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Preschool Lesson Plan

Updated on December 31, 2017

Watch Me, I am Full

Activity Description

This activity is intended for 9 to 12 months. This activity will enhance the children’s curiosity as to what happen if they fill up the empty box with something and then empty it out.

Rules for this activity

  • Gather the children around and let them sit on the floor.
  • Give each child an empty box after introducing the materials.
  • Then, give enough small soft objects or cereals (to make sure it is safe).
  • Let them fill up the empty shoe box and dump out again.

Safety and health rules (if necessary)

Preference materials for filling:

  • Cereals
  • Small soft materials but not too small to choke on but in this case support from another educator might needed to avoid accident

Materials/or preparation needed before the activity

  • empty shoe box
  • small safe and soft objects to put in the shoe box or cereals

Setting/or space needed for the activity

  • Classroom setting or this can be done also in outside setting if it is summer.

Support from colleagues(if necessary)

  • If using small but soft materials for filling, an educator might need helper for more supervision.

Which developmental areas this activity promotes:

  • The areas of development that this activity promotes are physical and cognitive.

Objectives and key experiences

  • At the end of the activity, the infants will be able to feel strong and supports his understanding of the concepts of empty and full.

Activity introduction (starter):

  • Let the children sit on the floor and introduce the materials.

Leading children’s reflection (Recall):

  • Children will develop its understanding, feeling happy and strong.

Physical and Cognitive Development

As the child grows everyday, she or he needs activity that promotes physical and cognitive development development.

How physical development important for growing child?

  • Physical development can help the kids to cope stress. Not only adults feel the stress of life, children will also feel the same way.
  • It develops a healthy heart and lungs
  • It helps to establish connection between different parts of the brain
  • Promoting healthy growth and development and many more...

Cognitive Development

The complex theory of Piaget about cognitive development make us parents and educator understand the normal and appropriate activity for general age groups. For the child, everything is new however at birth cognitive development started.

Cognitive development is learned through mental processes and sensory perception. Warm, supportive interactions with others, as well as the ability to use all five of the sensory modes—seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling—are required for maximum development of the mental or cognitive processes.


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