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Online RN to BSN Programs - The Canvassing Step in Nursing Programs

Updated on October 22, 2011

Nursing Training Programs

The Nursing field has various advancement options and there are a number of training programs in which you can make your career. The registered nurses are not essentially degree holders. The practical nurses are the diploma or associate degree holders who can go for a LPN-RN transition program. There is a lot of difference between these nurses. The LPNs are the entry level trained nurses while the registered nurses are trained professional nurses at a higher post. The BSN or the Bachelor Degree holders are the Professional Staff Nurses who are paid near to the Registered Nurses. Some of the medical facilities prefer BSN over the RN while recruiting the professional nurses.

The RN to BSN Online Programs are the continuing education programs that go for almost 2 to 4 years depending upon the training facility and your current designation. The Bachelor’s Degree holders can earn on both hourly wage rate and regular salary basis. The hourly wage rate for the BSN is form $23 to $27 per hour and the average salary of the BSN is around $73000 per year in the United States as by the date September 19, 2011. The BSN are much valued as they can go for the MSN and Nurse Practitioner Programs and can advance further in the nursing field. The salary index of the BSN has also been stable in last 18 months and has not seen many ups and downs. These training programs can be taken in part time or regular flexible time schedules. You should take benefit of these training programs instead of eschewing them as these training programs can prove to be very handy when it comes to increase in salary and numerous job opportunities.

These training programs are meant for the practical and registered nurses and many of the nursing facilities require and demand only BSNs for the higher nursing post in the medical facility. Besides practical nurse training and Basic Nursing Principles, the Behavioral Science and Psychology are also taught along with various other fields as the BSN carry various responsibilities including the periodical assessment of the patient and communicating with the patient relatives. BSN trainees can go for the NCLEX-RN certification and they are exempted from various restrictions that are faced by the practical nurses.

Famous Training Program Universities

There are a number of RN-BSN Programs in the nation and some of the famous and worldly acknowledged training programs are as under:-

· The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

· University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

· University of Virginia

· University of South Carolina Upstate

· Azusa Pacific University

RN-BSN Completion Program Overview


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