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Psychology Information

Updated on May 8, 2020
this is the psychology book i used while in High School and it was quite helpful in that time.
this is the psychology book i used while in High School and it was quite helpful in that time. | Source

Psychology Points

  1. Psychology is useful because it helps us understand the human mind better so we can better understand why people do what they do. It allows for greater compassion only sometimes are people deserving of it, but most people are aware of their actions and do not deserve compassion equal to others who do not. Psychology helps people to better understand their actions as well as those around them those savvy in psychology are more understanding and know violence is not the best way to raise a child even if the child acts aggressively it could also be applied to other members of the family as well as friends.
  2. Psychology is popular because it gives more people the ability to be better understood by others so they can feel better because they receive more positive feedback from others. Since so many of us are different in our way the ability to understand why we act differently and having others accept that aspect of one’s self helps the entire population to feel better. Psychology has mostly been in the days of old been regarded as babble but as people who have contributed over the years to the science, it has gained higher regard by the majority.
  3. Psychologists tell people or patients that most of their stress and sadness is all in their head and that they can get through with enough effort as long as the problem is first acknowledged. Acknowledging that one has a problem can lead to the problem being addressed faced and eventually overcome.
  4. Psychology teaches us how the human brain works including; normally, when anxious, when under stress, when angry, and even with a mental disorder also how they came to that mental state whether it be obvious or hard to comprehend. They can also learn why they act the way they do around certain stimuli.
  5. Psychologists predict our behavior by first examining it and what a person says that can indicate a warning of an oncoming emotional change as well as body movement whether they are violent and anxious or calm and quiet.

Id Superego and Ego

Sigmund Freud portrait


Sigmund Freud

Creator of several psychological concepts from the early 20th century.

The id ego and superego are the three parts of the structure of personality conceptualized by Sigmund Freud.

The Id

examples of the id are as follows

  • eating without regulation
  • Sexual Perversion
  • Laziness, idleness, and sloth or the want to do nothing

The childish impulsive part of the personality does not think of consequence seeks pleasure and wants to eradicate pain or discomfort.

This is the main drive for sex and eating and is the part of you that doesn't want you to exercise or work.

The Superego

Examples of the Superego

  • I am afraid I am disliked and have few friends so mainly lonely.
  • I am afraid no one really takes me seriously that they just pass me by with a thought on what I say.
  • I am afraid to end up like my parents with a broken marriage and broken kids.
  • I am afraid I will not make it to what I want to do, that I’ll end up unhappy and die unhappy

The superego is the drive for fear doubt and guilt thus relating the above example of the superego.

The Superego is the part that holds itself in a high standard and makes you feel guilty and makes you change your tone or look away when lying it is basically what keeps you from doing evil things it thus causes hesitation for doing illicit things.

The Ego

Examples of the Ego

  • I want to be a well renowned medical doctor who cures many diseases and can come up with a solution to anything also with friends and a nice family.
  • I want to be an adventurer traveling the world doing strange things and visiting exotic places.
  • I want to be an actor who works only with the best scripts
  • I want to be a director who makes the most memorable movies
  • I want to make my own massively popular video game with great graphics; a well-written story; as well as spectacular gameplay.
  • I am an artist I like to draw a lot I do it frequently.
  • I am a writer I love to write as well as draw things.
  • I am both a logical and Irrational thinker I switch between the two on a daily basis.

All of these are conscious decisions you make that factor into the other sides of personality to mediate them.

Your ego is the middleman so to say between the superego and id it interprets your internal conflicts and decides what to do and is thus your conscious thus it is unlike the superego and id because you can control it.

Id, Ego, and Superego


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