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Practice your words

Updated on May 5, 2010

Continuous OR Continual

 Check your word power.

1. A (continuous, continual) application of hot packs, three or four every hour for two days, will alleviate your congested conditions.

2. His (continuous, continual) rejection of the applications from the home office has raised the manager's ire.

3. Her (continuous, continual) criticism of his work, whenever he broght his manuscripts home, completely demoralized him.

4. The rain came down (continuously, continually) ; not for five minutes did the storm abate.

5. There was a long (continuous, continual) ring on the :intercom" phone, , follwed by four short rings.

6. Not a sound broke the stillness; the (continuous, continual)silence was unnerving.

7. There were (continuous, continual) fights in the upstairs apartment-at breakfast, lunch, and supper the sounds of conflict came through to the tenants on all sides.



1. continual

2. continual

3. continual

4. continuously

5. continuous

6. continuous

7. continual


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