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Quantum Perceptions

Updated on February 9, 2013

Meditating and expanding into the new energies around us we get codes and symbols and visions etc. but we also see that we need do nothing with them. They have always been here/there in poems and books or written through nature and the stars. We have always known even as we didn't know.

Just continue to be who you are whilst embodying the new way of looking at things and the rest just follows with no need for alarm in either direction because it is a natural progression just like the cycle of the seasons, albeit a larger circle often beyond our very human sight.

These things have always been on the horizon, it's just that we had no cause to particularly notice them before.

Then when I choose to notice them and/or am caused to notice them I begin to see and recognise connections. Sometimes they seem obvious and I wonder how I never spotted them before, like how everything is simple in dreams but you can't seem to bring that simplicity back with you.

Some would say that it is a step forward - however, forwards implies something which isn't so absolute when viewed from a quantum state.

I think back to my first big step came at school when I pondered how I would ever truly know which was the right course of action and my blessed teacher replied that rather than choosing right and wrong, I would find myself by holding both states together within one overarching self.

How that changed my world!

Now I see that as I face (perceive) one way I look to the heavens and see myself as a one small part of the One whole.

And then I look down or within and see myself as the One whole comprised of all the unity of the parts together.

My next big step is to embody both aspects together within the one self, i.e. to be consciously aware of experiencing myself from both perspectives simultaneously.

As I look within I can see myself as made up of cells all joined together into the one amazing system that is me.

As I look at myself as the One whole I experience and recognise myself as the whole which I bleeds into everyone and I recognise how I couldn't possibly disentangle myself even if I wanted to.

And I also see how easily I can filter out my connections.

Sometimes I see how I really must filter those connections or I would face insanity as a human being. It seems that one really must be out of their mind to be out of their mind!


The mass suffering of the masses is both an illusion and so very real.

It hurts to allow the suffering to flow unchecked through my heart and yet how much more expanded and connected I am for allowing it.

I feel it will kill me even as I recognise that it cannot. Neither state is disowned even as I walk the Earth as a mass contradiction.

I have already seen many times that when I reach the boundaries of my human self perception I will always find what is viewed as a paradox.

My mind cannot fathom further without losing itself within the rest of me.

The eternal dilemma sits before me, I know that I do not die even as I know that I will cease to exist, even yet as I know I cannot ever cease to exist.

This was not meant to be contained in the mind alone.

And yet it can be contained in the flesh.

My body can and does and has been reading the Universe all along.

And yet I did not know.

So does that mean that my body doesn't belong to me or is not of me?

Of course it is of me!

Quantum unity is as befuddling to my mind as once was 2 people setting off on journeys to the East and West of a flat earth and then meeting up again!

As befuddling as how they don't have all the blood in their heads in Australia or how they don't fall off the earth at the bottom.

It doesn't seem logical but if logic explained everything around us then we'd have had it all figured out years ago!

How did our ancestors figure out all the healing properties of plants etc?

Ever wondered who first thought to cut some particular bark, soak it and boil it and apply it to certain patients to heal them?

To our way of viewing the world it seems incredible and unlikely.


But when you begin to read the world in a different way it becomes obvious how we are led to certain "matches" like bricks fitting together in certain shapes.

My biology knowledge may let me down badly here but I think antibodies and viruses work in similar ways. The antibodies fit into the shape of the virus to produce a, for want of a better description, "more rounded and pleasing shape" and thus completely change the energy of a situation.

As always, that which we observe within is a reflection of that which is without (beyond our human bodyness)

The new way of observing myself by holding both these states within the one self creates a more rounded picture.

It's so easy to observe that the age old obsessions of mine to find the "right" were also the very notions which brought into existence the "wrong" and then I would set off into lifetimes of trying to eliminate or at the very least avoid the "wrongs"

I now see that trying to find an absolute "right" or a "wrong" is as futile or redundant as snapping a magnet in half just to have a south end or a blue end.

The two are inextricably entwined and connected, neither can exist without the other.

Does that mean you have to live with "bad" people in the world in order to balance out the "good" people?

In a nutshell, yes!

But there are other choices and perspectives.

You could just live with people.

You could recognise the us rather than making it a "them" and "us"

You could recognise how a magnetic field holds things together rather than spending lifetimes deciding if the North or South end is the "right" end.

It's just a suggestion.

There are no needs or wants to where we pour forth our consciousness.

Abide where you will.

And create your desires,

As only you can from that place.

Which is exactly what we have been.


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