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Proper study techniques

Updated on June 2, 2013

We students often search for ways to concentrate in the class. Sometimes, it’s really hard. And no matter how hard we study at home our grades are low. What are the things that we don’t focus in class? What are we lacking? If you think you are not able to make the best use when you’re in class, I guess you should consider the following tips.

1. Maintain silence: This is a very important thing. It has been seen from scientific research that noise will decrease the attention span. So if your class is silent, you can focus on what your teacher says more.

2. Critical thinking: When your teacher discusses on your subjects matters, you need to think as well. Your job is not just to listen but think about it too. The more you engage your mind on it, the more you will understand it.

3. Make sure you have your study material: This is to avoid yourself from diverting your mind and wasting your time asking from your classmate. Do bring a pencil, pen, eraser and other things you need. Also bring your books and exercise books.

4. Switch off electronic gadgets: If you are allowed to carry cell phones to your classroom, at least, switch it off or keep it in silent mode. Electronic gadgets have proven to be the best day to disturb you and your friends.

5. A bottle of water: Make sure you have a bottle of water with you. It will make you feel fresh. We often get tired during long lectures. So, you will need to hydrate your body.

6. Short snacks: Since, you might get hungry make sure during your short break, you take some snacks but not a heavy meal. This will help you restore the glucose needed by your body. Glucose is essential for your brain to function. Since, I’m a medicine student; we’re allowed to drink coffee during class horse. Coffee can prevent you from falling asleep. But not all colleges allow it. Besides, too much coffee is bad for health.

7. Don’t think about other stuffs: Don’t think about your favourite movies, action heroes or your beloved partner. You should leave your issues at home. In the school, we just come to study and learn more. Of course sometimes, it’s too hard to focus when you have other mental distractions, but we should at least try. Isn’t it?

8. Notes: While taking notes, do not write each and everything that your teacher mentions. Just write the important points on your notepad. If you think everything he speaks is important, you can record his lecture too. However, this is not allowed everywhere.

9. Don’t forget important things: Listen to your teacher properly. If he/she emphasizes on a particular thing write it down. For example; he/she might mention a page number, or a table or a book. You should note down those things. As those things have a high probability to appear in your exam.

10. Linking system: Many times there are things that you need to memorize. You can use the linking system to do that. It has been proved that if you use more senses we learn more. To learn more it would be best if you link your right brain with left brain. Suppose you need to remember parasympathetic and sympathetic system, look at the picture and try to remember it. Try to link it with other things especially pictures. When I think of dopamine receptors of our body, I remember that my friend has an activated one, so she always vomits. This is how I remember that dopamine receptors activation can lead to vomiting. If I need to remember the symptoms of Parkinson’s, I imagine that my other friend is suffering from Parkinson and I remember the symptoms. Moreover, I imagine them doing all those stuffs. Imagination is something that can increase our memory power too.

11. Mnemonics: They have made the lives of students easier. You can see a lot of mnemonics online. Or you can make one yourself. I do the latter. Your teacher also gives you mnemonics.

12. Discuss with the others too: Class discussions are very important. The more we discuss the more we learn. We should participate every time we get the chance. This can help others too. We can learn things we didn’t know. This can also inspire us to read more on that particular topic.

13. Ask: If you don’t understand ask your teacher .It is a very important thing. Some students are too ashamed to ask questions to their teachers thinking that their questions are stupid. Never think so! You will lose your confidence over time if you continue this behaviour, like I did. Remember, not everyone knows the answer to that question. You asking that question might solve your friends’ answers too.

14. Highlight: Sometimes, you may not be able to write important things taught by your teacher. At that time, you can highlight the things mentioned by your teacher. I often do it.

15. During short breaks: This is the time you can stretch your body and regain your strength preparing yourself for the next period. Also clear some topics with your friends that you did not understand during the class hour.

16. Prepare before the class: If you are prepared on the particular topic beforehand, you will be able to understand more in the class. So, when you go home look at your syllabus and check out the topics that are supposed to be taught the next day. You try to read the outline and understand them. You will find it much easier in the class to learn.

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    • jirel profile image

      jirel 5 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you Peggy W.:)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Good luck with your medical studies! Great tips for others to follow. Voted useful and up.

    • jirel profile image

      jirel 5 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks a lot for reading my hub.:)

    • Johan Smulders profile image

      Johan Smulders 5 years ago from East London, South Africa

      Good article