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Procrastination - A Huge Problem

Updated on January 17, 2013

Am I A Procrastinator?

Do you wait until the last minute to do something? Do you watch the clock, counting the minutes until you'll have to do whatever it is you were waiting to do? Do you wait until Christmas Eve to shop for Christmas gifts? Do you wait until the day before college classes start to register? Do you push your homework back into your backpack and leave it there until the day it's due? Do you wait to clock in at work seconds before you would be considered late? Do you push the meeting with your child's principal until the last minute? Well, if you do most of the previous things that are listed, you, very likely, are a procrastinator.

Sometimes people who procrastinate can manage their time very well and even though they may wait until the last minute to do something, they will always get it done. And they'll even ace their homework assignment! But is this really that healthy for you?

There are different views regarding this subject. Some believe that procrastination is a good thing because then people can slow down and make decisions after thinking about them for a while. They say that procrastinating welcomes waiting and sometimes if you wait and think the decision through, the decision might be a better one. According to an unknown author: "If it weren't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done." For some, or many, this may be true. Those few last minutes might be what changes the course of your life or what changes the grade on your paper.

Twenty percent of people say that they are "chronic procrastinators. This means that their procrastination affects their lives in a major way. It affects their health, their work, their social lives, their families, and many other things that play a huge part in their lives. This is detrimental and can harm people in the long term. For many, it's easy to say that they want to change, but others don't think that they can. Procrastination can feel like a weight that will never stop bearing down on you, but you need to know that there is hope.

How Do I Stop?

Doctors have recommended a few different ways to "solve" this daily struggle. For many procrastinators, it's as simple as writing a list.

1. You will want to organize your daily duties and plan to get them done. Reward yourself for completing a daily schedule. This might make you more likely to complete it regularly.

2. Have someone be your accountability partner. Have them call you every other day or come over to your house to check up on you. You might feel better if someone is keeping an eye on you and making sure you're doing what's best for your life.

3. If you have issues with anxiety, schedule breaks once or twice a day to just take a breather, get a drink, or relax. You cannot let your breaks take over, but once you start following your schedule, you can add them in.

4. Reward yourself. Plan to go out shopping with family or friends after your first week of scheduling. I'm sure it won't be perfect, but you will get there. If you get everything done for the day, maybe go out to eat at a nice restaurant with your family instead of rushing through the drive-thru before the kids rush to their activities for that night. Maybe a trip to the spa or to the beach once everything is done will be a good motivation for the next week. Do whatever you need to get over the choppy waters of procrastination.

5. Believe in yourself. Nothing has ever been accomplished without the person first believing that they can do it. If you believe that you can overcome this mountain, you can. Ask family and friends to pray for you and to keep you in their thoughts. Maybe if you know they're thinking about you, you might be motivated to continue on.

Don't Give Up!

Nothing can be accomplished right away. If you can get this procrastination to a manageable level, it will be a lot easier to handle. Focus on ridding yourself of procrastination as much as possible. You will appreciate the much-needed change.

A Message from the Author

All the time, I wait until the last minute to do something. Some days, though, if I'm in a very happy mood, I will work ahead and get everything done way before it needs to be. Procrastination is a huge downfall and sometimes, it even reflects in my grades. I try as much as possible to get work done early, but I sometimes fail to do this. Scheduling my work into specific hourly slots does seem to help. The solution really depends on the person and obviously, results will vary for different people.

Don't wait or procrastinate. Get started on getting rid of that procrastination that you hate so much.


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