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Personality Testing

Updated on January 4, 2011

Getting To Know The Real You!

Today, let's explore something that some of us haven't done in ages!  Getting to know yourself!  This will affect all the decisions that you will make from this point on.  Do you really know what makes you tick?  Knowing this will point you in the right direction for making relationship, job, and life decisions.  Shakespeare once wrote, "To thine ownself be true!"  How can we be true to oursleves if we do not know and understand what makes us tick?!


Exploration of Self

The Bible implores us to "guard our hearts" but if we don't know what that encompasses, then how can we do so? How do we know what exists in the anals of our heart? What is true or what is imagined? Am I functioning as a whole me? or a Broken vessel with no idea of what I should be?

There are several avenues that we can explore to get to know who we are. What or how do we measure or moral, ethic, and internal values? Some of us have asked the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us into all truth but have yet to pick up the tools available to accomplish this task.

Tool of Choice

The tool we will be using today is a "Personality Test." What is a Personality Test?

"A personality test aims to describe aspects of a person's character that remain stable throughout that person's lifetime, the individual's character pattern of behavior, thoughts, and feelings!"--Wikipedia

I have provided a link, for one that I used earlier this morning, but you can Goggle one of your own choice.

I used the "Humanmetrics" Personality Test:

My Personality Type is: ESFJ (Guardian) -- Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging

Your evaluation will give you several options to peruse such as: Type Description, Best Job Suited for your Type, How Your Type deals with (work) stress(ors), and Famous People who fall into your personality type category.

As you explore the information provided, you will see glimpses of yourself. Why you react a certain way, why you can tolerate one situation better than another.

What Are You?

  • Are you an optimist or pessimist?
  • A leader or a follower?
  • Maybe you've even wondered if you're accident prone?
  • Personality assessments will facilitate the exploration of your psychological landscape and perhaps even unearth a few hidden traits you never thought of.

 Perfectionist?  Are you trying too hard to be perfect, or place high expectations on others? See if you've been bitten by the perfectionist bug with a personality test.

Why Should I Take A Personality Test?

Taking a career personality test may be one of the best things you ever do for yourself. Although there are many ways of discovering what career is right for you, not many are as convenient as a career personality test.

There are free ones on the Internet, or you can pay for a more advanced one. A career personality test will help you think about what you want out of a job. It will also alleviate outside pressures from family and friends. A personality test will help you discover whether it's you that wants a particular career, or just your family.

Most of you have already taken a Career Personality Test without knowing. You might also see them referred to as career discovery or business personality tests. Though the results are sometimes similar, each type of assessment test might measure a different aspect of your skills, goals, interests or personality. Most only take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.

What is a Personality Test?

A personality test is a standardized diagnostic instrument (test) that records non-cognitive traits (e. g. achievement motivation, conscientiousness or interests) as clearly defined dimensions or factors. Personality tests are used in different domains, from psychological assessments to job interviews or even when joining military institutions. The main purpose of personality tests is to identify different characteristics of the subject and compare them against a common and objective information database

Type Theory and Career Choices -- Humanmetrics Testing

"Type theory suggests that human behavior is not random but predictable and classifiable. What type you are says quite a bit about you -- your likes and dislikes, your likely career choices, your compatibility with others, and so on.

You have surely realized that not everyone thinks, works, or acts like you. It is easy to label co-workers or friends as lazy, crazy, or disorganized when their behavior does not match your expectations, but such name calling rarely helps us understand personality differences.

First discussed back in the 1920s by the psychologist Carl Jung, type theory suggests that human behavior is not random but predictable and classifiable. According to this theory, everyone is born predisposed to certain personality preferences."-Career Test.Net

Typologists have devised four pairs of preference alternatives, as stated below:

Extraverted or Introverted, Sensing or Intuitive, Thinking or Feeling, Judging or Perceiving (My Category)

Link to Take This Test:

Free Personality Quizzes or Tests

Getting Understand

I hope you have gotten something useful from my venture into discovering a little more about my self as I journey to make some life changes.  I found the test to be really informative and was able to understand why I had dealt with some situations in my past the way I did.

It allowed me to take an unbias look at myself through a tool that has proven effective for many. Whether we are making a career, marriage, or location choice we should use this information to make an informative change.


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    • Lady Summerset profile image

      Lady Summerset 7 years ago from Willingboro, New Jersey

      Greetings melbel, I was amazed to find out how on-point they were. Explained a lot for me about how to make the necessary life changes for this year.

      Nice to have you as a fellow hubber.

    • melbel profile image

      Melanie Shebel 7 years ago from New Buffalo, Michigan

      This is a fantastic hub on a really interesting topic. I am so enthralled with finding out the various aspects of my personality and learning about others' personalities and just how people "fit" together.