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Public School and Anger Management

Updated on April 25, 2012

Lets start with a question. Do you think anger management class should be added to the public school curriculum? Over the last several years there have been some extremely violent events that have happen at our public schools. We teach math, English, history, geography, biology and other general classes. Could we possibly add anger management to our school system? What would be some of the abstract benefits? The cost to society would be paid back many times over.

Firstly, the benefits of anger management have long been used successfully in other parts of society. There is a long track record of people who have benefited directly from anger management training. We can use this track record as a way promoting the adding of anger management class to our school curriculum. The winning goals of this training speak for themselves.

Secondly, the classroom training environment would be to have better behave children, if they were require to take an anger management class, at least once. The skills they learn would greatly improve the class room atmosphere. The bottom line is that it would be more relaxing and less tension for the student and the teacher, thereby allowing more information to get out to inquiring minds.

Thirdly, lets look at the overall expense of unruly behavior and acts. The cost of children fighting and acting out is tremendous to all parties involved. There are injuries, severe sometimes, deaths occasionally, massive destruction of property and other related by products of unchecked anger. All these items could be greatly reduce if the school systems would add anger management to list of school requirements.

Fourthly, the introduction of anger management training will add to the growth of the individual. Lets face it some children in our society are not getting good home training. There's a variety of reasons, some legitimate and some not. The main point is that anger management will begin to help the child begin to mature and to realize that you don’t always get your way and sometimes people say things you don’t like.

An additional by product of the instituting anger management is an improved school system. Like or not the overall reputation of a local school system determines a lot of things. Some of things that are effected are the school systems reputation, money, community support, attendances, the ability to get good teacher for those schools. By ensuring that anger management is taught successfully and early, the school system will survive on a higher plain.

Next, lets revisit the safety factor, this is a critical point. We have seen so many stories on tv, newspapers and the news, where a child’s anger has resulted in many tragedies. Granted the environment the child came from is some times a factor and all they need is one person to push the wrong button. And, as we some people say, it on now that usually mean trouble will follow. So, anger management will in most cases improve our school safety factors.

Another by product of anger management in our public schools will be a relief to parents. Once, they see it in place and the overall benefits to the child and the school, they will hopefully be less tense. Even though some things come with territory of being a parent, there relief would still be eased some if they found that anger management is not only being talked about but implemented.

Additionally, a school system with less violence and uproar usually will have a student body that overall does better on their test, SATs, physical fitness and other challenges. A more relax child will be more than likely learn better, and be more productive.

Finally, school systems that function well also generally receive more funding and support. This is another abstract benefit to implementing anger management classes into our public school systems. The investment in our children is worth our every effort.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Open Heart 

      6 years ago

      Thank you for the feedback. It's appreciated.

    • justateacher profile image

      LaDena Campbell 

      6 years ago from Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Near Oz...

      Although I love the idea of teaching anger management at school, I don't see how it can happen in this age of No Child Left Behind there is no room for adding something else to the curriculum. There is too much teaching to the test to do...

      But if district superintendents could read this hub, they might want to implement it!


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