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Pier Pressure.

Updated on October 1, 2009

One Poor Peli-can't!

Pier Pressure.

Five pelicans lounge on
the piers upright timbers
as they bask in the rays
from the sauna of June.

Many salt water droplets
slowly leak from their quills
to stain the bleached deck
in a spatter...this pattern
much darker then previous
droppings...pearl white.

Always seeking fresh sushi
uncut and still wriggling
to replenish the hollows
in their bottomless gullets.

Their beady eyes dart
side to side...lizard quick
like the dash of a herd
of sand crabs in duress.

Till fish not yet schooled
cut the shallows... hooking glances
with a flash then a splash.

Then four ungainly aviators

become deadly missiles

slicing through heated airwaves

as they dive down to snatch

many soles from existence

>O O< >O >O >O >O >O >O O< O<

Once again winging upward
so pleasantly sated
return four enriched pelicans
who now know that they can
just perch here with their beaks full
oh, so very elated.

while nearby them
one poor



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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan


      Nice! Reminiscent of "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird"

      "I was of three minds,

      Like a tree

      In which there are three blackbirds."