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Romeo and Juliet Practice Test Questions: Answer Key

Updated on April 25, 2016

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Romeo and Juliet Answers

Act 1

  1. the lovers from the long-feuding families will die
  2. Capulet and Montague servants quarrel over petty insult
  3. The long-running feud between the Capulets and Montagues
  4. halt
  5. unlike Romeo, he does not take love seriously
  6. Romeo’s death
  7. Juliet is in love with Paris.
  8. Mercutio
  9. Tybalt
  10. Romeo
  11. Juliet

Act 2

  1. Romeo’s name is only a name, not a reference to who he really is.
  2. he overhears her musing about her feelings for him.
  3. provide relief from the tragedy
  4. Romeo quickly forgot his love for Rosaline and fell in love with Juliet.
  5. She goes on and on about her pains, thus leaving Juliet in suspense.
  6. This love will result in her death.
  7. end the feud between the families
  8. when the audience knows something that the characters in a play do not
  9. Romeo

Act 3

  1. fight.
  2. he is now related to Tybalt.
  3. banishing him from Verona forever.
  4. Juliet decides that Paris is more honorable than Romeo.
  5. anger toward both Romeo and Tybalt
  6. She becomes more self-confident and pushes away her elders.
  7. Mercutio is killed.
  8. Lord Capulet
  9. Paris
  10. Benvolio

Act 4 & Act 5

  1. Romeo will take her to Mantua that very night.
  2. that it will permanently cripple her
  3. Juliet is dead
  4. kills him in a duel
  5. erect a memorial to the lovers
  6. the audience knows Juliet is alive.
  7. Juliet stabs herself and dies
  8. Hatred leads to violence, destruction, and waste.
  9. personification
  10. metaphor
  11. simile
  12. pun


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