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Practice And Attitude Make It Possible To Pass The GED The First Time

Updated on September 4, 2019
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Winnie is an expert test taker and advisor at GED Study Guide in Test Prep Toolkit.

Learn The Tricks and Techniques Of Passing The GED The First Time

Is it possible to pass the GED test the first time? It depends on various factors. Statistics have indicated that 77% of learners who took the GED for the first time passed it. This data could somehow bring your hopes up, but what should you really do to pass the GED the first time? Can you even make the grade for such test without studying?

The odds of passing the GED without studying are rather high, but it is possible. It is under particular conditions and requisites though. Not that you have to be extremely intelligent to be able to surmount the GED test on your first try. What you primarily need are strong reading comprehension skills, especially for the Science, Social Studies and Reasoning Through Language Arts tests.

You Can Pull It Through With The Open Book Tests

The GED Science, Social Studies and RLA tests are what is otherwise known as open book tests. This means that all the answers in their questions are found in the provided resources (as part of the tests). Data and information featured in the passages of the said tests suffice for answering the pertinent questions.

That’s not how it goes for the GED Math test, however. In the Math section of the GED, you will be required to know major concepts in Math, mostly in Algebra as well as how to use a scientific calculator. You also have to be familiar in applying Math formulas

What is the best way to evaluate your knowledge and that if you are likely to pass the GED test on your first try? Take GED practice tests. If your scores are consistently high, chances are, you’ll be able to pull it through with the real thing.

Invest In GED Ready Practice Tests

When you feel that you are almost ready to take the GED test because you’re getting good scores on your practice tests, it is prudent to invest in purchasing GED Ready Practice Tests. Four GED Ready Practice Tests are available for purchase each at $6.00 from the website. Individual tests for the 4 GED subjects of Science, Math, Social Studies and RLA are contained in each set.

Getting high scores on the GED Ready Practice Tests may signal that you are ready to take the real GED test. It may be time to set an appointment at your testing center to take it. Nevertheless, it’s best to schedule your tests one at a time so that you wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

What if you got low scores on your GED Ready Practice Tests? You need more practice, and you can do this by utilizing free online and offline resources. Choose those that are credible and of good quality. With the help of these test prep materials, you can hone your GED test-taking skills and know-how in the same way.

3 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated To Pass The GED Test

The key to passing the GED test on your first take is to keep yourself motivated. Without motivation, without the drive to succeed, you will not have the energy to go for your goal. A large number of test-takers fail to hit the mark because they didn’t have the will to make it through. Consider that you have to put in the right amount of effort to initiate and finish your test prep in order to pass the GED test. What are ways to keep your motivation ablaze so that you can pass the GED test?

  • Set your goal. You have to have your objectives in place to be able to achieve your goals. For instance, studying two times a week for your test will render you ready to take it within three months. As early as the beginning of your test prep, you should more or less determine the exact date and time of taking your test.

  • Envision your success. Visualize the final outcome of taking your test, and it has to be astounding. In the first place, you have to imagine the best. Start by asking yourself why you want to obtain your GED diploma. Then think of what it’s like achieving it and finally holding your dreams in your hands. Do you want to go to college? Apply at a better-earning job or get a promotion? Believe that you can do it!

  • Be confident of your skills and capabilities. Steer clear of negative thinking that undermines your confidence. As much as possible, stay away from people who are of ill influence to you, too. If you can, ask for the help of a mentor, parent, friend or teacher who has achieved that success that you’re aiming for and follow their footsteps.

Inherent intelligence can help you pass the GED the first time. Even if you think you don’t have it, remember that you can learn how to be intelligent because the human brain is adaptive and can be taught. Believe that you can learn how to be smart and achieve your goals with the proper habits, practice and attitude.


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