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Planets: the Mercury

Updated on September 19, 2011
The Mercury
The Mercury

The main instrument of a thought

Dear reader, don't consider this as a hint: what do you think with? It's not with your head. Astrologically speaking, it's with the Mercury. Also, the Mercury guides the movement, the language and, in the end, all kinds of energies. This is why it is so lively.

Rational thinking is what we think makes a difference between a man and an animal. It is thanks to the Mercury that one creates a special mental reality or a set of mental constructions and concepts, and gets a special instrument called "reason" that one can operate with. The standard indication "think what you are doing" is the appeal to control the Mars with the Mercury, that is, to think before acting. The analogical appeal "think what you are feeling" that suggests to follow emotional meditations, is not less actual, although the humankind has not yet realized this.

Without the Mercury the man is helpless. "When God decides to punish someone, He takes the person's brain". Then the outer and the inner worlds become a chaotic pile of occasional wrecks, that are not related to one another, and all we can do is hide in a corner and look asides aimlessly. On the other hand, the Mercury is only an instrument, which is besides quite rude. Any action (the Mars) contains so many details and particularities, that one cannot foresee all of them, and no thought can comprise them all. Never the less, the events, even of a constructive character (and with God's help) do happen. The Mercury then gets the role of a general manager of the program, while the Mars takes care of the rest.

When God wants to punish us, He takes away our mind
When God wants to punish us, He takes away our mind

Try to rationalize your emotions regarding someone who makes you happy, or someone you admire or hate... and see what happens. You will see a very plain primitive picture, very different from any of your feelings. Actually, it's just a different state and experience. You cannot just replace the emotional part (where the Venus is the ruler) by the rational part (where the Mercury is the main manager). But your cannot do without this perception of the Mercury. The mental models created by the Mercury help us get oriented in the environment and define the directions where to guide your attention, Venus style. Blessed be the ones who have these two planets set harmoniously in their natal charts!

However, the role of the Mercury is not restricted by this. It helps one become aware of the inner world, penetrate the swamps of emotion and attain the peaks of vanity and self-conceit, which very often turn out to be subdued. The thing is, the inner world is, as a rule, perceived in a much more painful way than the exterior one, and that is why there are much more mistakes in the rational thinking while the Mercury protects it with such a zeal: who but myself can know me better? - it would insist naively. The inner problems are, at that, either diminished, or exaggerated.

If the Mercury is in the day-time house or has aspects to the outer planets (like the Sun, The Mars, the Jupiter, the Pluto), then one's thinking will be preoccupied with the exterior surroundings and problems. If the general position of the Mercury is related to the night houses and planets of the inner cycle (the Moon, the Venus, the Saturn, the Neptune), then his thoughts will be conducted to the inner reality, which on the lowest levels of self-development leads to the negative results, because the inner world of a human is more complex than the exterior world. But our entire civilization is focused on the conceptualizing of the external environment, while the inner world is paid off to the few psychotherapists and psychologists and is not studied rationally. So, there is no developed language to describe the inner, psychological reality.

The Mercury participates when we master a language
The Mercury participates when we master a language
The Mercury is the planet of managers
The Mercury is the planet of managers

The functions of the Mercury

So, the first function of the Mercury is the creation of mental models of the external or the internal world and their operating. Its second function is the creating of the languages that would describe these models, which are separate bricks that build them up. One learns how to think, learning about the world, and the language, with the help of which one builds the models of this world. And the Mercury manages both processes. It goes without saying that creating and understanding of any language is a mystical process, but at the end of it there is a rationalization. 

The third function of the Mercury is a subtle energy management. Thoughts give directions to the energy, something that psychoanalysts know very well. For example, Freud described the obsessive neurosis, when a subdued idea makes one act repeatedly in the same way. In the external life the Mercury (on the lowest level) represents the principles of the links and management of the flow of the processes. It is the planet of administrators, managers, traveling agents. 

On the first level of mastering of the Mercury one thinks to be able to think rationally while in fact one only operates with common stamps
On the first level of mastering of the Mercury one thinks to be able to think rationally while in fact one only operates with common stamps

Taming of the Mercury

On the first level of taming of the Mercury one creates the visibility of the presence of the rational thinking. But in fact the thinking of this person is only operating with some usual stamps accepted in the circle of communication of this person. On this level the thought that occurs to one's mind may not be original (and the person can feel it) but it seems very just and undeniable. It is true because it exists. If one's energy is strong, he is hard to talk to. He cannot hear anything, that does not correspond to his opinion, and is not, at that, expressed in the formulas that he uses, and he cannot hear not because he does not want to hear but because he does not understand. But his own judgements may carry a very strong energetic charge, although very rough. Subjectively it is felt like you become speechless and you do not know how to react because the effect is like a direct stroke on the jaw. 

A person like this may do a good career. He will obey the boss without thinking and will be not surprised by the absurdity of the orders. This person is mentally limited, but not necessarily weak, and according to all human measurements is perceived as a fool. Besides, he may have a very good intuition that compensates the ill-developed Mercury. 

Independent thinking and some asocial behaviour is possible on the second level of the Mercury taming
Independent thinking and some asocial behaviour is possible on the second level of the Mercury taming

On the second level of taming of the Mercury one starts mastering independent rational thinking. Some thoughts which are not the exact copies of the common consciousness occur. One learns to perceive things critically. With a certain discipline, one can become a valuable citizen, but will have hard time learning. Now a person can perceive an image of the real world in a very simple way, but as for the modeling of his inner world, he will have hard time. On this level the official self-consciousness is formed, and one separates oneself from the reality.

On the third level of mastering of the Mercury, one starts creating complicated mental models and even perfect their language. On the every-day level people would say that it is a usual person with an original worldview. Sometimes it is even possible to pierce through the common stamps of the society. But it only works temporarily and demands certain preparation, some inspiration and strong concentration of attention. But there is already a possibility to make clear some obscure, foggy and unexplored spots of the human mind.

On this level one already can start to explore (always very individual) inner world. One can start mastering the mentality, disassociating oneself from emotions, by becoming a side-observer of them, and by stopping emotional meditations. The position is like "emotions come and go, I feel them like exterior to myself and I do not keep my attention on them". On the third level of mastering of the Mercury one can manage the psyche, one's own and other people's, to a certain extend, with the help of the accurately chosen words and texts, and one starts to realize that his thoughts are not altogether his own, but are being generated from outside. When managing groups, he sees clearly that his words materialize but some of them better than others, and the necessary information comes if you have an ear for it.

Telepathy can also work thanks to the Mercury
Telepathy can also work thanks to the Mercury

On the fourth level of mastering of the Mercury people learn how to dissociate themselves from their mental body, that is, we separate ourselves from our thoughts and mental models and ideas. Now we understand where the thoughts come from, and that we are only their editors in this or that language. On this level, a person can create languages that are specially adjusted to mental modeling of concrete fragments of the subtle reality. Now we can see clearly the energy of the symbolic language that represents thin channels to the subtle world. We learn to compose texts that would translate vibrations necessary for a certain group of people to be perceived. Reason becomes an obedient weapon of the inner life. We can now perceive many subconscious programs, change them, build new ones. We learn to calm down our thoughts, slow them down, and for some time stop them completely. However, the state of temporary thoughtlessness is different from that of a deep plunge into the inner silence which demands higher levels of mastering of the Mercury. 

On the fourth level of mastering of the Mercury our ability to manage thoughts is well developed, and especially when we express our thoughts in a clear way. We can not only influence the psychic reality of ours but also that of other people, and cosmic energy. The simplest achievements here are telepathy, telekinesis, thought healing. On a higher energy one can actively influence the karma of big groups of people. 

Writing is under the patronizing of the Mercury
Writing is under the patronizing of the Mercury

The kingdom of the Mercury

The Mercury manages the Gemini and the Virgo. It gets from these signs the ability to adjust to any situation, and mobility. Like the Gemini, it can view any situation from a different viewpoint. Just like the Virgin, it can be very exact as to the expression of a thought.

The culmination of the Mercury in the Aquarius means the ability to rationalize something that a person does not yet understand, for it is referred to a far away future. The language is always created a little in advance, and the descendants often admire the genie of their ancestors who seemed to foresee their language needs. In reality, a successfully formed language forms the future ways of thinking and the process itself.

The Mercury situation in the life of a person comes real when we can feel the power of the language as far as the expression of a thought is concerned. It is the glory of a poet who finishes his poem or a physicist who finds an exact formula to describe a phenomenon. Any person who finds the exact formula for the thought that bothers him, feels the immediate energy raise and satisfaction because of the touch with the Mercury.

The speaker, keeping the attention of the audience, fights it with the help of the arguments, logic and precise reasoning. It is the kingdom of the Mercury. The manager giving concrete orders has to do with the Mercury. Different rogues can use the lower Mercury by their long and energetic speeches to manage the psychic energy, and we can only wonder how they could deceive us. The usual political propaganda uses the lower Mercury that forms successfully the image of the people who are on the first level of taming of the Mercury. On a higher level still, the situation of the Mercury is present at the session of a psychoanalyst when the analyst and the patient are looking for the right words that would describe the subdued complexes. It is generally more difficult to imagine the situation where the Mercury is not present than the one where it is present. The language and the thinking are always present in human's life. 

Until the Mercury person has learned to possess his thoughts, his thoughts possess him
Until the Mercury person has learned to possess his thoughts, his thoughts possess him

What the Mercury person is like

The Mercury person is very lively. It always looks like this person swirls in a very fast way the environment. This person always goes somewhere or has just come from someplace. He has had interesting contacts with interesting people who loved him and offered him great deals.

The Mercury person learns new languages easily and finds the common language with anyone. The Mercury person gives the feeling of a potential power. The surrounding people think that he can do anything if he guides his inner energy towards the goal. And it is so indeed, but it demands the mastering of the Mercury,which on the highest levels manages the energy. But to do so, it is necessary to have a high thought concentration, which isn't easy.

Until the Mercury person has learned how to master his thoughts, it is his thoughts that master him.

For a quite energetic manipulator and a black teacher, the Mercury person is a find. Having implanted his idea in the mind of this person, he can have a guaranteed slave who will incarnate this idea in several languages. But the majority of people turn out to be weaker than the mercury person and fall under his utmost charm and hypnosis. He can convince them in anything, and uses it on the lowest level for his own profit.

The mercury people are irreplaceable anywhere where the communication is necessary. They can be simple newspaper sellers or diplomats. They will succeed in any activity where the language is important: literature, translation, philology.

It is more difficult to control thoughts than to control emotions, and the last thing is difficult for an average person. The wounded Mercury, when mastered, gives a power over emotions and thoughts, one's own and other people's, and even bring harmony to the situations that seem disharmonious.


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