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College life and its preparations

Updated on February 9, 2011

College is an exciting and well anticipated period in every student's life. There is a lot of preparation, contemplation and planning that goes into having the best experience while in college. Since there is a lot more free rein to be able to choose and make decisions, many youngsters tend to get overwhelmed or confused about what needs to be done. Distractions are higher, there is a lot more peer pressure to conform to ideas and lifestyles. There is often a mad race to achieve more, do more and earn more. Or else just to get involved in as many activities as possible within a short span of time, college gives people a feeling of being infallible and completely indefatigable.

It is important when preparing for college to be ready to deal with a lot more responsibility, goals and pressure. There is no fixed formula to success and achievement in college, rather there are a series of small term goals that one can have or target to achieve the larger goal of success over time. It is always wise to prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead by planning and practicing your skills over the holidays. Also be prepared to meet or even room with people who may be drastically different or even the very opposite in nature. You will need to consider yourself to be running a race with blinders on if you want to stay focused on achieving results.

Another feeling that tends to overwhelm many students is a sense of being lost in the crowd. There is a cog in the wheel sensation which comes from being in a large sea of individuals most of whom are highly skilled or competing for the same things you are. You need not feel like a small fish in the ocean, instead you can focus on what works best and highlight your skills by participating and making a difference in your own way. Being able to swim above the pressure and also to deliver consistent results is extremely important. Once you have established your reputation as being a reliable and capable individual, the opportunities will come your way soon enough!

Being multitalented with the ability to multitask is essential for success in the school environment.  Everyone cannot do everything but you can certainly juggle your time and talent between multiple tasks. Gather information from multiple sources, look for first hand experiential learning opportunities and make sure that you learn to analyze and criticize the data and performance in order to produce sharper and better results.


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