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Present Perfect Simple Exercises ESL

Updated on January 8, 2014

Below are present perfect simple exercises. They include forming sentences, matching sentence halves, speaking and correcting errors. Answers at the bottom.

A. Form Sentences

Make sentences with the words given. Use contractions.

Example: you / see / my book (?) – Have you seen my book?

  1. My team / win / the tournament (+)
  2. He / be / here all day (-)
  3. I /see / her / yet (-)
  4. They / swim /the English Channel (+)
  5. You / have / headaches like these / before (+)
  6. We / do / this page / already (?)
  7. You / wash / the car / yet (-)
  8. She / have a baby / just (+)
  9. They / go / to Vietnam / yet (-)
  10. He / run / the London Marathon / ever (?)

Present Perfect Simple

It's so simple even a dog can do it!
It's so simple even a dog can do it! | Source

B. Correct the Errors

Some of these sentences have errors and some do not. Correct the mistakes.

1. A) Where’s Anita?

B) She’s been to the bank. She isn’t back yet.

2. Tom and Mark have became good friends since they started school.

3. I’ve known her since we met at university.

4. He’s hurted his hand playing rugby.

5. We’ve been lucky so far.

6. You’ve seen that movie 3 times already.

7. I’ve never hear of that food before.

8. My friend has a new girlfriend. I still haven’t meet her yet.

9. She hasn’t had lunch yet.

10. Have you speak to Maria about the job?

11. Have you flied with that airline before?

12. They’ve tried so hard to make the group popular.

13. Has she watched the news lately?

14. It’s the first time I’ve written a letter in English.

15. They have waited since half an hour.


C. Match sentences 1-10 with sentences a-j

  1. Where’s Paddy?
  2. Have you seen my keys?
  3. I haven’t tried caviar before.
  4. This is the second time we’ve eaten in that restaurant.
  5. I’m worried about Patricia; I haven’t seen her all morning.
  6. He’s been at work for 12 hours now.
  7. Have the children already seen this movie?
  8. I’ve just left my bicycle outside.
  9. We’ve decided to go to Cuba for our holidays.
  10. How long have they been married?

a) Have you tried the octopus then?

b) He must be very tired.

c) I hope you’ve locked it. This is a dangerous area.

d) Either have I.

e) No, I haven’t. Have you checked the living room?

f) He’s gone to the butcher’s.

g) Yes, they have. They’ve seen it twice.

h) She’s just been involved in a car accident. Let’s go to the hospital.

i) Around 13 years.

j) My sister has been there already. She says it’s a fabulous destination.

D. Present Perfect Simple Speaking Exercise

Ask your partner these questions:

  • Have you ever eaten strange foods? If so, what?
  • Have you ever eaten raw fish?
  • Have you ever been abroad? If so, where?
  • Have you ever made a meal for you family or friends?
  • Have you ever been injured?
  • Have you ever made a big mistake?
  • Have you ever cried during a movie?
  • Have you ever bought something and never used it?
  • Have you ever seen a ghost?
  • Have you ever seen someone famous in real life?
  • Have you ever broken something that was not yours?
  • Have you ever forgotten someone's birthday?
  • Have you ever had a scary experience?
  • Have you ever bought a present for your friend and he/she didn't like it?
  • Have you ever done something bad?
  • Have you ever fallen asleep in class?


A. Answers

  1. My team has won the tournament
  2. He hasn’t been here all day.
  3. I haven’t seen her yet.
  4. They’ve swum the English Channel.
  5. You’ve had headaches like these before.
  6. Have we done this page already?
  7. You haven’t washed the car yet.
  8. She’s just had a baby.
  9. They haven’t been to Vietnam yet.
  10. Has he ever run the London Marathon?

B. Answers – Correct the Errors

  1. She’s gone
  2. have become
  3. correct
  4. He’s hurt
  5. correct
  6. correct
  7. never heard
  8. haven’t met
  9. correct
  10. you spoken
  11. you flown
  12. correct
  13. correct
  14. I’ve written
  15. for half an hour

C. Answers

1-f / 2-e / 3-d / 4-a / 5-h / 6-b / 7-g / 8-c / 9-j / 10-i

© 2013 Muttface


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    • chef-de-jour profile image

      Andrew Spacey 4 years ago from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK

      Thanks for this, some useful material for those challenging grammar lessons!