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How to use The Power of Manifestation

Updated on March 24, 2013

Law of Attraction

We have all heard about the movie The Secret and know about the Law of Attraction or the Power of Manifestation, but how many of us have tried applying the Law of Attraction only to miss or not achieve what we had desired? Or, how many of us succeeded? Well, in my experience I have had about equal results both ways. I have been successful in achieving my desires and I have been unsuccessful in achieving my desires. Why? I have discovered that the power of manifestation is backed not just by our imaginations, but also with our feelings. I know, this is also in the movie, but I have really played around with the feeling side of manifestation and found that this is the deciding factor. Whatever thought held the strongest feeling, either good or bad, that is what comes to fruition.

I lived in Ireland for about 6 years and if you’ve been to Ireland you know it is cold and wet most of the time. It is also a beautiful country, but I’m originally from California and I enjoy the heat. I also feel happier when I’m in the sun as most people do. For that reason my husband and I decided we were ready to move back to the States. We envisioned the best life for us to raise our children and we both envisioned a place that was warm and sunny. So we knew that we needed to leave Ireland. Only problem was is we didn’t know how it was going to happen. I was running my own business and it had gone over the 3-year hurdle and I was looking to expand. I knew my business had the potential of being a great success, but I wasn’t really happy in Ireland. My husband and I kept this idea of moving to the States to ourselves for about 5 months. We started shared visualizations of talking about living in a warm climate, and how we could go swimming and enjoy the outdoors. We talked about camping and exploring our new environment in the States and about our children getting to know my side of our family better. Slowly we started talking about our vision with our boys. We, as a family, would talk about our trip to the States, what we would need, where we would live and what we would do and we would fill ourselves with the excitement of it happening. We filled ourselves with the certainty that it was going to happen, but we hadn’t yet set the timing of our move.

Out of the blue we knew it was time. We had visualized and felt our move so much that we instinctively knew we needed to put in our 30 day notice to move from our rented house even though we still didn’t yet know when it was going to happen. I remember having the feelings of doubt come in and thinking the what if’s. What if we don’t actually go? What if we can’t raise the money to go? How would the boys feel? The overwhelming doubt that I felt after we put in our 30 day notice came most days. I tried to counter it by my visualizations and feelings, but doubt ruled more than feeling that it would happen. At the end of our 30 days we were still in Ireland with no idea how we were going and now we were without accommodation and even though the reality was we were basically homeless, deep inside I still knew everything was going to be ok and we were still moving to the States.

I closed my business and sold my belongings. I had nothing more to do in Ireland. My husband finished up his job and we were set to go. We moved in with his mother until we left, but we still didn’t know how. At this time I knew that my doubt was holding back progress so everyday I went for a walk filling my head with only positive thinking and beliefs. I listened to The Power by Rhonda Byrne everyday sometimes 2 or more times a day. Whatever it took to keep me focused on the positive I did. Every time reality stuck it’s head in my mind I replaced it by knowing that we were going and feeling being with my family with the warm sunshine on my skin.

Doubt is the hardest feeling to overcome. I couldn’t help but see the reality in front of me to know that we didn’t have the money for the move and we didn’t even know where we would go once we got to the States. But I couldn’t see us staying in Ireland. I couldn’t see us living there anymore. And I felt the joy of us being in the States.

My husband and I decided that we needed to continue to act as if we were leaving. So we told everybody. We said our goodbyes to family in Northern Ireland. We took our children out of school during their Spring break knowing they wouldn’t be going back and they said their goodbyes to their friends. We went to the department store to look at shorts and tee shirts and bought a few items we would need for our move. Then we started seeing signs of California everywhere. The tv shows that came on were featuring a city in California. The clothes in the department stores had California written on them. California was coming to us from all directions and that is when we knew we were close. Doubt, along with its bad feeling in my gut still crept in, but I filled my head with only positive thoughts about the move.

Just as California was showing up in our lives on a daily bases our money was running low and my husband’s mom was asking more questions about how and when we were leaving. This was the most uncomfortable part of this whole story. We never intended to stay with her as long as we did. It was going on 6 weeks and I struggled daily with keeping myself focused on what I wanted and not let reality discourage me or change our plans. We tried to help as much as we could around her house. She and the neighbors got their houses repainted inside and out all to bid our time to see the reality of our move to the States.

Then one day my husband’s mom asked us to go sign up on the dole. I don’t like to share this part of my story, but I want you as the reader to feel and realize how far down we were and what happened after that. My husband is Irish, if you haven’t guessed that, and signing up on the dole is not so uncommon there. My husband’s mom was really just suggesting what would be the most obvious thing to do if you don’t see your son and his wife working for an employer, so we obliged her. Her suggestion to sign up on the dole came on Thursday. Friday morning we went down to the dole office. We decided that we were going to make believe. We were going to pretend we were going to the travel agent and we were booking our tickets to the States. So with joy in our hearts we went down and filled out the necessary paperwork and waited for our number to be called to hand it in. When our number came up we went up to the kind lady and joyfully handed over our paperwork. She explained that we would need to come back for an interview and the next available time was Wednesday. We thought that was a great day for our journey to the States so we happily said that Wednesday was perfect. Wednesday at 2pm. We walked away feeling happy that our tickets were finally booked for Wednesday and we laughed at our visions. That night we got a phone call that changed everything. Out of the blue my husband got a call and the person on the other end was offering us tickets to the United States. I can’t tell you who called us because they asked us not to, but it was what we had been waiting for. We didn't ask for the tickets, they offered and we knew it was our time to go. Our kind donor bought our tickets and we were heading for our new home in the States that Wednesday. The same day we pretended we booked our tickets at the dole office.

Everything moved fast and relief filled me along with aw and amazement. Since the move back to the States I have used the Law of Attraction for many things and have realized why things sometimes take so long. It’s because the dominant feeling is what you see and sometimes that isn't the result you want. This story represents the power of manifestation in action.


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