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Policemen Cannot Do These Things if They Expect to be Given a Medal

Updated on April 21, 2014
Driver's license, registration, and a bag of potato chips, please.
Driver's license, registration, and a bag of potato chips, please.

I understand it well that
in some cases, the power and prestige can go to the head of those power-hungry cops who want to control others and do as they please while remaining anonymous.

Those police officers are the "black eye" on the face of law enforcement everywhere. There are rules that govern the actions of cops, and if the over-step their own boundaries, a group called Internal Affairs is called in to investigate the controversy.

But I ask why go through all of that taxpayer-funded red tape? When the rookie cops graduate the Police Academy, make reading this story a must before their career advances.

Now let's sit and enjoy . . ."Things a Policeman Cannot Do if he Expects to Win a Medal."

A policeman (or woman) cannot

  • Take long naps in this police cruiser even though he is on the night shift.
  • Eat large amounts of donuts, beef jerky, sub-sandwiches, and soda's while ignoring the calls to his car needing him to assist other others with a hostage situation across town.
  • Drive his cruiser as fast as he wants with the lights and siren blasting.
  • Terrorize Hispanic gangs who love their cars with hydraulics, by driving his police car straight for them while they are parked and chilling in a city park.
  • Use his department-issued .38 revolver to shoot birds for fun

This story is NOT to make fun of our men and women in blue

but to take a little time to look at what (some) of the "boys and girls in blue," thing is cool when it is not.

The police force is really employed by the taxpayer and should strive to serve them at no matter the cost.

The work of a policeman or woman is never-ending. Even off-duty, when they witness a crime being committed, they are expected to move-in and handle the situation.

I just wanted to offer this as an explanation as to why I am writing about policemen. And women.

Thank you,


What makes a policeman (or woman) do shady things

  1. Their pay-grade (in some cities) are the lowest anywhere in the nation.
  2. Lack of pride and respect for the uniform--by the policeman wearing the "blues."
  3. A rush from seeing fear come upon the faces of average citizens.
  4. Greed for power can cause anyone, anywhere, and not just our police, to have an attitude that "We are the police and can do what we want."
  5. To gain respect from fellow officers.
  6. To get in on an early promotion from beat cop to detective or vice squad.

"Hold it right there," says this diligent cop, but his "criminal" turned out to be an elderly man struggling to get inside  his own house.
"Hold it right there," says this diligent cop, but his "criminal" turned out to be an elderly man struggling to get inside his own house.
Gorging on doughnuts on his shift.
Gorging on doughnuts on his shift.
This is so stereotypical it is not even funny.
This is so stereotypical it is not even funny.
This photo was "staged" to get a laugh
This photo was "staged" to get a laugh
Police officers are a close-knit group.
Police officers are a close-knit group.
Police forces are now segregated with women and men working together to serve and protect.
Police forces are now segregated with women and men working together to serve and protect.
You have the right to remain silent . . .
You have the right to remain silent . . .
Look out, speeders! You are being timed to see how fast you are going.
Look out, speeders! You are being timed to see how fast you are going.
Terrorists, we got your number.
Terrorists, we got your number.
Actor, Denzel Washington starred in a famous cop flick, "Training Day," with co-star, Ethan Hawke.
Actor, Denzel Washington starred in a famous cop flick, "Training Day," with co-star, Ethan Hawke.

Have you witnessed a policeman or woman doing these things

  1. Joking, loafing with other officers and not on their lunch or coffee breaks.
  2. Taking naps in the daytime and in their cruisers
  3. Using profane language with troublesome youth
  4. Using his firearm to shoot cans when he is bored
  5. Flirting with prostitutes.
  6. "Arresting" said same prostitutes and taking them in a deserted alley and not to the police station.
  7. Taking a drink of whiskey while on the job
  8. Blowing-off citizens who are reporting a crime in their neighborhood
  9. Expecting free lunch and coffee from every restaurant on his or her beat
  10. Wearing a sloppy uniform and without a badge
  11. Sitting on the hood of his cruiser watching pretty girls walk by
  12. Whistling at same said pretty girls who walk by
  13. Using his police radio to talk to his drinking buddies
  14. Never cleaning out his cruiser, but throwing empty fried chicken buckets, soda cans, candy wrappers into the back seat
  15. Running the lights and siren to show-out for his friends on the block
  16. Making illegal U turns and parking illegally and when asked by an average citizen why they are doing these illegal acts they say, "We are the police, so what are you gonna do?"
  17. Spending hours in a local sports bar eating hotwings and watching the MLB play-offs
  18. Never trying to lose weight---some officers have stomachs that almost reach their knees. You know that "these" officers couldn't keep up in a foot-chase.
  19. When they are on patrol, they never stop when a scared citizen runs out of their house screaming for help
  20. These non-caring policemen laugh at things asked of them by citizens such as getting an elderly man's cat down from a tree, because the deed is not dangerous enough.

What can you do

if you should see a police officer doing one of the things on this list or some other act that isn't becoming of an officer of the law . . .

  • Walk up to the officer and tell him or her that you witnesses him taking cash from a known drug dealer and putting it in his pocket and that the officer needs to tell you what all of this means.
  • Yell to them, "Mr. Policeman," you need to be chasing that bank robber who just ran past your cruiser!
  • Invite the officer to have coffee with you and your Police Action Surveillance Committee and talk things out why policemen, for the most part, seemingly do not care about their jobs as much as they used to.
  • Be respectful. Tell the offending officer that you are going to talk to their superiors. Then do it. Talk to their captain about what you witnessed the officer do and fill out a citizen's complaint. Be sure to make the captain understand that you are only wanting to help the police department.
  • When a team from the I.A.D visits you, just tell the truth as you saw it. (NOTE: I.A.D. stands for Internal Affairs Dept.)

Let's move along here. There is nothing to see.
Let's move along here. There is nothing to see.

What happens when

  1. The officer you reported and his buddies, visit you at home and make scary threats to you about doing such a thing to them, just agree as humbly as possibly and do not argue. This will make your situation worse.
  2. You start getting nasty phone calls at all hours of the night and day do not waste time defending your actions to the caller. So what if it is the officer's priest?
  3. You are suddenly bombarded with parking tickets on your car no matter if you park in a parking lot report this to the police headquarters and do it nicely.
  4. When your credit card is not accepted at your favorite restaurant, just give the waiter what cash you and your wife have and promise them you will be back with the rest when the banks open in the morning. (What is strange is that the officer you reported is sitting only three tables away from you now laughing at you for being embarrassed by now, the restaurant manager.
  5. Citizens, your oldest friends in your neighborhood start glaring at you when you see them and telling you things like, "Why did you have to be a 'goodie, goodie,' and get "Officer McTosh," in trouble. Now he hardly patrols our crime-laden neighborhood."

The policeman's best friend.
The policeman's best friend.

"a personal thank you for taking time to read this and all of the hubs I publish."

"I have been blessed with the best folowers on HubPages, or anywhere in our world."



What feelings do you have for the police officers?

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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, teaches12345,

      I have missed you and your witty comments, and this one is witty too. Never fear. "Some" bad apples are falling everywhere we go. I admire and respect the policemen and women who do their job with intelligence, respect for citizens, and do not get too self-serving.

      Thanks, dear friend, for the visit and comment.


    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      I do respect officers but some need to read this article to keep from developing bad habits. I have seen a couple use sirens to get through a light for no apparent good reason.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dear Sheila,

      You are so right. I have seen this, what you pointed out, happen. It is not right for policemen or anyone in authority to abuse their power.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

      Thanks for this comment.


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This hub was good for a laugh as well as containing good information. I hate it when the few bad cops give the rest of them a bad name. Of the tings you mentioned, the only one I've seen is the overweight cops. One thing you didn't list that I've seen that drives me crazy is the cop in the cruiser driving along like a regular guy, but when the stoplight turns red, he puts on his lights and sirens, goes through the light, and then turns everything off and resumes regular speed and driving.


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