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Post #2: Imogen Rose In May, at Three months of age

Updated on July 1, 2017
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Annette has taught Early Childhood Family Education for thirty years and is a published author in the field of parenting.

Schedule & Routine

Imogen is settling into a schedule, and that helps us know when we can play with her, and when she needs to eat or nap. We are lucky that Imogen is a calm and happy baby (so far). I will continue to encourage Imogen to align herself with the household routines while making sure she gets her needs met. Right now she needs a bottle early, then play time before she takes her morning nap. She wakes for lunch with the boys and plays some more before our afternoon naptime.

The amount of milk she is drinking has increased as the time between feedings increases. She likes to be swaddled and warm when napping. One challenge is keeping two rowdy boys from waking Imogen during her morning nap. When we want to go outside, I ‘wear’ Imogen in the front pack. She sleeps and we can walk to the park, the library, or just walk around the neighborhood. The fresh air is good for her and the exercise is good for the rest of us. As Imogen stays awake for longer periods during the day, she will enjoy more adventures outdoors, with us. I will take her out of the front pack so she can have tummy time on a blanket in the yard, or sit with us to enjoy the outdoors.

Social Skills

Imogen could recognize her mother and father’s voice when she was born. Imogen has become more aware of us, more engaging as she grows through her third month. Yet, she still gives her mouse toy a smile as readily as her grandpa. The social aspect of growth is readily evident in our 3-month old. She catches our eye and is beginning to master the reciprocity of communication. She smiles, we smile, she smiles we talk and coo at her, she makes a sound, and we ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ her sound back to her. This seems to be an instinctual human trait that most parents do naturally. It’s fun to visit with Imogen as she makes faces, smiles and laughs. reports that babies learn who they are through everyday interactions with others in the family. How we respond to Imogen’s cries, coos, and laughter help her better understand her world and begin to form a self-image.

Imogen is beginning to enjoy nursery rhymes and songs. I bounce her gently on my knee and sing the nursery rhymes I know. (Bounce, bounce to London, Bounce Bounce to Dover, Better be Careful or you might fall over! and Horsey, Horsey on your way, we’ve been together for many a day….) I have provided a short list of songs/nursery rhymes for bouncing baby on your knee. Some babies like it more rowdy, and others more gently, so pay attention to your baby’s cues about how fast or high you bounce. Just a note of caution: bouncing is not recommended just after baby has eaten.

Imogen & Grandpa In Conversation


Tummy time, Play and Rolling

This month, Imogen is beginning to enjoy standing on my lap while I hold her torso, so she can strengthen her legs. In addition, Imogen likes to sit in the corner of the couch or in her boppy. I sit her in front of me, with my body as a support, as well. Sitting helps strengthen her back muscles and gives her a new perspective on the world. She will take up to eight months to master sitting without support.

She still needs tummy time every day, and many three-month-olds are beginning to express their boredom at being in one position for too long. I arrange for Imogen to have tummy time on her blanket on the floor next to her brother, over one of my knees as I sit on the floor, and sometimes on the table, with ‘baby blocks’ on either side.

This is the month to STOP putting her on the table-tops unless I am right next to her, as Imogen has rolled from tummy to back one time, and will increase that new skill. Rolling over is one of the nine physical milestones for babies, according to Parenting article at:

Most babies roll from tummy to back before they roll from back to tummy (which happens between 3 and 5 months of age) because it requires more strength and coordination. Yet, once a baby has rolled, they are no longer secure on higher surfaces. A blanket on the floor is a more safe and comfortable spot.

In addition, Imogen is beginning to notice that she has toys and she follows the colorful images as we move a toy into and out of her line of sight. I place a toy near her hand so she can bang it while her arms move around. This will help her understand ‘cause & effect”. When she bats the toy, it makes a sound. She will soon learn to do that intentionally.

Songs For Babies

I’m A Little Cuckoo Clock

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock (rock baby from side to side, gently)

I’m a little cuckoo clock.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Now I’m striking one o’clock…

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! (Now, lift baby up as high as she likes)

Patty Cake

Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker’s Man! (lay baby on her back & tap her feet together)

Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Roll them up, and roll them up! (roll her feet around each other)

Make them with a “B” (Tap baby’s tummy with your finger)

And toss them in the oven for baby and me! (lift baby’s arms up by their head)

Little Red Wagon

Bumping up and down in my little red wagon, (sit baby on knees and bounce her)

Bumping up and down in my little red wagon,

Bumping up and down in my little red wagon,

Won’t you be my darling! (Bring baby to your face and kiss her)

Trot to London

Trot, trot to London, Trot, trot to Dover (bounce baby gently on your knees)

Better be careful So you don’t fall over! (tip baby to the side a bit)

Repeat this verse and tip baby to the other side.

Trot, trot to London, Trot, trot to Lind (bounce baby gently on your knees)

Better be careful or you might fall in!

(Open your knees while holding baby securely and bump on the floor)

I have a little Pony

I have a little pony,

His name is Macaroni

He trots and trots and then he stops

My little Macaroni!

(repeat this song, using your child’s name in place of “Macaroni”)

Horsey, Horsey, On Your Way

Horsey, horsey, on your way;

We’ve been together for many a day

So let your tail go swish as the wheels go around

Giddyap! We’re homeward bound.

(Bounce baby gently as you sing this song. )

The City is Big

Oh! The city is big and the city is grand! (bounce baby gently on your knees)

There are lots of tall buildings on a little piece of land.

We live way up on the fifty-seventh floor;

and this is what we do when we come in the door.

We take the elevator up, we take the elevator down. (lift baby up, then down)

We take the elevator up, we take the elevator down. (lift baby up, then down)

We take the elevator up, we take the elevator down. (lift baby up, then down)

And we turn around.

© 2017 agaglia


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