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Queensland University of Technology

Updated on October 9, 2013
QUT Gardens Point Brisbane Queensland
QUT Gardens Point Brisbane Queensland

Where I study !

II have been studying at QUT since 2008. thought I would like to let you all know about the University which I attend. That is Queensland University of Technology colloquially known as QUT It sits on the banks of the Brisbane River. That is the Gardens Point Campus does. It is very central to the and convenient to the City of Brisbane. The Gardens Point Faculty consists mainly of Business and Law studies although other subjects such as building and Architecture,Engineering are also studies here.

QUT is now one of Australian's leading universities. It has colourful history dating back to the beginning of technical and teacher education in Queensland when the Brisbane School of Arts was established in 1849.

This history is examined through lively accounts and photographs in the book A Class of its Own: A History of Queensland University of Technology, by Noeline Kyle, Catherine Manathunga and Joanne Scott (St Leonards, NSW: Hale & Ironmonger, 1999). Copies of the book are available in the Library and on special order from the Bookshop.

The University's historical records are maintained by the Universities Archives.

Predecessor institutions

  • Queensland University of Technology (present)
    • Queensland University of Technology (est. 1989)
      • College of Nursing Australia (Queensland) (est. 1960)
      • Queensland Institute of Technology (est. 1965)
        • Central Technical College (est. 1908)
          • Brisbane Technical College (est. 1882)
            • Brisbane School of Arts (est. 1849)
    • Brisbane College of Advanced Education (est. 1982)
      • North Brisbane College of Advanced Education (est. 1974)
        • Kedron Park Teachers' College (est. 1961)
      • Kelvin Grove College of Advanced Education (est. 1975)
        • Kelvin Grove Teachers' College (est. 1961)
          • Queensland Teachers' Training College (est. 1914)
      • Brisbane Kindergarten Teachers' College (est. 1965)
        • Brisbane Kindergarten Training College (est. 1911)

QUT Archives offers a detailed descriptionof QUT's predecessor institutions and how they merged over time into QUT.

Vocation-linked education

In 1908 the Central Technical College began offering technical education courses on the site of QUT's present Gardens Point campus, continuing the Central Technical College's tradition of vocation-linked education.

In the same decade, training colleges in Queensland began providing career-centred education for the teaching profession. The institutions which evolved from the teacher training colleges combined in 1982 with the North Brisbane College of Advanced Education to become the Brisbane College of Advanced Education.

Thus, QUT's emphasis of combining a scholarly ethos with effective professional training builds on its predecessor institutions' long record of providing professional education in Queensland.

Top artists, sit-ins and a boxing ring

Some of Queensland and Australia's most important artists trained at the Central Technical College's art department, and the history of the 13 predecessor institutions also includes radicalism, sit-ins, a College principal who built a boxing ring at what is now Kelvin Grove campus and drama productions closed down by community groups.

The Central Technical College's courses became the responsibility of the Queensland Institute of Technology (QIT) in 1965 when it was established to meet the growing needs of industry.

Top teaching with industry links

While still an institute of technology, QIT had a strong research and development profile as well as a record of effective teaching. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) was created in January 1989 by redesignation of the Queensland Institute of Technology.

In May 1990, QUT amalgamated with the Brisbane College of Advanced Education (BCAE) which specialised in courses in arts, business, education and social sciences. The institution resulting from the amalgamation of BCAE with QUT retained the title Queensland University of Technology.

Today, QUT has an enrolment of around 40,000 students. Its prime concerns are the quality of its teaching, the employability of its graduates and the application of its research for the benefit of the community.

Recently the University opened a new building for Technology and Engineering. It was built in part by a generous donation by an American entrepreneur Chuck Feeney. Chuck Feeney a previous benefactor of the University donated further tens of millions of dollars to QUT for the building.

Recently announcements by the Vic-Chancellor indicate that a new multi-million dollar (300 million) Science and Technology Centre has commenced to be built. Anticipated completion date is the end of 2012. Already significant earth works have been completed.

With funds by generous Philanthropist Chuck Feeney the State Government ans the University own funds a Wold Class State of the Art Technology Centre is being will become the legacy of Atlantic Philanthropies.


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    • Aussieteacher profile image

      Di 7 years ago from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

      I know it quite well but did not study there. I'm a Griffith Uni graduate.