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Positive self talk for a great day

Updated on March 23, 2012

Positive self talk for a great day

What do you say to yourself when you wake up? Great question and it deserves a great answer. I choose positive self talk for a great day. I have seen people wake up jump out of bed cursing and muttering, “Darn, its late and I’m in for trouble” or “Oh ! I hate Mondays” or whatever. I believe that what we say, is what we get. Thoughts lead to emotions and emotions direct your actions. When you wake up cursing and muttering, it would be great achievement if you could get through the day unscathed. Positive self talk is choosing what you say to yourself. As I wake up every day I stay in bed motionless for a few minutes, these minutes actually determine how my day would be. I spend time in positive self talk. I tell myself, “Wow! it’s a beautiful day, look at the sky, hear the birds singing, feel the gentle breeze”. The sun rises rather early where I live, and being a lover of nature I have arranged my bedroom in such a way that I can watch the sunrise. This puts me in a positive mood and this is very important to me as it sets the mood for the day.

I can do it!! - By my son Mark
I can do it!! - By my son Mark | Source

A positive attitude for a great day

I am at my chirpiest best at dawn. I choose to be this way. The whole family is entertained by my singing and clowning. The idea is to cheer up everyone so that their mood does not pull me down. What you hear being said around you, and what your mind keeps on saying strongly suggest to you how your day will turn out to be. Negative self talk puts you in an anxious mode. You start being clumsy in your anxiety and mess up everything around you, making you feel that you really are having a bad day.

Don’t I ever feel like staying in bed longer? Or not wanting to do all that I have to do? Yes, I do sometimes. With children around, you always run out of steam and each day feels longer than yesterday, but I cut out the negative talk. I refuse to give in to what my mind tells me, I direct my mind to work the way I want it to. That is my key to positive self talk.

Positive self talk - Cultivate it

Mind chatter starts even before you are barely awake. It is important to get this tweaked in the right direction so that you say the right things to yourself.

Whether you like it or not this mind chatter continues through your day. Most of it could be negative and hopeless if you allow your mind to have its way. It will rationally tell you how hard things are and why you cannot do it and so on. Start by putting an end to this negative chatter.

Convert the negative statements in your mind into positive self talk. For example when I have a long work day, I tend to think I would be worn-out by the end of the day. I would tell myself that I love what I do. I have been through this many times and have done extremely well. I am strong inside.

Firstly you need to be aware of this negative self talk to be able to stop it. Each time your mind tells you “You can’t” ask yourself “Why can’t I?” Argue for why you can, bring up examples from the past and strengthen your arguments until your mind shuts up and listens to you.

Self affirmation is an important tool in cultivating positive self talk and positive action. Telling yourself that you are capable, intelligent, quick-to-learn, etc, would help you in becoming more positive towards yourself. Make these statements specific to your situation and write them down on a flash card, carry it with you so that you can remind yourself about them all the time.

Make sure that your statements are in the present tense and not in the future tense. Statements in the future tense could mean that things may or may not happen in the near future.

Once you have your positive self talk on track, keep telling yourself often in the day that you can do it and you can be sure that it will be done for you.

Oftentimes negative talk stems from fear, but you may have to overcome your fears.

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What do you say to yourself each morning using positive self talk

Coming back to the topic of what do you say to yourself each day - once you have mastered the art of positive talk you could ensure that you approach your day well.

Stay in bed for a moment in perfect stillness. Tell yourself of the beautiful day ahead of you, of the lovely things in store for you. Remind yourself of your wonderful family or friends who stand by you all the time.

List out and organize in your mind the tasks that you would like to accomplish that day.

Visually imagine how efficiently and easily you could get them done.

Visualize for yourself the satisfaction that comes from such an achievement and spend time letting those emotions wash over you.

Tell yourself that you can do it, that you will enjoy your day as you go through those task and make this day the most beautiful ever.

Use this visual imagery and those words you say throughout the day especially when you feel stressed out or find it difficult to accomplish some of the tasks. Positive self talk in the mornings as you start your day is possible when you wake up a little earlier than usual and so that you could afford at least 15 mts for this activity. Being relaxed while saying these things to yourself is more important. Studies prove that the emotions that are attached to self talk strengthen your beliefs and direct your path.

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You can have a great day with positive self talk

This exercise is a really worthwhile considering the fact that you are spending just 15 minutes to prepare for your work day of 16 to 18 hours.

Spending time positively in the morning before you start your day is not enough by itself. You would have to remind yourself as often as possible about what you have been saying to yourself that morning. Once you have made a habit of doing this, you would find that your days are more wonderful than before. You have prepared yourself emotionally and psychologically to face the tough challenges of each day.

Take time today to start your day well. Start it with positive self talk.


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