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Planets: the Mars - how it works on humans

Updated on May 5, 2012
Athletes of Ancient Greece - the revelation of the Mars activity
Athletes of Ancient Greece - the revelation of the Mars activity

The main principles of the Mars

The Mars incarnates the principles of activity, actions, revealed energy, power. All this can be applied to the inner life: here the Mars manages the instincts and subconscious programs that provoke and regulate active actions and the energy of a person. In particular, the Mars manages strong emotions and affections: rage, passion, jealousy, all the frenzy, fever. As for the strong positive revelations of the Mars, these are: triumph, self-affirmation, sexual stresses.

The concepts of energy and activity depends a lot on the epoch, and this is why the Mars nowadays is different from that of two hundred years ago and earlier. In the earlier times, activity was an external one, and the brightest demonstrations of the Mars were the battlefield, an athlete's performance at the competitions and the like. At that time, a man could hardly control himself, and his mental body was very weak, and that is why his instinctive reactions of irritation and wrath were not subdued and revealed themselves as insults, or even murder. However, in the 20th century, the situation has changed tremendously as the Mercury and Gemini sign have been worked through. Modern people are cultured. We first think and then act. 

The Mars is present wherever the physical work takes place
The Mars is present wherever the physical work takes place

How it all evolved

The first cultural achievement was the man's capacity to manage his aggressive instincts. On the first level, he learned how to suppress them. On the second level, he learned to displace them in the subconsciousness. This did not make him stronger, but provided for a better safety, for the expressed external aggression is often responded to likewise. And at those unambiguous times one occasion like this was enough for a man to go back to his ancestors. Another, more constructive way of mastering one's warly callings is the sublimation, for example, turning of the aggressiveness into an energy directed at constructive acitivity. The Mars, the ruler of all the kinds of energies (except for the atomic ruled by the Pluto), is on during any energetical action. No work is possible without it, not only physical, but also active mental work. 

The Mars nowadays has to do the functions that it is not adjusted to
The Mars nowadays has to do the functions that it is not adjusted to

How the Mars works

Exaggerated accent on the Mars nowadays leads to the fact that the Mars is obliged to do the work to which it is not quite adjusted. Any concrete business is successful only when it is guided by the subconscious: the karate and mountain ski instructors understand it especially well. However, very often our activity is regulated not by the subconscious (the Moon) but by the reason (the Mercury) - just when the energy and the action are translated through the speech. When you convince, argue, agitate, demand, just talk energetically, it is the Mars that is active, while the Mercury only plays the role of a humble interpreter. When the Mars and the Mercury are harmonious, this gives the capacity to give a lot of energy through the speech. If these planets are weak, the person's capacity to make others obey is weak also, and this person will have difficulty making his speech sound, but this can give a strong impulse for self-perfection, for the necessity makes one search for the proper words and work while the energy is low.

A famous boxer can become an idol for a person who is stuck on the first level of managing the Mars
A famous boxer can become an idol for a person who is stuck on the first level of managing the Mars

On the first level of the mastering of the Mars a human is only able to  perceive and translate rude types of energy. Besides, we have hard time managing this energy, being more like a marionette. The age when the Mars activates is about 14 years old (the first crisis of the opposition to the Saturn) and its not very pleasant for the parents. At this age, the child becomes unmanageable (the principle of the Mars becomes more important than that of the Saturn's limitations and discipline), and the main authority for a boy is the physical force while the idol becomes the champion of the box or rugby. In adulthood, the ideal of the physical force can be translated by the aspiring of the political power. As for the girls, they live through this period detaching from their mother, liberating themselves from her dictatorship.

On this first level of the mastering of the Mars, the person resembles an immature child that can only be managed by the rude yelling, threatening and violence. In a harmonious situation a person obeys a bigger power easily while he doesn't notice a weaker influence. Such are his major principles of the adapting of the surroundings and he doesn't have an idea about any indirect ways of doing so. Now the self-expression only takes place in a direct physical action and effort: physical work, elementary fighting or sports competition bring satisfaction. A person like this has difficulty controlling his actions or strong emotional movements mentally: if they start, it is difficult for him to stop them by thought or will: the Mars turns out to be stronger than the Sun or the Mercury. However, these phenomena are under control of a mass subconsciousness. A crowd of people like this is able to fulfill the most energetic and organized actions like lynch law or Jewish pogrom. Later on, each of them is surprised and thinking: what happened to me?

The Mars in a more subtile way can help us feel a hostile attitude
The Mars in a more subtile way can help us feel a hostile attitude

On the second level it becomes possible for a person to manage his strong emotional states. For example, a raising wave of anger or aggressiveness can be easily suppressed. Now the will (the Sun) is not under the direct control of the power, be it exterior or interior, there is will enough for the person to resist the exterior or the interior pressure. So, he can direct his energy in a direction that he chose. The range of energies radiated and perceived by a man becomes larger as well. Now he not only reacts to the strong direct pressure or any threat like this but can also feel a neutral order or a concealed negative attitude. Consequently, the impact on the surroundings and the whole world is realized in socially acceptable ways, but the situation when he can control others is psychologically comfortable for him, and secretly or openly he aspires it. For this level of the mastering of the Mars, the idea that the only means of controlling any situation is a direct power that is provided by the means of force. On this level, there is a fighting for the control over the flows of energy and the idol is the person who can submit the personality to the aspiration of a goal and having power and influence in the domain that he has chosen.

On this level of the mastering of the Mars, more complex feelings are possible but as far as love is concerned, the predominating positive feeling is the control over another person or, vice versa, the feeling of being controlled. Never-the-less, the complex of sadomasochism, so often in the scenario with a wounded Mars, is not revealed here in such an open manner as it is in case of the first level. It is more subtle, it takes form of psychological games rather than physical aggressiveness.

Mars can cause frustration when mastered on the third level
Mars can cause frustration when mastered on the third level

On the third level of the mastering of the Mars a man learns to more or less control the strong affective states, the methods of suppression, that is, which leads to different kinds of frustrations, neurotic states and the state of emotional dissatisfaction. That is why the problem of a mental control over the energy, psychological affects and exterior activity become vital. A man can see clearly that the willful control over the flows of the energy is possible, but it is very difficult and ineffective: however strong you forge your will, you can only control yourself and the world for a short while. Here a man starts feeling more subtle kinds of energy, and the psychological energy becomes palpable for him. The power of a word, suggestion, love and even caress and simple understanding stop being just metaphors. He starts feeling the energy of the situations, in which he finds himself: the humour of a group or an interlocutor, unknown before, the constructive or the destructive character of actions in different conditions and many other things that transform the gray and senseless fussy reality into colorful, versatile and full of inner sens. 

On this level a man masters energy in such a way that he can manage groups of people. This is what is called a strong personality. His energy can activate the deeply hidden subconscious programs (his own or somebody else's), that is why he can be a psychologist, a psycho-therapist or a psychiatrist. A man now approaches the problem of the management not by the will but by the thought, and, in a spontaneous way it works but to master this art on a regular basis is still difficult. In his inner life a man learns how to sublimate his primitive instincts and subconscious programs, for example, it is not difficult for him to translate the inner aggressiveness into a constructive activity. 

Mars is responsible for good attention concentration
Mars is responsible for good attention concentration

On the fourth level of the mastering of the Mars some qualitative changes take place as far as the energy perception is concerned. Now we understand that all kinds of energy are the variety of the same energy and learn how to turn them into one another by mental concentration. Now the true meaning of the phrase about the thought ruling the energy becomes evident. Now the willful control over the energy stops being necessary and the lower will (manipura) gives its functions to the upper will (adjna), which before that only gave some pursuit of unclear ideals.

In the ways of interaction with other people a man uses more often than not the impersonal attention which is not accompanied by any visible actions. But if the choice of the direction of the attention is correct (the main efforts go on concentration of attention - such is the main function of the Mars), a strong energy flow starts going through a person's body on a high vibrational level. This flow produces the necessary changes by itself. Besides, on this level, the words and actions of a person have a great impact on the environment because they contain a strong energy. 

It is important to mention that the energy of high vibrations is stronger than that of low vibrations. If they are disharmonious, the first one destroys the second one. For example, a man on the fourth level of the mastering of the Mars radiates no aggression, but if he encounters the tentative of the firm energetic attack and responds by his radiation (for example, says a polite phrase), the enemy will lose his energy immediately, all his fighting spirit will disappear, and he will have strange and new feelings of respect to the other person, together with the sparkle of consciousness and the desire to excuse himself. 

A Mars person is very active and only gets stronger when doing sports or working
A Mars person is very active and only gets stronger when doing sports or working

A Mars person

A Mars person, on the first sight, produces a strong impression. Very often it is a man of extraordinary physical force and he does sports and physical work with pleasure. While being active, his power grows, and without the physical work he becomes weaker. Whatever a Mars person does, he does it in a very energetic way and he has to take extra care of the direction of his energy. "Make a fool pray, and he will hurt his forehead" - this proverb is addressed to a strong undeveloped Mars, and must be understood quite widely. It is not always that the responsive stroke for the energy that was directed in the wrong way or the wrong efforts comes back immediately. Sometimes it may take years, decennies and even lives before the lightning strikes. However, the indirect signs, inner and outer indications of a negative behaviour appear immediately and keep on appearing, one only has to learn to notice and interpret them, which is difficult.

In case of wounded Mars, pale world can become full of shades that we can learn to distinguish
In case of wounded Mars, pale world can become full of shades that we can learn to distinguish

Strong and Weak Mars

Strong Mars gives a man a big success among women, that fly to his aroma, attracted by the strong yang energy. But the satisfaction that he gets on an emotional and intimate scale is determined by his Moon and Venus. When the Mars is wounded, there will be a continuous aggressiveness within the person or in his surroundings that will often witness quarrels, fighting, aggression, insults and hostility. In a harmonious situation, some hidden power will be felt. This power will be used in a constructive manner or in vain. A woman with strong Mars will not necessarily lack femininity. It is mostly determined by her Moon and Venus. But she will be strong in the way that corresponds to her evolutionary level. 

Weak Mars creates a pale world for a man, but this world has its shades and tones that can be distinguished and the game of which one can observe. Weak Mars suggests the necessity to learn how to build subtle but exact and effective relationships with the surrounding and the inner reality. "It is important to walk through life, touching it only in a light way". (Castaneda)


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    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley Marks 

      7 years ago from California

      This hub is very interesting. Perhaps one day I can master my Mars. In the mean time, I'll simply enjoy Mars for what it is - a butterscotch planet. Later!


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