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Physical Fitness and Nutrition: Its Health and Economic Implications to the Concept of Human Wellness

Updated on August 4, 2017
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

     The daily activities and tasks such as walking, talking, dancing, working, running, standing and etc. are important in the functioning of our bodily systems. There are certain physiological levels to work in the condition of the cardio-vascular systems, nervous system, pulmonary systems and other bodily systems that needs to maintain in order to become healthy. The product of regular exercise and body fitness is important to deliver a healthy lifestyle that is free from any physical health problems that may include: fatigue, stress, illness and other forms of the deteriorating conditions on its physical wellness. The prevention of these physical problems may be done through the result of physical fitness such as endurance, energy, strength, and power.

     The physical fitness may produce certain physiological needs and wants in the societal market. The gymnasium, sports centers and other centers for physical activities as part of exercise .These are the common activities for Physical Wellness: (1)Sports and Games -Basketball, soccer, softball, football, baseball, and volleyball; (2) Other games -Hockey, Horseback riding, swimming, boxing, running and jumping events, karate-judo, and fencing; (3) Exercise -Jogging, walking, running, jumping.

     The common physical exercise for the children and teenagers that form part of their habit are sports games. They are the natural way to sustain their healthy body. While, the common forms of physical exercise for adults and elderly are walking, jogging, and other mild exercise. These are the foundation of good health in physical fitness may contribute to the burning of fats through enough physical activities may increase the good cholesterol; high body resistance; manageable weight and strengthens the lung and heart. It also reduces the risks of hypertension, diabetes and obesity. As a result of this, it strengthens the biological mechanism of the heart and lungs. The health researches found out health benefits of regular exercise for 3-5 times per week (for at least 1 hour) with a physical intensity to create perspirations. However, the healthy maintenance of the body must need to complement and adequate nutrition not only the physical fitness. There is a need to maintain the physical fitness of the body such as exercise that may contribute to the better performance of the bodily systems, which create cardio-vascular endurance including the energy, stamina and power of the body. Likewise, there is also a need to maintain adequate nutrition to support the nutritional needs of the body such as calcium, carbohydrates, protein, and other vitamins to maintain the body tissues .

    The adequate nutrition provides stable health condition. However, to complete the complementation of a healthy body there must be enough physical fitness activities that needs to follow : (1) the regular exercise provides good work out of the body; (2) the physical activities such as walking, running, jogging; and working may maintain physical balance; and (3) find time to relax in order to reduce stress and depression.

    The corporate world provides health care support the physical wellness, which are now the booming industry worldwide. The food is a basic need that must needs nourishment of the body to support healthy life.There is a great deal of commercialization of the food products to provide the utility of human needs and wants. This transforms as consumer products, which include the poultry products, agricultural products, fish products and other common food consumption of the society. The nutritional creation of other food products such as beverage, milk alcohol or liquor has provided the bulk of corporate enterprise.

     The commercialization of the economic products such as corned beef, sausage, sardines and other products have always put the nutritional facts and ingredients. Based on the product container the nutritional facts provide information as to the daily values on certain calorie diets. It also indicates the measurement of the serving size per grams and per container; calories; and fat calcium. These are the serving size per grams and per container; calories; fat calcium; and percent Daily Values (DV) are based on certain a calorie (i.e.2000) diet. The nutritional ingredients for the consumer products provide common information as to the amount of serving in percent, which include the main ingredients, preservatives, water, natural flavors and spices. These are the amount of serving in percent; ingredients such as water, starch, vegetable proteins, natural flavors, monosodium glutamate, sodium (ascorbate, nitrite, erythorbate), and spices : the amount of serving in percent such as saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates (fiber, and sugar) ; and protein ; Finally the vitamin content such as vitamin A , vitamin C , vitamin B complex, protein, calcium, and Iron.

   These are the common criteria on the amount of serving for the food intake on body sustenance. We have to know that the amount of food in take may determine the nutritional health of the body. However, the common issues and concerns in nutrition is the excess of on food consumption may result to the increasing body fats and cholesterol that produce harmful effects on the body mechanisms. The over-nourishment of the body may create health problems that may result to hypertension, heart disease, pulmonary problems and cancer

    On the other hand in concept of physical wellness, there are physical activities that sustain bodily atrophy which are part of the personal habits of man to live in a better world in the satisfaction of human wants. These are playing internet game in the computers; surfing and social networking the internet ; working in the office when most of the time you are using the computers; watching the favorite TV programs at home; and reading books, newspapers and doing the research work and school assignment. As a consequence of the long hours of exposing these kind of activities may result to the limited bodily functioning. In the long run ,it may produce body illness in complementary with nutrition such as heart attack, hypertension, restless, physical fatigue, and other forms of illnesses.

    From the eight (8) Characteristics of Human Society of the Year 2020, the most of common illness that may result from the physical deviations because of lack of physical activities such as regular exercise, sport activities, indoor games . Half of these characteristics are related to unhealthy lifestyle.

1.Obese children, teenagers and adult.The developed countries will tremendously gain weight as a result to the unhealthy lifestyles that have limited physical activities. In the developed countries are no experiencing the problem of obese children and teenagers in the school. The nutrient intakes are more on beverages, junk foods, burgers, and other high fats foods as result of the superficial advertisements of multi-national corporations on food products.This time the multi-national corporation for consumer food products is increasing sustained its profit. The consumer centers such as dine-in restaurants, food centers, supermarket and malls.

2.Poor eyesight children and teenagers. The decade of technological change may expose children and teenagers on mild radiation on computers, i-pod, cell phone and new gadgets as result of corporate competition. They will have 80% percent of technology-related activities that might result to the gradual physiological stress of eyes sight. Most of them will be using eye lenses

3.Short life and medicine conscious .The life expectancy will abruptly diminish as human being experience death because of unhealthy life style. There will be increasing illness on cancer, TB, arthritis, obesity, hypertension and glandular disorders. The human society will become dependent of modern medicine that will result to the kidney trouble. The medicine will provide the deceptive content as the age of commercialism and advertising will superficially improve its therapeutic cure.

4. Unexciting love and sex affairs.The love affairs a little bit different, as they will use cell phone and computer internet to find perfect partner. The mail love letters will be extinct as the romance will not be as exciting in the 1950’’s to 1980’s. The physiological response of food intake and food packaging including the lack of exercise find more men to prolong the art of sex romance because of obesity.The other half may fall on mental deviations ( Unstable behavior and suicidal tendencies) ,social deviations ( wealth and fashion conscious; and information technology dependent) and moral deviations (low ethical value).

   Finally the nutrition and physical fitness, may create the best gauge in the kind of human society that we will have in the 21st century. As I always conclude in the “age of commercialism”, we find more health problems as a result of the superficial economic packaging ( for nutrition) and sport entertainments ( physical activities). Given the unhealthy consequences of these unhealthy lifestyles we expect that will be substantial economic investments in health care industry. There will be sustained increase in hospitals and medical centers. The health inputs on drugs and medicines will continue to rise. Lastly, the allied health professions will continue to increase because of the global impact of commercialism.

    At this point, the study of health economics will be extensive in the area of marketing and economic promotion as corporate world of health care may find substantial profits as human society will degenerate from its physiological and biological conditions.


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    • profile image

      Malwande nomvalo (in children's parlament Johannesburg South Africa) 5 years ago

      I hearby pass my encouragement to teenagers that they continue to play safe, role good.......if you know what I mean, viva muntu omusha viva......!! I value my age-mates and so would admire to see them grow strong and live healthy, together we can fight obesity Amandla......!!

    • profile image

      chatahoochie 5 years ago

      thanxx but i am lookinn forr the fivve concepts in physical fitness but thanxx any wayys byeehh

    • Dr irum profile image

      Dr irum 7 years ago

      Great knowledge on physical fitness and health .