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Personality and Careers

Updated on August 24, 2012

Personality Test, Careers, and INFP Example

I've been studying and researching personality and career choice for many years. I understand how confusing it could be when there are many different professional opinions regarding this subject. Well, I've finally discovered a more specific career choices for the INFP with ASE for the Holland Code.

How did I Find a More Specific Career Ideal?

If you havn't done so yet, you can take the Myers-Briggs personality test and the Holland Code test free online.

I took the Holland codes, combined it with the Myers-Briggs personality test, matched Holland Code with job, and came up with a more specific result. I used the process of elimination and analysis. For example, I've tested Artistic as number one in the Holland code, Social as #2, and Enterprising as #3. Creative writing shows the Holland code of Artistic 1, Investigative 2, and Social 3 which is the best choice compared to the others:

  • Artistic- 33% drawing, 32% writing, 25% teaching
  • Investigative- 23% writing, 14% teaching, 3% drawing
  • Enterprising- 17% writing, 16% drawing, 11% teaching
  • Realistic- 24% drawing, 13% teaching, 8% writing
  • Conventional- 11% teaching, 9% writing, 5% drawing
  • Social- 26% teaching, 11% writing, 10% drawing


Ironically, you may not be attracted to your ideal career. If this is the case then, what happens is your least functioning part will try to assert itself subconsciously by tempting you to pick a career that uses that function most. The reason is its' need to express itself. That is the "shadow function" doing you a disservice. This same problem will occur not only in careers, but also in relationships. That is what happens when you are attracted to someone through the "opposites attract" philosophy. Here is a general guide that may help you:

Realistic- ISTP, ESTP, ISFP
Investigative- INTP, INTJ, ENTP, ENTJ
Conventional- ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTJ

Recap of Steps to follow

Follow these steps:

1. After you've found out your 4 letter personality, the personality sites should tell you what your particular functions are.

2. Take a free Holland Code test. Make sure your least used function is not misleading you when you find your Holland code.

3. Use the bullet list above since those are top 3 choices for INFPs.

Career Plan for the INFP

As a career plan, you can take English literature courses in college. I know it's difficult to find a creative or freelance writing job. However, you could teach English. Teaching is another decent pick for an INFP. In your spare time, you could work on creative writing with a play, a song, a comedy, or a novel, either freelance or for a company.


As an extra, I'm giving you some statistics on how your type is distributed into the population. From the largest population to the smallest population:

ISFJ 13.8%
ESFJ 12.3%
ISTJ 11.6%
ISFP 8.8%
ESTJ 8.7%
ESFP 8.5%
ENFP 8.1%
ISTP 5.4%
INFP 4.4%
ESTP 4.3%
INTP 3.3%
ENTP 3.2%
ENFJ 2.5%
INTJ 2.1%
ENTJ 1.8%
INFJ 1.5%
Data source: "MBTI Manual

Testing sources: Humanmetrics, and Holland Code test


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 2 years ago

      Thanks for sharing valuable information.Both are different and play different sounds but both are dependent on each other . No career can be build without a good personality.

    • dhimanreena profile image

      Reena Dhiman 3 years ago

      Thanks for these statistics and information.