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Poetry Project - Rearrangement Poem

Updated on October 9, 2012

Poems are a great way to express oneself in words, style and more. There are so many ways to create a poem, and so it's important to make sure that people know this by learning to construct them in different manners.

One method I was taught in high school is the rearrangement poem - creating a poem from either the words of another poem or taking a few lines from a story/stories and rearranging the words from those lines. You can even take words from a magazine to construct a poem.

This can have a few different effects, including trying to break writer's block, looking at different meanings of a set of words, and trying to find more in something that already exists.


English 10 Assignment

Here's the way my 10th grade teacher taught me about this idea:

English 10 Assignment: Create a poem using words from sentences that mean something to you. These sentences were found from various stories.

I wished with all my power what I knew that she was wishing: that she might live to see at least one more summer.

Finally, everyone was equal.

You have all the time to be putting yourself in someone else's place.

I call out for you against the jutted stars not of loss but of the pain of having failed.

Here's the poem I created with those words:

I can touch the sky of pearls ----------------------------------------------------------------

I call to you yet with the jutted pain in

having failed that power of stars

all she knew was that she wished to

live for the loss of time

everyone else's more equal. all

putting my one place out

You be yourself at least

I see I finally might have someone wishing against what was

but not the summer.


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    • profile image

      Lucy 6 years ago

      help me!!!!!

    • Julie A. Johnson profile image

      Julie A. Johnson 9 years ago from Duluth, MN


      I enjoy poetry and found this assignment very interesting and unique, Thanks, and keep writing. If you get the chance visit my hubs on writing and writers.