving, while also being highly adaptable. Artisans are both leaders and inventors in their own right. With freedom to explore and merge fantasy with reality, these artisans break the conventiality mold. The subcategory archetypes of the Artisans include: Promoter, Crafter, Performer and Composer.

What Personality Temperament Are You?

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    • Latasha Woods profile image

      Latasha Woods 6 years ago from USA

      Yes it is. The Myers-Briggs, which was introduced using the psychological theories of Carl Jung, is much more in-depth and references about 16 personality types. It is very interesting to explore in regards to perception and judgment. Thank you for your feedback Ms Dee.

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 6 years ago from Texas, USA

      These four temperaments also fit the four groupings of Myers-Briggs personality types; NT, NF, SJ and SP.