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Play Ball - Preschooler Activity

Updated on January 1, 2018

Fun Game

This activity is a fun game for the children. It is being mention that it is good for outdoor however, if there is enough space to do inside it is the same possible fun for the kids. Playing ball is always a fun game for the children whether it is done outside or inside. Their will not be enough time for them and for sure children will don't like to stop when the game begins.

Probably some children will show tantrums when the adult will say game is over. The educator should be prepared for the best possible transition activity so the the spirit of fun will continue.

Play Ball

Activity Description

  • This activity is intended for baby’s 6 to 9 months or even 12 to 18 months old. Playing like rolling a ball back and forth is a fun to play with. It can develop the little muscles and promotes social and emotional development.

Rules for this Activities

  • Gather the children to the space where to play the ball. Make sure that they are comfortable and ready to begin.
  • Roll the ball to the infant and encourage the infant to roll the ball back. This can be done one and one. Make sure to tell the children to wait for their turn, otherwise educator needs helper.

Safety And Health Rules

  • When this activity will be done outside, make sure to bring floor covering to roll the ball easily. Make sure also that the children have their sunscreen on.

Materials or Preparation Needed before the Activity

  • Ball (soft and enough size for the little ones)
  • Floor covering

Setting or Space need for the activity

  • This activity is fun to play in outside door

Support from colleagues (if necessary)

  • Not really necessary but it will be handy if there is help.

Which development areas this activity promotes

  • The areas of development that this activity promotes are physical and social development

Objectives and key experiences

  • At the end of this activity, the children will be able to get their hands and arms to move the ball. This activity will also help children develop their physical strength and earns a trust from other children and educator.

Activity Introduction (Starter)

  • Help the children one by one where they sit and position. Make sure that they are comfortable
  • Introduce the activity and present the ball
  • Make sure that the children are in safe place, no clutter and have enough space for them in case they will run to catch the ball.

Leading children's Reflections (Recall)

  • Children will be happy and learn to be confident with other peers. This game will enhance better understanding of taking turns and waiting.


Physical - Motor Skills Development

Playing Balls are really amazing because it can help our children's development in so many ways.

Playing balls for infants and toddlers will help them develop to grasp, the eye-hand coordination. It enhance their ability to manipulate things and move the objects from one hand to the other. As they develop their motor skills, the brain develop also as they learn the rhythms, the sounds and the movement of their body as they try to catch the ball.

For Preschoolers, it help them develop the gross-motor skills by kicking, throwing, catching, etc. Another skills will also develop at this age and that is social skills. As the engage into this activity and participating with other children, the emotional and social skills will kick in.


Health Benefits For Playing Sports

We should introduce to our young children to play sports, any types of sports as early as we can because it gives a lot of benefits. Aside from, it helps to develop the gross motor skills, it also enhances balance and coordination which is very important for the children. They will also learn how to concentrate and manipulate their moves.

Other benefits includes: children will learn to play with others and knows that their is waiting period to take turns and take patience. They will learn to take control of their ego and understand the concepts of sharing and playing in a team or alone.

Taking turns for the children is very crucial, this is not something that will happen in an instant, it takes time and perseverance. So, by engaging sports will help the children develop this habit.


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