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Protech - Textile Mill You can Never See.

Updated on February 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Your Protection.

We all know that Mr.Karkare the brave police officer who died in Mumbai terrorist attack would have been alive if only he had a perfect bullet proof jacket.Protech textiles is that division of technical textiles which deals with protection.All sorts of protection to humans and their property.What will you do if you are in freezing cold.Protech textiles provides you all the comfort,even your hands are protected by gloves.The Fire Fighters do have fire and flame proof clothing.The X ray technician has radiation proof clothing.Workers in a chemicals manufacturing unit are given clothing to protect their body.Our cricket players are given protective pads,gloves and even under guards.The police,The Army and The private Security Guards are provided with bullet proof vests.Your electrical technician is provided with shock proof gloves and shoes.The traffic police and others who work in semi dark conditions wear fabrics color fabrics visible at a safe distance.The workers who work in Boiler Rooms at Thermal Electricity Generators and others who work in constant high temperatures are provided with heat proof dresses.The Arc and Gas welders also need protective clothing and gloves.Deep Under water divers need protective clothing to withstand high pressure and extreme cold.

These protech textiles are high value products but their production volume is not as high as other technical textiles.However their use is being extended and is increasing.Our Govt has set up a Centre of Excellence For Protective Textiles to set a full fledged infrastructure facility and NITRA the North India Textile Research Association and IIT Delhi for this hi-tech Industry to have all facility for production of this must use textiles in whatever area that has a threat to personal as also property.Protective Textiles is an area that has not come up in a big way due to the fact the technical know how is poor.Considering India which has,the Worlds Second largest paramilitary force estmated at nearly 2 million,the World's third largest Army with nearly 3 million,the World's air force with 1,70,000 personnel,the fifth Worlds largest navy with approximately 60,000 personal and the police force in 38 states with Fire Stations,the requirement is perpetual and expanding the value of all this fabrics is nearly Rs.13 Billion in the year 2008.These protective fabrics are also used by other agencies and the value is perhaps more than what is available by Govt agencies.

Govt of India manages over 50 large textile mills under the name and style " National Textile Corporation " but not a single mill is producing protech textiles.These textile mills should be handed over on a silver plate to some private enterprises and they must be asked to produce all technical textile fabrics needed for our country.

Protective Textiles.

Your Protection

Driving in such Highway you need protective clothing.
Driving in such Highway you need protective clothing.


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