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Please don't make me wait another day!!!

Updated on March 23, 2011

patience not a virtue I possess....

     Days go by, and I wait.  It drives me crazy.  I cannot stand waiting for anything,  I know that is unreasonable, but if someone requests something of me and I know that it is important, I make it my business to get it to them as soon as possible,  ASAP was created for a reason, to get people moving.  The unfortunate issue here is that I am quite aware that much of what I waiting for is sitting on someone's desk or in a mail room somewhere not even near completed while the workers go out for their second Starbucks run for the day.

   What am I waiting for?  Hmm, let's see....I wait for my check to come in the mail, I wait for my schedule to arrive via email, I wait for the children's teachers to reply to my notes, I wait at the supermarket, I wait at the traffic light, I wait the children to come home from school so I can wait for them to be done with the various activities I take them to.  I wait for telephone calls from friends, perspective employers, the bank regarding my home refinance, which is amazing because if the bank had to wait for ME to send them a payment, they would hounding me and making MY life miserable, yet THEY make me wait for every single piece of news from them...hmmm...

    I wait for the department of education to approve my oldest child's special services each year, in fact twice a year since he receives summer services, that is also odd since the diagnosis he has is the same as it has been for the past 11 years, so why the wait?  All is the same each year, his case should be simple for them....hmmmm...

     I wait for the washing machine to finish so I can transfer the clothes to the dryer and then wait for the clothes to be dry.  I wait for the water to boil so I can put the pasta in it and then wait for the pasta to cook so we can have dinner.  I wait on line to get fast food because I do not have time to stop home and cook it, however if you count the time waiting on line, perhaps I could have made it home, made the meal myself and the time would have evened out.

    I cannot stand to wait on line in the stores to buy clothes, toys, Christmas of birthday gifts so I am an online shopper.  So then I wait for the internet to load the sites that I need, which thanks to wireless connections, I am happier than I used to be with that, if I had to use dial up these days, I would be committed.  I then go on to amazon or ebay and other various sites to find what I want and need.  I find that amazon is pretty quick and does not require me to wait very long for anything, so therefore, I am a big fan.

     I do not like to wait in line at the post office, I have been overjoyed to find post office online.  I also love the fact that my letter carrier will take packages, letters and will also bring back stamps if we give him the order for it.  Yay!! I do not even have to go into the post office.  If I have to go in there, I use the automated post office rather than wait on line for a person.  I cannot stand calling about a bill and sitting on hold for a person. Also, I do not like that I have to PAY extra to actually speak to a person when paying a bill!  Wow, imagine.  So I pay whenever I can online, so there is no extra fees or waiting.

     I know this is a huge fault and I should be working on it, but life is too short to do all of this standing around waiting.  There is so much wasted time, think about what we could be doing instead.  We could be enjoying music, a sunset, our children singing, a warm cup of hot chocolate on the couch in our homes, the foliage, the sunset, so many things we can be doing rather than standing on a long line or waiting by the phone for the call that will not come today.

    In today's climate, people cannot afford to wait.  We need to find a job.  We need to pay our bills. If we have asked our bank for help with our home finance, we need it ASAP, not next month.  If we send a letter about our child's education, it is urgent, our children grow quickly.  I know workers are busy and many offices are understaffed, but 9 times out of 10, that is not the reason we are waiting.  We are waiting because workers lack the desire to do their job properly.  They do not care if you wait.  They do not care if your house goes into foreclosure while they sit on your loan modification papers.  They do not care how many months of treatment you lose while they do not look at your insurance papers.  They care about their paycheck and they care about their coffee break.

     I will say that waiting has gotten better in one place.  Restaurants.  It seems that whenever we go to a restaurant, which is rare, we have been getting served very quickly.  Which is excellent since we have three children and patience is not a virtue for them either.  Perhaps servers are feeling the pinch and are bucking for that extra tip that may not be coming because people are not so generous these days, maybe business is slow so they are just happy for work, I don't know, but I appreciate good service and I reward it whenever I am faced with it.

   Please stop making us wait and do your jobs!!! Wake up, look in the mirror and thank the good lord that you have a job and get to it.  Understand that the papers that shuffle around because you don't want to deal with it, is someone else's life.  Take care of it and move on.,  Feel the satisfaction of a job well done, it is a lost art, taking pride in ones work.


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