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Great Quotes: Pick Yourself Up and Dust Yourself Off

Updated on July 31, 2012

Does This Mean Hanging By Your Toes?

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off - have you ever heard those words before? Maybe some well intentioned person has said them to you or you have said them to yourself at one point in your life? It's an old term and a great quote - I remember hearing it as a kid and it's been a part of my vocabulary since I was very young. Best of all, those words have served me very well to this day.

For those of you not familiar with what picking yourself up and dusting yourself off means , let me enlighten you: It DOES not mean picking yourself up, hanging yourself by the toes from a rafter and applying a duster to your body. It means when the chips are down, all looks lost and you have fallen flat on your face- PICK YOURSELF UP, dust yourself off and get back in the game- and by the game I mean the game of life!

But You Don't Know What I've Been Through!

"Yeah, easy for you to say, huh?", you might be saying. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH OR WHAT I'VE BEEN THROUGH!"

This is true, I don't, but I can tell you from life experience that I probably have an idea, and it's not pretty. Getting up when things are tough is one of the hardest things a person can do. Not only do you NOT feel like doing it but it's just so much easier to wallow in self pity and in those I told you so's, if ONLY'S, the would haves, should haves and the could haves.

But see that's when we have to pick ourselves up! Remember as a kid when you played sports and tripped or were playing with friends and you fell down? Did you remain on the pavement and say "BAHHH!!!" I can't get up??? Of course not. You may have gotten mad, got embarrassed, been a little nonplussed for a few moments but YOU DID NOT REMAIN ON THE GROUND. You got up, maybe a little torn and bloody, but you got up, dusted the little pebbles off, looked around and continued on with LIFE.


My Dad's Favorite Saying

So being that my dads favorite saying was "never give up!" I just thought that today's little rant would be about getting yourself back up and dusting yourself off - and just so you don't feel alone, that's exactly what I'm having to do these days. I don't feel like it, I want to rage against it, I want to throw on a great big pout and say I don't want to do it, but guess what? I have to - I have no other choice. I don't have a maid to bring me whatever I need while I lay whining on the ground........ I don't have a money tree out back last time I checked ...... and when I last looked in the kitchen the gourmet chef was nowhere around............

So dog gone it, where's that dang duster at?

(Dorsi Diaz is a freelance writer and former small business owner)


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  • funride profile image

    Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

    You know, I trully believe dead is the only thing we can´t do much about it. Otherwise, we can always pick up the pieces and start over if needed. I done that so everybody can also do it ;)

  • sfharper profile image

    sfharper 9 years ago from Winter Springs, FL

    Great product, nice article :) Sheri

  • Lgali profile image

    Lgali 9 years ago

    very nice advise

  • qlcoach profile image

    Gary Eby 9 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

    Well written, humorous, and life affirming Hub. As you know, it is hard to get up when life knocks you down. But you have given us some good advice here. Please see my new hub on emotional recovery 3 which helps us overcome the negative. Sincerely: Gary Eby, author and therapist

  • profile image

    Feline Prophet 9 years ago

    Very sensible advice indeed! We all need to give ourselves a good dusting now and then...I'm sure we'll be amazed at what falls off!

  • mistyhorizon2003 profile image

    Cindy Lawson 9 years ago from Guernsey (Channel Islands)

    Whatever life throws at you it is possible to pick yourself up and survive it. I have had to many times, through bereavements, widowhood, bullying, medical operations, violent realtionships etc etc. I am still here, and still picking myself up each time, but you know what, I am far stronger now than I ever was, and still battling on. Good advice :)

  • Constant Walker profile image

    Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

    I agree; sound advice. For me that old saying has evolved into: "How can I turn this around to improve the quality of my life?"

    Also, I believe a little wallowing is therapeutic. A LITTLE! Then move on.

  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 9 years ago from New Brunswick

    Sound advice.