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Positive Psychology for the positive minded

Updated on April 22, 2015

The Multiplication of Positivity

“Start the day with a good attitude, rather than the wrong one and the odds are in favor of you having a good day;” NosaJ

If you can start the day with a good attitude, the rest of your day is likely to unfold as a reflection of your own attitude. If one day is good, it is a foundation to the next day and the next. Each good day adds up to a good week. Each good week adds up to a good month. each good month adds up to a good year and each good year amounts to a good life or a life well spent.

Another way of thinking about it is that you get from the day and from life, whatever you pour into them. Pour negative thoughts into your day or allow the day and others to pour negativity in your mind and you will find yourself surrounded by negativity. The reverse also applies and is of course the better approach. Pour positive thoughts into the day and the lives of others or fill yourself up with positivity and you surround yourself with positivity. The positive energy that you surround yourself with enhances you in many respects and is also like a shield that protects you from negative energy.

“Attitudes are nothing more than habits of thought and can be acquired. An action repeated becomes an attitude realized.” Paul Meier

According to John Maxwell , a simple plan to help anyone adopt a good attitude or the right attitude is to:

` Say the right words, read the right books, listen to the right tapes, be with the right people, do the right things and pray the right prayer.” John C. Maxwell

It is not rocket science really. There many ways to go about adopting a good attitude or the right attitude. They are relative to circumstances but central to mindfulness and positivity as thoughts that are translated into action again and again as each circumstance arises. The mind is the key and positive action repeated, the action repeated that becomes attitude. Attitude ultimately becomes a way of life, a positive way of life.

A lot of things are nothing more than a matter of thought or originate as thoughts that translate themselves into their own reality or become manifested in one more or another expressed as a feeling or ultimately an action. The more a thought is repeated, the more dominant that it becomes and it is reflected more powerfully as a feeling or action. To like or dislike anyone, any place or anything is a thought. There may be some reason attached to the thought but if you can eliminate that reason, you can also eliminate the thought.

` I do not want to go to work today.’ Is a thought and there may be a reason or a variety of reasons attached to the thought but if you can somehow override those reasons, your path to work is clear, except of course maybe any traffic between you and getting to work.

One thought also has the power of overriding another and so a beautiful thought can overpower and or exile a depressing or negative thought. A powerful positive thought has the potency to magically transform a negative start or reality into something much more majestic. Anticipation rather than dread Can transform something that you fear, into something that brings fulfillment. `I want to be at work today to help someone today’’ rather than I do not want to be at work today, changes the whole equation to the day.

That is the power of a simple positive thought. Imagine the power of acquiring the thought, making the thought a daily habit and an attitude that becomes realized. Another way of looking at the power of a good attitude is to apply what I call the multiplication factor.

Negativity subtracts from your good attitude and happiness. Positivity multiplies your good attitude and adds to your happiness. Think of Jesus and how he multiplied bread to feed the multitude. He needed some bread to do it. Think of your bank account as a material example. There has to be some money in your bank account for it to gain interest. Think of how you feel when there is money in your account as opposed to when you have a series of overdrafts and a negative amount in your bank account.

The more money there is in your bank account, the more comfortable you are likely to be Think of your mind as your attitude bank and apply the same principle. The more beautiful thoughts that there in your mind, the more the power of attitude works for you and the better you feel.

If you have the right thoughts in your mind, you can also find ways to multiply your money and make a habit of multiplying your money. The same multiplication theory applies to having a good or great attitude. If you have the right attitude or a good attitude, then you can multiply it to such a magnitude, that any subtraction from it does not significantly impact the multiplication and manifestation that has already occurred.

The multiplication and magnification of the right attitude is much easier than the multiplication of your bank account, because attitude is a state of mind and within your control. It is easier because the thought originates with and from within you. You are the creator of the thought and you can make a masterpiece from any positive thought. You can transform a negative picture in your mind from any given scenario into a more beautiful picture and utilize your attitude to change actions and reactions.

Yes, it can be affected by external factors and is affected by external factors but you have to remind yourself that it is a thought that can be easily acquired by planting the thought in your mind, feeding the thought and allowing it to grow.

Plant beautiful thoughts in your mind and they will grow. Think beautiful thoughts and you will feel beautiful, even if you find yourself in the ugliest of environments. Think of a loved one, of your children, of someone or something that makes you happy and hold on to those thoughts as you journey through any storm. They will help promote the right attitude and get you through the storm. Think of the day ahead as a beautiful day, even if the weather sucks or the day ahead looks depressing and you will see the roses to the thorns rather than the thorns to the roses.

If you can do that and make positive attitude a habit, it becomes action repeated and attitude manifested. Here is the irony to such a habit. The habit allows you to become more creative and productive. The multiplication of the right attitude can also lead to the multiplication of your bank account, your wealth, your health and your wellbeing as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Wake Up with the Right Attitude - Live Life with the right attitude.Have the right attitude, have a great attitude and have a great day. Have a positive attitude and have a wonderful life.Life is much better with some positivity in it. The more positivity to your life, the better.

Jason Umusu (c) 2015 for


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