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Physics With Algebra Exams and Practice Problems

Updated on June 6, 2014

College Physics Exams

Physics can be a demanding course for those that aren't particularly algebra savvy. In addition, a tough professor and or lousy professor can make physics near impossible. Though rest assured, if you put in the extra time and effort, you will make Isaac Newton proud. Besides the masses of textbook questions for you to work on, here is a compiled list of University Physics Exams. These are intended to be used for practice, and to understand what is applicable on a college physics exam. These are back-tests offered by university professors. They are in no way the exact exam you will be taking, however, they cover the same content.

College Level Physics Advice

College based physics courses are not impossible. In fact, they can be quite simple, and the mathematical techniques can strengthen your proficiencies in many other courses. The key to doing well in Physics, is to start strong, do LOTS of questions EVERY night, and then keep up the good work ethic.

Most students make the mistake of not paying attention for the first few weeks, which results in failure. Or, students lessen their study regimen after doing well on the first exam, which results in a rapid decline.

See, Physics constantly builds upon itself for the entire course. Therefore any shortcomings will have negative recurring consequences.

Finish Mathematics Before Physics

Having a strong understanding of mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, and even calculus is essential to doing well in physics. Many of the principles covered in these courses, can be re-utilized. I know that I used my James Stewart Calculus textbook more than once while testing out methods.


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