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The Point of Life 4: Pars Vitae in Libra and Scorpio

Updated on July 12, 2011
Libra age: 42-49
Libra age: 42-49

42-49: Age of Libra

What is Pars Vitae? Learn here. When is the age of Aries? Learn here. When is the age of Taurus? Learn here. When are the age of Gemini and Cancer? Learn here. What is so special about the age of Leo and Virgo? Learn here.

Till the age of 49 Pars Vitae stays in the sign of Libra. By this time the Point of Life has crossed half the Zodiac, and the human has wasted half of the life energy attaining the goals and learning the ropes. For breaking and misunderstanding of the universal laws one pays with the health and gets a bunch of illnesses at this period.

The Libra sign symbolizes harmony and balance. Now you need to become aware of your place in this world and among other people tuning yourself with the others. And to do this, you need to learn the best of what the Libra sign has to offer: lightness, sociability, charm, tact, conflict management, patience, and to obtain the main personal values avoiding the negative aspects of the Libra, such as lack of confidence, mood change, and hesitation when it comes to making decisions and choices.

Vital energy is low at this period, as the Sun is weak in the Libra. The exclusive importance as to the hormone change that Venus is responsible for during this age takes place. One can diagnose as well as prevent the diseases of the urinary and genital system, lower part of the spine, the metabolism problems, digestion problems and stress-related headaches. These are the problems related also to the signs of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.

Scorpio age: 49-56
Scorpio age: 49-56

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49-56: Age of Scorpio

During the next 7 years the Point of Life drifts through the sign of Scorpio. Now the tasks that the human faces get complicated. This is a certain border, a threshold, that needs to be crossed. Behind this border there is a door that leads to a new world and opens new horizons. On the social scale, it is related to the retirement and the search of the self in the new conditions. The leading motivation of this age is the inner transformation. The ruler of the Scorpio the planet of Pluto is the planet of transformation. And now such qualities of the Scorpio as determination, shrewdness and intuition will do a great job. When it comes to an inner work, the slogans such as ''the winner takes it all'' don't apply. It is forbidden to go revengeful and secretive, that is, to liberate the negative sides of Scorpio. Emotional life at this age is as bright as during the young years, as the second ruler of the sign is the Mars, but this life takes place secretly. As the Venus is outcast, it is important to avoid the extremes be it love or hatred.

The organism also goes through some important stresses: now it's the final stage of the change. It is important to pay attention to the urinary and genital system that the Scorpio manages. Endocrine, nervous and heart systems are also vulnerable.

© 2011 Anna Sidorova


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