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Preparation for Student Teaching

Updated on April 9, 2010


1.     Preliminary Observation — The student teacher gets a feeling of the atmosphere of the classroom and should secure specific information regarding classroom procedure. He will discover certain tasks to be undertaken including assisting the supervising teacher in:

a.      Knowing and memorizing the names of the children

b.      Having a daily program

* c. Knowing the standards of behavior being uti­lized by the teacher and pupils in such situa­tions as group discussion, making reports and use of free time

d.      Knowing classroom facilities

e.      Knowing classroom routines

2.      Early Participation — Before actual teaching, the student teacher participates actively in various classroom activities such as:

a.      Making a seat plan

b.      Assisting in arranging and distributing mate­rials

c.       Giving assistance to individuals and small groups as suggested by the supervising teacher

d.      Assisting the children in the playground and elsewhere within the school campus

e.      Correcting test papers

f.       Assisting in various activities inside and out­side the classroom

Studying Children — Some student teachers keep individual cards for each child and record obser­vations from time to time like;

a.      Birthdate and place

b.      Mental Age — I.Q. tests

c.      Achievement test

d.      The school attended and the number of days of attendance

e.      Occupation of parents

f.       Names and addresses of parents or guardians

g.      Grades and comments of former teachers h.     The child's behavior

Learning School Policies and Regulations

There are several school policies and regula­tions that should be learned and followed during student teaching. By becoming familiar with them, the student teacher will learn a great deal about the teacher's responsibilities in school administration. Surveying Instructional Resources

The purpose of this survey is to assure him the best materials and methods available. Furthermore, he will find this helpful when he accepts his first assignment in locating, organizing and utilizing a complete set of instructional resources. Examples:

a.      Course of study

b.      Units of work

c.       Basic textbook

d.      Teacher's manual

e.      Supplementary materials

f.       Textbooks for teachers

g.      Audio-visual materials

6.     Library Resources

The student teacher should visit the library and check resources that he can use in teaching like magazines, newspapers, records, clippings and reference books.


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      yaser799 8 years ago from saudi arabia

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