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How To: Promoting Teacher Appreciation

Updated on April 16, 2015



Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is the first full week in May. Parents rush around to find the perfect gift for their children’s teachers during this week. There are many school supply stores that offer bargains for these parents, and offer gift cards and special gadgets or trinkets, as well. All to show how much they appreciate the work the teachers in lives do.

Show Appreciation By Helping in the Classroom

I can tell you, though, that although teachers love those gift cards and trinkets, they just love to be appreciated. Most of the teachers I know would rather that you show your appreciation in small ways throughout the school year, rather than spending time and money for one week out of the school year. There are many ways that you can do that.

During the school year there are many times that teachers need extra help. They can use help grading papers. They can use an extra person to listen to students read sight words or practice letters. There is almost always a student who can use someone to sit beside them and help them work throughout the day. Usually teachers can use help copying materials or preparing materials for the students.

Teachers Appreciate Hardworking Students...


How To Appreciate Your Teacher

  • Help grade papers
  • Get materials ready for a lesson
  • Sit by a child that needs extra help
  • Support your teacher with behavior concerns
  • Help students with sight words or math facts
  • Make sure your child returns homework (and don't do it for your child!!)
  • Listen to the teacher's concerns about your child
  • Support the teaching profession

Support the Teacher

There are also other ways to show appreciation to teachers. The biggest way is to support what the teacher says and insist that your child follow the rules at school and complete homework assignments. (This doesn’t mean do the homework for your child, either!) When a teacher calls you as the parent about a discipline problem with your child, help the teacher get to the bottom of the problem. Don’t insist that your little angel could not have done whatever it was, but listen to the teacher openly and honestly to see if perhaps your angel might have been the problem. Most of the problems are minor, but still need attention from the parent. Saying that your child could not have misbehaved sends a signal to your child that it is okay to be a little stinker – then those small problems could turn into larger problems down the line.


If the teacher thinks that your child has a disability of some sort, listen to him or her. Teachers have worked with children with many different disabilities in their careers. Teachers are not experts in all disabilities, but they can see the tell-tale signs of some of the most common ones. If the teacher suggests that your child might have a learning disability or a speech-language issue, listen to them and seek professional advice from your doctor or other professional. Even if the teacher is wrong, at least you have ruled out that disability and then the teacher can work on different teaching styles to help your child. The teacher is not telling you these things in order to hurt you or to question your ability as a parent – he or she is bringing these things up to help your child learn to the best of his abilities.

...And Handmade Drawings!


If You Feel You MUST Get A Gift

Teachers do not want expensive gifts - we appreciate them, but don't expect them. If you feel that you must purchase a gift, here are some ideas:

  • Gift cards to a teacher supply store
  • Gift card for spa treatments
  • School supplies for the classroom
  • Learning games for indoor recess
  • Gift cards for nearby fast food places for those quick teacher lunches
  • Anything handmade by your child!

Teaching is a Grand Profession

Another way to show appreciation for teachers in general is to not belittle the profession. Teaching is not just standing in front of a group of kids and lecturing for seven or eight hours a day. It is not all coloring and recess and lunch. In today’s teaching world, teaching is trying to teach a class of up to thirty or more children – all at different learning levels and with different learning styles. It’s about helping all students, regardless of ability, to learn what they need to learn in order to be successful in life. It is also about assessing those students through school, district, state and national testing weekly. And don’t forget planning for all of those children – even a “simple” reading assignment can turn into hours of planning when you have to consider the needs of each child in your classroom. You also have to teach students how to behave – many children come to school without even knowing basic manners – it has become the teacher’s job to teach these, as well as character traits and general behavior. Planning can turn into a three or four hour chore each and every school night.

Teachers also must go to trainings throughout the school year and the summer to become better at their jobs. Things change often in education. There is always some new thing that has been proven the best way to teach students, and teachers must be taught how to implement that in the classrooms. Then, if you are lucky, there is new technology being added to the classroom and teachers need to be trained in how to use it.

It's Not For The Money!

Teaching is a tough job. No teacher gets into teaching for the money – they could get much more money for much easier jobs. They don’t go into teaching for the accolades – those come in few and far between. Most teachers go into teaching because they absolutely love working with children and helping them to learn how to succeed in life. They love those “light bulb moments” when the child’s eyes light up because they finally get the concept. They love the sticky hugs and high fives and hand-drawn pictures.

Show Appreciation All Year Round

Find some ways to show your child’s teacher how much you and your child appreciate him or her. Let your child draw those pictures and give those sticky hugs. Back up the teacher when your little one is in trouble. Help out the teacher by making copies or grading papers. Tell the teacher how much your appreciate his or her hard work in teaching your child. These little acts of kindness will go further than even the most expensive store bought treasure you could find. And your child’s teacher will, in turn, appreciate you.

How Do You Show Appreciation for Teachers

What is your favorite way to show appreciation for your children's teachers?

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    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      ocfireflies - thanks for reading! You are so right - the support from the administrators is very important, as well.

    • ocfireflies profile image


      5 years ago from North Carolina

      I agree that parental support is imperative, but I would add that administrative support can also make or break one's teaching experience.

      Information I appreciate.

      Thank You.

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      kansasyarn - thanks for reading and for the votes and share!

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 

      5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      OH, my! That stuffed dog meant so much to them. I can see why it would mean so much to you. It's great that, despite what they were going through in their family, they were still able to give from their hearts. You obviously made a positive difference in their lives.

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Victoria- thanks for reading! I would definitely treasure that CD! My very favorite gift came from twin girls who I found out later were being molested by the men in their family...they brought me in a stuffed puppy dog with a handwritten note...the dog was old and well-worn...I could tell it meant a lot to the still sits on my desk as a reminder to keep a close eye on my kids....

    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 

      5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      This is great advice. I don't think parents of high school kids give gifts like they do to elementary school teachers. When I taught high school, though, I treasured what the students gave me. Mostly notes or cards. One year, a student gave me a Mariah Carey Christmas CD that is my fave and first to listen to every year. He was killed last year in Afghanistan, and it means even more now.

      Mostly, though, I just got cards and notes, which meant everything. I have everything in a box and will never get rid of any of them. Then there was the year that one class went together to get me a cappuccino machine! How cool!

      Great hub. Many votes on this one!

    • kansasyarn profile image

      Teresa Sanderson 

      5 years ago from Rural Midwest

      Great information and much needed advice for parents. Voted up and sharing!

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      ChristinS...Thanks for reading! I agree that teachers are underpaid and underappreciated!

    • ChristinS profile image

      Christin Sander 

      5 years ago from Midwest

      I enjoyed this hub. I find it unfortunate that teachers get blamed for so many problems that are 90% of the time due to bad parenting. I have always respected my sons teachers. I know from how most have treated him, that they are driven by a call to service. I also understand that most teachers are underpaid, not appreciated nearly enough and are too often scapegoats in life. It takes a strong person to be an effective teacher.

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      always exploring- thanks for reading! Glad I inspired you!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      What would we do without great teachers? I would love to help a child who is having difficulty reading, etc. You have inspired me. Thank you...

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      RandoMCreative...Thanks for reading! Yes..Teachers are relatively easy to please! :-)

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Pstraubie... thanks for reading! In our district it depends on the papers...parents can't grade assessments but most other things are ok...

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 

      5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great idea for an article! I love all of your suggestions. Many parents have no idea how some of these little initiatives can make all the difference in the lives of teachers.

    • pstraubie48 profile image

      Patricia Scott 

      5 years ago from sunny Florida

      The parents that were appreciated the most were the ones who were always at the ready, to help out for any occasion. And as a result I felt appreciated for sure. Friendships developed after I no longer was the teacher of the child and many continue today.

      One thing our parents were not allowed to do was to grade papers. That certainly would have been a help.

      thanks for sharing this...teachers are truly underappreciated sadly.

      Sending Angels your way today :) ps

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Thanks for reading Paul...and for sharing!

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 

      5 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand


      This is an awesome hub and I agree with you that teacher appreciation must be promoted all over the world. Like you, I appreciate support from parents in discipling and caring about their children's education rather than the receipt of a gift. Considering all of the time I spent grading papers, copying supplementary materials, and doing other secretarial matters, I would be nice to have a little parent assistance in doing this. Voted up and sharing with followers.

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Bill - thanks for reading! I am lucky - this year most of my parents appreciate the job I am doing - I do have one parent that thinks I am the worlds most horrible person - but she is still getting used to the idea that her son has some behavior problems. I'll give her a pass for now! But you are right - for the most part no one really appreciate the job of a teacher!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Such an important message, LaDena! Generally speaking, the way teachers are treated in the United States is a shame. Appreciation is so important for this very difficult job. I don't think anyone can fully appreciate the job teachers do unless they are a teacher. Still, it would be lovely if more parents would try. :)

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      samazi - thanks for reading! I agree with you!

    • justateacher profile imageAUTHOR

      LaDena Campbell 

      5 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      whonunuwho - thanks for reading and for your support!

    • samazi profile image

      Masimba Mukichi 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      I believe teachers must be respected and well paid. Every successful country is behind a teacher.

    • whonunuwho profile image


      5 years ago from United States

      I support your message here and agree that teachers are in need to be appreciated because they have so much influence upon the kids that they teach. Next to the parents, the teachers are the most important influences in a child's entire future life. Teachers are revered by the students and most parents really don't understand this. When they spend entire days with a grownup, much bonding and a feeling of belonging may be established. Teachers are, and always have been unappreciated, and given a poor salary throughout the history of this country. For what the average teacher does, they all should be paid much higher to meet the cost of living expenses, at least.


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