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Predicting the Future- Go Study Your History

Updated on October 28, 2011

It has been said that to see what is before us, all we must do is look behind us. It is true that we, the human race, has repeated itself in various forms, ways, civilizations, inventions, and socially. It is a proven fact, that when man, for example changes radically the way he is living, that certain changes are bound to happen. Let's use a couple of examples that we have to illistrate exactly what I mean.

Lets put ourselves back about a hundred plus years ago, and our basic transportation was horses, trains, and our feet. In order to go to the next town, let us say it is about 75 miles away, we had to pack enough supplies to travel several days by train, or a week or more by horseback or wagon. If the trip was to purchase things for our new home, we would definately be traveling by horse and wagon. So, if we did our homework ahead of time, we would know that the store or builder we needed to visit would have what we needed, by catalog. Off we would go, and about two or three weeks later we would be back home with the tables and chairs, and other furniture we needed for our house. Unless we had a lot of money to purchase the furniture finished, we would then have to do that part of it ourselves once we got it home.

Next thing we know, somebody invents the engine, we find we can put one in our wagons, getting away from the slow and smelly horses, and we then have made ourselves much more able to travel long distances in shorter times. Look at what this did to our way of life. The changes that came along with that invention were enormous, and it was like the domino effect to our way of life.

Now, taking a look at what happened to our way of life with that invention of massive change, let's look at the new and very fast moving and ever improving technology we have happening in our lifetime. The internet is an invention that has vastly changed our lives, as much if not more than the engine. If we can project possible ways this one thing can change our futures, we have done it. We have no idea how far and how vast the change will ripple through our ways of life. If it is anything like the last wave of change, look out.

We know to a small extent that past civilizations have progressed as societies, their knowledge, medicine, and technologies, probably not as advanced as we are today, but we really have no way of knowing how far their knowledge of certain things really was. There are past civilizations that have just vanished, leaving us not able to know what made them disappear, or what happened to them. We only can guess, that perhaps an ice age, a disease, or some other disaster wiped them all out.

What I have been researching is the possibility that their own progress into their future, their inventions, their technologies may have caused their people the damage that caused their demise. Were they perhaps messing around with something that they should not have been and it went terribly wrong, causing mother nature to come down hard. This is the sort of thing that we as a civilized peoples are looking at in our era now. We have advanced so fast, and are living with technologies that we feel we cannot do without, but are we using up our natural resources so fast with our way of life, that our generations to come will not be able to survive? There is no way to know what we are causing with our weather, our ozone, and other things, like whether we are making this world a better one for say microorganisms than it is for human life.l Are we experimenting with our own DNA beyond what we should, or are we going to make our earth an utter wasteland and not be able to grow our own food? We do not know those answers, we are only guessing and this is what happened at least a couple of times in our past, for we have been able to see enough of it to know that something happened, just not the history of exactly what it was.

When we look back into history, at the Egyptian, we do not know how they lifted the massive stones that they built the pyramids with. They obviously had the ways and means to do the job that we are not knowledgeable enough to be able to figure it out. How many other things have our past civilizations had and readily used, that we maybe have no idea about. It is very possible that their progress had advanced to fast and destroyed the very root of their way of life. We must ask ourselves now, is this possibly what we are doing to ourselves now?

Humans are so competitive, sometimes we feel we must win the race, like to the moon, or other things.  Do we loose the insight to our selves and to what we are doing to our surroundings?  Each of us must look inwards and see if one person, you perhaps can make the change needed to help us as humans to remain here, and keep our home, the planet earth a healthy place for our future generations.


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  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

    Oh, I agree. It scares me how fast we proceed without counting the consquences.

  • livingsimply profile image

    livingsimply 6 years ago from Isle of Arran, Scotland

    This made me think - I like that. Great hub,