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Planets Visable in the October Sky

Updated on October 5, 2017
Linda L Paquette profile image

Linda is a 56-year-old woman living all of her life in the North East. She has written a book of poetry "Heartfelt Emotions."

Planets You Can See in October

With the season change comes visibility of planets. In the night sky Saturn is viable to the naked eye right after dark. Although you will not be able to see the rings unless you have a telescope. The rings will appear like a cylinder as the way it is facing earth at the moment. Majestic, in size, Saturn is a wonderful sight to see.

With a telescope viewers should also be able to see Titan and Enceladus which are two of Saturn's largest moons. They will appear as small dots on either side of the massive planet.

To locate the planet in the night sky look for it right after dark as that is when it is highest. Look in the southwest sky in the Northern hemisphere.

The best nights to view the planet in October is the 22 - 24. The moon can help guide you to Saturn with the star Antares also being very bright in the sky at the same time. Saturn appears golden in color and shines steadily.

Venus in the Morning Sky

If your an early riser Venus will be awake with you. You can locate the planet in the Eastern sky at dawn. This planet rises about two hours before the rise of the sun and by months end that will shortened a bit to an hour and a half.

On October 5th there will be a wonderful conjunction of Venus and Mars. A conjunction is when two objects in the sky look very close to each other. It is a sight to see.

Then October 16th with the waning moon will bring a spectacular show with Venus and Mars in the same area. The three of them just hanging out twinkling as bright as can be.

The Conclusion

Every month brings us new adventures in the heavens. So don't forget to look up! Whether it be morning or evening there is always something amazing going on over head.

Life is trying sometimes with the way the world is today, but every night or morning brings something different and beautiful in the sky, if we just take the time to notice.

Pray for clear skies!

© 2017 Linda L Paquette


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