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Predicting Calamities, Using this Article

Updated on November 21, 2011
Train wreck at Montparnasse Station, Paris, France, 1895. This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.
Train wreck at Montparnasse Station, Paris, France, 1895. This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.

Take notice, everyone. Pull out a piece of paper and write this down, so you can test my prophetic abilities: In the next 64 days, there’ll be at least one, maybe two airplane or maritime accidents or emergencies somewhere in the world.

How do I know this? Well, after I let you marvel for a while, and allow a little awed praise for me to escape your lips, I’ll tell you: I collected accident and disaster data that covers the last decade. My prediction is merely a projection based on averages, calculated from the data I collected.

You can do the same type of predictions. My data is below, in this hub. You can go through it, do word searches, and then do calculations. From that, you can make your predictions.

Let me play around, first, with a few of these numbers, and show you more examples. But first, bear in mind that the following list does not comprise all world tragedies or costly incidents; I just collected the most significant, or most reported, and the most costly or devastating. These statistics or predictions, therefore, are quite conservative, and probably represent only a portion of the calamities that really await us.

Total incidents in the list below: 395, which is 39.5 per year.
The incidents increased in number at the rate of 1.4 per year, on average. Therefore, next year there will be 40 or 41 incidences. Ten years have 3,652 days, so you will see a new incident (of the kinds that are shown in this article) in the world every 9.22 days, on average.

Let’s look at one type of incident, earthquakes, and predict when the next one will hit: There were 38, making it 3.8 per year, which is every 96 days. The last major earthquake reported here was on October 26, which means the next earthquake should have happened around January 30 of 2011. But looking back, one didn’t happen until Feb. 22. However, Japan’s devastating earthquake happened on March 11. By September 18, 2011, three earthquakes measuring 6.9 or greater had happened. This brought the average to 109, only 13 days off the average I had calculated. But if you include those added earthquakes to the total number in the last decade, the average turns out to be 95.4, only two-thirds of a day less than my calculated average for the decade.

Using these figures, we can safely say that by June 30 or July 1 of 2012, there will be two or three earthquakes that are 6.9 or above in some part of the world.

Let’s also predict calamities that may happen either in the UK, or in the U.S.A: In the English Isles area, there were nine incidents during the last decade. This means one almost every year. In the USA, there were 35 incidents. Looks like there was about 3-1/2 times more turbulence in the U.S.A. than in the UK. It would be interesting, in another study, to find the population of each country, and see how many tragedies per capita happened.

Here is the list, to do with as you please. Enjoy:

Jan 13, El Salvador: 7.6 earthquake, 100 die. 1,500-foot landslide destroyed houses
Jan 26, Gujarat India Earthquake, 30,000 killed. $5.5 billion damage
Feb 9 Hawaii: U.S. sub, Japanese trawler collide. 9 people missing
Mar 4, Portugal: 70 die as bridge collapses
Mar 5, Saudi Arabia: Hajj crush kills pilgrims
Mar 7, China: School explosion kills 41
Mar 16, Saudi Arabia: 3 die as jet hijack ends
Mar 20, Rio de Janeiro: World's biggest oil rig sinks
Mar 25, Kenya: Fire kills 58 children
Apr 11, South Africa: 43 die in soccer stampede
May 9, Ghana: 125 killed in soccer crush
May 16, Turkey: Military plane crash kills 37
May 21, Chile: 28 die in prison riot fire
May 24, Jerusalem: Wedding hall collapses, 25 dead 250 injured
Jun. 23, Peru: 7.9 earthquake. 40 dead, 450 injured (to date)
Jul 3, Siberia: Plane crash kills 143
Jul 5, West Germany: Kohl's wife commits suicide
Jul 22, China: 100 miners feared dead
Aug 17, Manila: Manila hotel inferno kills 75
Aug 31, Japan: Tokyo explosion and fire kills 44
Sep 11, New York: Terrorist attack. 5,000+ dead and missing. Buildings/Aircraft lost
Sep 21, Southern France: Factory blast kills 17
Oct 4, Russia: Jet explodes over Black Sea
Oct 8, Milan: 110 die in runway blaze
Oct 10, Florida: 3rd anthrax case
Oct 22, Indonesia: Hundreds of refugees drown
Oct 24, Switzerland: Tunnel inferno after head-on crash
Nov 2, Afghanistan: US elite troops in helicopter crash
Nov 4, Cuba: Michelle menacing Cuba
Nov 10, Algeria: Hundreds dead in floods
Nov 12, New York: Jet crashes in residential neighborhood, killing 260
Nov 21, Gaza: 4 children die in explosion
Nov 24, Switzerland: Plane crashes at Zurich
Dec 8, Ireland: 8 refugees found dead
Dec 14, Jordan: Bus crash kills 52
Dec 24, Australia: Bush fires wreck holiday havoc
Dec 29, Peru: Fireworks blaze kills 230

Jan 18, Congo: Volcano kills 45 people
Jan 19, Congo: Half of the city has been burned
Jan 28, Nigeria: Lagos armory blast leave 1100+ dead
Jan 23, Ecuador: Airliner crashed with 92 people aboard
Mar 26, Northern Afghanistan: Quake kills 2,000
Apr 14, South Korea: Chinese jet crashes
Apr 18, Milan: Plane hits Milan skyscraper
May 25, Taiwan: Airliner with 225 people crashes into sea
Jun 2, London: Fire at Buckingham Palace
Jun 22, Iran: 300 killed in earthquake
Jul 1, West Germany: 71 dead in midair collision
July 24, Pennsylvania: Mining accident. Miners pulled free after much cost.
Jul 27, Western Ukraine: 83 die in worst airshow crash
Aug 13, Czech Republic, Prague: floods surge to new peaks
Aug 15, Eastern Germany: Dresden evacuated as waters rise
Aug 19, Chechnya: Crash; 115 servicemen dead
Aug 22, Southern China: Million people battling lake
Sep 6, Taiwan: Typhoon Sinlaku hits, 1,000 evacuated
Sep 9, Bihar: 100 feared dead in rail tragedy
Sep 21, North Caucasus: Avalanche. 100 feared dead
Oct 6, Yemen: French tanker explodes
Oct 27, Moscow: Gas killed all 115 hostages in raid
Sep 27, The Gambia, Senegal, Africa: 1,863 people die as ferry sinks
Oct 31, Italy: 19 children killed at school in earthquake
Nov 19, Spain: Tanker sank, spilling oil
Dec 1, Venezuela: Nightclub Blaze in Caracas Kills 47
Dec 23, Iran: Ukrainian plane crash kills 46
Dec 31, Mexico: New Year fireworks blast kills 28

Jan 1, Solomon Islands: Cyclone Zoe wrecks islands
Jan 8, Turkey: Plane crashes, 75 dead, 5 survivors
Jan 18, Australia: Fires threaten capital. 10 dead and 500 homes destroyed.
Jan 21, Mexico: Earthquake. 24 dead
Feb 1, Western United States: Space shuttle Columbia and crew lost
Feb 19, Iran: Military plane crash kills 302
Feb 20, New England: 96 killed in nightclub inferno
Feb 21, New York: Blast hits oil plant
Feb 23, Western China: 6.8 earthquake
Mar 6, Algeria: Plane crashes, killing 102
Mar 13, Hong Kong: First alert over SARS (flu and pneumonia)
Apr 5, Switzerland: WHO SARS cases over 2,400
Apr 19, Hong Kong 12 more people have died from SARS
Apr 27, Beijing: SARS closes Beijing venues: theaters, libraries and marriages
Apr 30, Turkey: Scores dead in quake
May 1, Turkey: 200 Children trapped in quake
May 2, Argentina: Floods displace 100,000
May 3, Hong Kong Ship issues SARS distress call
May 4, Midwest U. S.: Tornadoes wreak havoc
May 8, Switzerland: WHO SARS death rate higher
May 9, Congo: Passengers sucked out of plane
May 20, Canada: Mad cow disease reported
May 21, Algeria: More than 2,000 killed in 6.7 quake. 51,000 homeless, 8,626 injured. May 25, Turkey: Spanish troops killed in crash
Jun 21, Nigeria: 105 killed in oil blast
Jul 7, Sudan: Plane crash kills 115
Jul 9, Southern Bangladesh: 500 feared dead in ferry tragedy: Bangladesh.
Aug 2, Pakistan: Village blast kills 52
Aug 14, France: 10,000 dead in heat wave
Aug 14, Northwest US and Canada: Major power outage affecting 55 million people
Aug 16, Iraq: Fire halts flow of oil
Aug 22, Brazil: 21 dead in rocket explosion
Aug 29, Arctic (Russia): Nuclear submarine sinks. Nine die
Sep 13, South Korea: Typhoon toll 'may top 100'
Sep 15, Saudi Arabia: Prison fire kills 67 inmates
Sep 18, Virginia: Isabel knocks out power to 2 million
Sep 25, Northern Japan: Earthquake rocks island of Hokkaido
Sep 27, Rome: Massive power cut
Oct 28, Southern California: Fires consume 500,000 acres
Dec 23, Philippines: Landslides toll tops 200
Dec 25, Southern China: 233 died in gas disaster
Dec 25, Southern Iran: 30,000 dead after earthquake

Jan 2, Egypt: Airliner crashes into Red Sea
Jan 16, Vietnam: WHO 4th death linked to bird flu
Feb 1, Saudi Arabia: Hajj stampede. 244 pilgrims dead
Feb 14, Moscow: Roof collapse kills 26
Feb 18, Iran: Train blast destroys villages, 300 killed
Feb 23, Morocco: Quake kills 600
Feb 26, Macedonia: President Trajkovski killed in plane crash
Apr 22, North Korea: 3,000 killed or injured in train explosion
May 23, Paris: Deadly airport roof collapse
May 27, Haiti: 1,000 people feared dead in flood town
Jun 24, Iran: 70 dead in tanker accident
Jul 13, Bangladesh: Flood havoc mounts
Jul 16, Southern India: School blaze kills 90
Aug 1, Paraguay: Supermarket fire death toll tops 300
Aug 24, Russia: Two passenger jets crash
Sep 7, China: Flood deaths mount to 143
Sep 11, Jamaica: Hurricane Ivan batters Jamaica
Sep 17, Alabama U.S.: Death toll at least 22 in Ivan's wake
Sep 22, Haiti: Jeanne leaves more than 1,050 dead
Oct 4, Tunisia: Many drown as migrant ship sinks
Oct 17, Darfur, Sudan: 70,000 dead from attacks, and poor living conditions
Oct 20, China: 56 die, 150 missing in blast
Oct 20, Japan: Typhoon kills at least 48
Oct 23, Japan: Quake’s Death toll rising to 15
Oct 26, Thailand: 78 die after riot
Nov 27, China: Mine blast traps 187
Nov 30, Philippines: Storm kills 1000
Dec 26, Sri Lanka: Asia quake death toll tops 4,700
Dec 26, Aceh: 9.0 Quake leaves 213,000 dead
Dec 30, Argentina: 175 dead in Buenos Aires club fire

Jan 12, Hajj: stampede kills 346+
Jan 25, Mumbai: 258 pilgrims die in stampede
Jan 26, Western Iraq: 31 Marines killed in chopper crash
Feb 3, Egypt: Ship with 1,400+ sinks in Red Sea
Feb 14, Northeast China: 203 dead in mine explosion
Feb 22, Southern Iran: 500 killed in quake
Apr 14, Paris: Many killed in hotel fire
Apr 21, Iraq: 6 Americans among 11 dead in copter crash
Apr 24, Japan: 100 dead as train derails
May 20, Chile: Missing 41 troops feared dead
Jun 23, Southern China: Flood death toll over 500
Jun 30, Afghanistan: 16 bodies recovered from crash site
Jul 12, Pakistan: 128 die in train crash
Jul 18, Niger: Children reported starving to death
Jul 27, Mumbai: 100 missing after offshore fire
Jul 31, Mumbai: Floods toll reaches 1,000
Aug 2, Toronto: Jet crash and fire, but all survive
Aug 14, Greece: Cypriot jet crashes; 121 dead
Aug 16, Venezuela: 160 believed dead in jet crash
Aug 16, Afghanistan: Spanish troops die in crash
Aug 23, Peru: Airliner crashes in jungle
Aug 24, Romania: Floods cause havoc across Europe
Aug 25, Paris: Apartment fire kills 16
Aug 29, New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina lashes coast 1,836 dead.
Aug 31, Baghdad: 1,000 dead in stampede
Sep 22, Texas: Massive traffic jams as Texans flee Rita
Sep 23, Texas: Evacuee bus explodes as Rita closes
Oct 5, El Salvador: Hurricane Stan's death toll climbs to 135
Oct 7, Pakistan: Major quake kills thousands. Death toll is 30,000
Oct 9, Guatemala: Slide toll may hit 1,400
Oct 12, Syria: Minister commits suicide
Oct 13, Turkey: Bird flu 'is deadly strain'
Oct 15, Romania: Romania has deadly bird flu virus
Oct 22, Nigeria: Jet has crashed after takeoff. No survivors
Oct 24, Florida: Wilma wiped out power to 3 million homes
Oct 28, Southern India: Passenger train derails, 61 died
Nov 22, Northeast China: Harbin water supplies cut off
Nov 25, India: Flood bus plunges kill 75
Nov 27, Northeast China: 169 workers die in mine blast
Dec 6, Iran: 110 killed in plane crash
Dec 10, Nigeria: Jet crashes in flames. 100 killed
Dec 11, England: Fuel depot blasts injure dozens
Dec 19, Miami: Seaplane crashes off Miami Beach

Jan 1, Turkey: Bird flu suspect dies
Jan 2, Bavaria: Rink collapse kills 15
Jan 3, Indonesia: Java village buried by landslide
Jan 5, Mecca: 76 dead in hotel collapse
Jan 8, Turkey: Three new bird flu cases
Jan 12, Mecca: Hajj stampede kills at least 345
Jan 19, Hungary: Slovak military plane crashes. 42 die
Jan 26, Georgia: Energy crisis as Georgia freezes
Jan 28, Poland: Hall collapse traps many. 66 died
Feb 3, Egypt: Ship with 1,400 sinks in Red Sea
Feb 3, Manila: Game show stampede kills 88
Feb 8, Nigeria: Deadly bird flu found
Feb 11, Italy: Deadly bird flu spreads in Europe
Feb 12, Texas: Cheney shoots man in hunt error
Feb 16, Philippines: Mud wipes out village, 1,000 dead
Feb 19, Mexico: Blast traps 66 in mine
Feb 23, Moscow: 64 dead in roof collapse
Mar 21, Azerbaijan: Bird flu kills five
Mar 30, Bahrain: Ferry sinks carrying 150 people
Apr 6, Djibouti: 69 dead as ferry capsizes
May 2, Sochi: Jet lost over Russia, 113 on board
May 6, Southern Iraq: UK troops attacked after copter crash
May 12, Nigeria: Oil pipeline explosion kills up to 200
May 21, China: Flooding traps 57 in mine
May 23, Greece: Greek, Turkish fighter jets crash
May 27, Indonesia: Java quake kills 6,000
Jun 15, Indonesia: Volcano eruption traps two
Jun 22, Indonesia: Flood toll passes 200
Jul 3, Spain: Subway crash. 41 dead
Jul 9, Siberia: 122 dead in airline crash
Jul 17, Indonesia: 650 dead as quake triggers tsunami
Aug 9, China: 466,000 flee as storm nears
Aug 22, Eastern Ukraine: Russia airliner with 170 aboard crashes
Aug 27, Kentucky: 49 dead in plane crash
Sep 2, Kandahar: 14 Britons die in NATO crash
Sep 22, West Germany: Magnetic train crashes
Sep 29, Amazon: Plane lost over Amazon
Nov 22, Poland: No survivors in mine blast
Dec 1, Philippines: Typhoon kills 388
Dec 8, Moscow: Hospital fire kills 45 women
Dec 18, Senegal: Migrant boat capsized twice; 80 die
Dec 26, Nigeria: Pipeline explosion kills at least 260
Dec 29, Indonesia: Ship sinks. 600 missing

Jan 6, Rio de Janeiro: Mudslide toll reaches 31
Jan 13, Sao Paulo: Rescue mission in collapse
Jan 18, London: 47 dead as storm batters Europe
Feb 4, Indonesia: Floods. 340,000 homeless
Mar 6, Sumatra: Quake kills at least 70
Mar 7, Indonesia: Scores escape flaming plane wreck
Mar 19, Siberia: Mine explosion kills more than 100
Mar 19, Russia: 63 elderly die in home fire
Apr 1, Solomon Islands: 13 dead from tsunami
May 5, Cameroon: Jet with 100 aboard crashes
Jun 24, Karachi: Storms kill 228 people
Jun 29, Pakistan: 800,000 hit by South Asia floods
Jul 16, Northern Japan: Nuke plant leaked after earthquake
Jul 17, Sao Paulo: Plane skids into building. About 200 dead
Jul 22, Alps: Bus crash kills 26 Polish pilgrims
Jul 23, England: UK fights worst floods in 60 years
Aug 1, Minnesota: Bridge collapses into Mississippi during evening rush hour
Aug 3, India: Millions flee 'worst ever' floods
Aug 3, England: Farm infected with foot-and-mouth
Aug 7, India: Millions face flood disease threat
Aug 13, China: 14 dead in bridge collapse
Aug 13, North Korea: Hundreds die in floods
Aug 16, Peru: 519 killed in earthquake
Aug 17, China: Scores trapped in coal mine
Aug 22, Northern Iraq: Helicopter crash kills 14 U.S. soldiers
Aug 25, Greece: 63 died from forest fires
Sep 6, Nicaragua: Hurricane Felix death toll nears 100
Sep 13, Sulawesi: 4th earthquake strikes Indonesia
Sep 16, Thailand: 87 killed in plane crash
Sep 18, Shanghai: Millions flee as typhoon rips into China
Sep 30, Yemen: Volcano eruption reeks destruction
Oct 3, South Africa: 3,200 workers trapped in gold mine
Oct 23, Southern California: 500,000 flee wildfires
Oct 29, Dominican Republic: 11 dead from Tropical Storm Noel
Nov 2, Mexico: Floods strand 300,000
Nov 11, Russia: Five ships sink in storms; 23 missing
Nov 14, Chile: Thousands homeless after quake
Nov 15, Bangladesh: Cyclone hits. 3,000 dead
Nov 18, Eastern Ukraine: 63 killed after coal mine blast
Nov 23, Antarctica: Ship strikes iceberg, sinks
Nov 29, Turkey: Jetliner with 56 people on board crashes
Dec 7, South Korea: Tons of oil spill into Yellow Sea

Jan 17, London: Heathrow jet lands short of runway
Jan 20, Gaza: City plunged into darkness
Feb 1, United Arab Emirates: Third undersea Internet cable cut
Feb 6, Tennessee: Tornadoes kill 48 across U.S. South
Feb 9, Southeast Australia: Bush fires kill 181
Feb 21, Venezuela: Jetliner crashes in mountains
Feb 22, Guam (U.S.): B-2 stealth bomber crashes
Apr 9, Thailand: 54 Myanmar migrants suffocate in freezer
Apr 16, Congo: Plane crash kills 38; others missing
May 3, Myanmar: 78,000 dead in cyclone, 56,000 missing. Possibly 1mm homeless
May 12, Southern China: Quake death toll 50,000. Five million homeless
Jun 10, Sudan: 28 dead as fire engulfs plane
Jun 14, Northern Japan: Powerful earthquake strikes
Jun 21, Philippines: Ferry capsized by typhoon. Hundreds trapped
Aug 20, Madrid, Spain: 153 dead in plane crash
Aug 24, Kyrgyzstan: Plane crash kills 70 people
Aug 27, Bihar: Flooding kills dozens, ruins 225,000 homes
Aug 31, New Orleans: Hundreds of thousands flee coast
Sep 5, Haiti: Hundreds killed by storm
Sep 11, France: Fire breaks out in channel tunnel
Sep 12, Los Angeles: 24 killed, 135 injured in train collision
Sep 13, Ural: No survivors in jetliner crash
Sep 14, China: Death toll from landslide reaches 254
Sep 17, China: 3 babies dead, 6,200 ill from milk formula
Sep 30, India: Temple stampede kills 147
Nov 7, Haiti: At least 84 dead in school collapse
Nov 8, Russian Far East: Twenty die on Russian submarine
Nov 27, Brazil: Death toll climbs in flooding
Dec 2, Zimbabwe: Cholera deaths near 500
Dec 4, Antarctica: Cruise ship strikes ice, stranded on coast
Dec 16, Israel: Tourist bus crash kills 24
Dec 18, Zimbabwe: Cholera deaths pass 1,000
Dec 31, Thailand: Dozens killed in nightclub fire

Jan 11, Sulawesi: Ferry disaster leaves 246 missing
Jan 12, Earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti kills 250,00 people.
Jan 15, New York: Airplane with 155 people on board crash-lands into Hudson River
Jan 24, Barcelona: Four boys killed as storms collapsed roof
Feb 2, London: Heaviest UK snow in 18 years hits flights
Feb 6, China: China suffering worst drought in 50 years
Feb 7, Melbourne: Bush fires claim 181. 1,834 homes lost. 7,500 people homeless
Feb 11, Siberia: Russian and US satellites collide
Feb 12, Upstate New York: 50 die after plane crashes into house
Feb 16, United Kingdom: British, French nuclear submarines collide
Feb 25, Netherlands: Nine killed as Turkish plane crashes
Mar 22, Mountain States: Children die in plane crash
Mar 27, Indonesia: Suburban 'tsunami' kills 77
Mar 31, Libya: Hundreds feared drowned
Apr 5, North Korea: Space launch fails
Apr 5, Italy: About 300 dead in Earthquake
Apr 24, Mexico: 'Swine flu' kills 60 and infects 800 others. 300 U.S. schools close
May 19, Indonesia: Nearly 100 dead in military plane crash
May 28, Brazil: Dam bursts after more rain
Jun 1, Northeastern Brazil: Air France plane crashes with 228 people aboard
Jun 5, Northern Mexico: 29 children die in day care fire
Jun 22, Washington: Fatal crash on subway system
Jun 29, Comoros: Yemeni plane crashes with 154 aboard
Jun 29, Northern Italy: 14 die in Italian Riviera train/gas blast
Jul 15, Iran: 168 feared dead as plane crashes
Jul 24, Iran: 17 die as plane skids, bursts into flames
Aug 8, Manhattan: Helicopter and plane collide, 9 die
Aug 10, Taiwan: Hundreds lost in typhoon
Aug 10, Southern China: Landslide crushes buildings
Aug 11, Taiwan: 700 feared dead in mudslide
Aug 23, Greece: Fire threat empties Athens suburb
Sep 2, Indonesia: Earthquake kills 34
Sep 8, West Africa: 600,000 hit by flooding
Sep 26, Manila: Dozens dead in floods
Sep 29, Samoa: 85 deaths reported after quake
Sep 30, Sumatra: Indonesia quake death kills thousands
Oct 10, Philippines: Days of flooding, landslides kill 186
Oct 23, Puerto Rico: Fire rages at fuel depot
Oct 26, Western Afghanistan: DEA among 14 dead in copter crashes
Nov 10, Brazil: Dam failure triggers huge blackout
Nov 22, Sumatra: 29 dead as ferry sinks
Dec 4, Ural: 152 killed in nightclub blast and fire
Dec 16, Philippines: 30,000 flee volcano
Dec 21, Poland: 80 dead in European winter weather

Jan 12, Haiti: Catastrophic earthquake hits. 150,000 die
Jan 12, Lebanon: Ethiopian airliner crashes. 90 on board
Feb 15, Belgium: 18 killed in train crash
Feb 19, Morocco: Minaret collapse kills 41
Feb 20, Portugal: Madeira floods and mudslides kill 43
Feb 27, Chile: 8.8 quake hits, killing at least 147 people and triggering tsunami
Feb 28, France: Storm batters Europe, at least 51 dead
Mar 3, Barcelona: Giant waves hit cruise ship; 2 killed
Mar 26, South Korea: Navy ship sinking
Apr 6, West Virginia: Blast kills at least 25 miners
Apr 6, Rio de Janeiro: Rains, flooding kill 200
Apr 13, Western China: Hundreds dead in 6.9 earthquake
Apr 17, Iceland: Volcanic ash creates travel chaos in 23 countries, including European
April 20, Louisiana: Gulf oil rig explodes. 11 dead. Leak not sealed til September.
May 2 , Global: Dow Jones falls 800 points
May 9, European Union: Volcanic ash cloud disrupts flights, closes airports
May 11, Siberia: 52 dead in coal mine blasts
May 12, Libya: 92 passengers and 11 crew members killed in jet crash
May 21, Southern India: Plane crash leaves about 160 dead
May 27, India: 100 dead after 'sabotage' derails train
Jun 1, Guatemala: More than 175 dead from weekend storm
Jun 3, Bangladesh: Housing-block fire kills more than 100
Jun 29, Louisiana: Hurricane hits Gulf oil clean-up
Jul 3, Congo: Hundreds killed in oil tanker explosion
Jul 18, India: At least 45 dead in train collision
Jul 24, Ruhr: Festival stampede kills 19
Jul 27, Pakistan: Plane crashes in capital
Jul 31, Russia: Wildfires. 25 dead, thousands homeless
Aug 1, NW Pakistan: More than 1,100 dead in flooding
Aug 2, Moscow: Russian fire emergency around 500 towns and villages
Aug 5, Chile: 33 trapped miners. Rescue to take months at great cost.
Aug 8, Western China Landslides kill at least 127
Aug 14, Pakistan: Floods ultimately leave 4 million homeless, with disease threats
Aug 16, Colombia: 737 breaks apart on island landing
Aug 29, Niger: Flooding displaces nearly 200,000
Sep 3, New Zealand: 7.0 quake strikes near Christchurch
Sep 24, Nigeria: Flooding displaces more than 2 million
Oct 1, Indonesia: Trains collide, killing at least 30
Oct 7, Hungary: Sludge reaches Danube
Oct 21, Taiwan: Typhoon Megi triggers rockslides
Oct 22, Haiti: Haiti cholera outbreak kills 2,200.
Oct 26, Indonesia: Thousands flee Indonesia volcano
Oct 26, Sumatra: 112 dead, 500 missing after quake
Oct 26, Indonesia: Volcano kills dozens
Nov 18, New Zealand: Miners missing after explosion
Nov 22, Cambodia: 350 die in stampede at festival
Nov 23, New Zealand: No survivors after second mine blast
Dec 2, Northern Israel: Dozens killed in northern Israel forest fire
Dec 12, Antarctica: S. Korean ship sinks, 4 dead, 17 missing
Dec 19, Australia: Up to 48: Dead in Christmas Isl. Shipwreck
Dec 28, Queensland, Australia: Flood chaos forces mass evacuations


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    • anglnwu profile image


      6 years ago

      You're really meticulous with the collections of disaster and it's scary to know how frequently they occur. Nice work and rated it up.


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