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Cell Phone users can be so RUDE!

Updated on May 5, 2011

Why speak to a stranger?

A world where people don't need to talk to strangers or make new friends commuting. You could clearly miss a great encounter.
A world where people don't need to talk to strangers or make new friends commuting. You could clearly miss a great encounter.

The Rude Texter

I know this has happened to many of you out there, you go out with someone, or invite friends over and you're company is second best to a texter!

Cell phones are a great invention, and it's great to know, since I do have a son who is a trucker, I love the fact he has a cell phone that is not his work phone and I can call to see where he is, how he's doing.

For those starting to scream in your seats, :) please note that my son uses an ear piece so his hands are on the wheel and he's paying full attention to both weigh stations, other cars, his boss on CB! We've even hung up before if he's in traffic, just so he don't have to worry about concentrating on more than driving. He's a very safe trucker! But it gives mom some relief knowing he's ok!

With that aside, what I really want to talk about here is "The Rude Texter." The cell part in a bit!

Yes I do have a cell, and I am very courteous with using it. If it blings that I've received a text, and I'm with a friend, I only glance at it to see if it's from family. My dad is 87 and his health issues astound us all the time, but still we fear that dreaded call, so that's why we do check!

Let's focus here on that rude TEXTER!

I had a friend (?) invite me to spend the night at her house to help her get moved in her new place. While I did go to her house, and help unpack a few boxes and put things up, she spent the entire time, even ALL NIGHT texting with her boyfriend. Why not just talk it out and spend time with someone who came to help? I don't know, I just know a lot of people today take the use of a cell phone and texting to a high level in their lives, and it's taking away other things in life that they would need to know. Since this girl is younger than my son, I think she kind of looks up to me because her mother, really isn't a good role model. So she tells me things and does try to learn, although sometimes I know she's not listening because she's waiting for the text to come back to her. She makes me feel very used, and I've had to tell her so. :(

I suppose the thing about a texter is at least she's a young person addicted to texting when there's a plethora of other things out there kids can get into! lol. So I'm glad for that. ;)

  • Things can be said nicely, and texting can be short to the point, and not interrupting your conversation or visitation with someone else! Stick up for yourself, don't let someone take advantage of you by ignoring you while they text.

Who can hear who?

When is it acceptable?

 When I look to the group of cell users in the photo I think, is that ok? People rushing off to work, taking their break to call home, chatting with a family member, lover? Regardless of who it is, is it acceptable in a public place?

I think it'd be fine, well, if you're a bit more spread out than this group. It'd be hard to concentrate on your own call, and the person you called is hearing a bunch of jibberish going on in the background. No reason for that to bother. People in the work place sometimes need and want to touch base at home. Check with babysitters, older children, etc. I think that's ok, and I think it's great for family values. So in that instance I think the invention of cell phones are great.

On a long trip, or ride home alone, it's handy for a mom who might have broken down on the road, she can easily call for a tow, or home, but get some kind of help! Even our men, it's nice to get a call from them if they're going to be late for dinner (and can't find a real phone lol) or even giving someone a lift home. That's when a cell comes in handy, knowing where our kids, and all family members are safe and in place!

Just try not to be rude!

To wrap this up, I think it's ok to use your cell, even in public, as long as you're being safe, and you're not being rude. They're a great invention, even for kids. Mothers have worried where their children/teens are, workers alerting families they'll be late, so many reasons to own one. If you're considering getting one, or already have one, please take rudness into consideration.

Also if you're wondering if you should get your little one a cell phone, they make some great ones that are safe for kids, you can find all that information at one very informed hub on cells for children's hub at: 

Thanks, and good luck!

Rude or not rude?

Do you think you are considerate of others using your cell?

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    • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Lost in America

      Thank you!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

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    • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lost in America

      Thanks! I actually don't like the whole bluetooth thing either, because you're having a conversation with someone and they'll say "oh what did you say" WELL GEEZE, PICK ONE!! I just left her house LOL! Yeah and kids with them! I saw a documentary on how they cheat on school work with them! I'd only let (if I had a young one) have one IF it was the kind that could only dial 911 or ME! I do think they could keep up with technology, but not be rude, but then again I would teach them if it's not an emergency then WHY use it! Yeah kids get the ones like mine the iPHone and are on here all hours of the night because their parents don't know they're online! No, I'd be having it in my possession when not at a time to worry over my child! I'm in the south now, and yeah it's rude when I've gotten calls in line, I always just say I'll call ya back because down here everyone speaks to the cashier unlike the north! I'm in the country so I don't want to be broke down with it on the road and be a hot lunch for a bear! lol They can be a safe thing if USED right and not rudely!

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 

      8 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I am constantly shocked and amazed by the rudeness of cell phone users. I see a person complete a transaction at a cash register while on the phone. The cashier is never acknowledged. And the drivers! A coworker was hit by another driver who admitted he was texting. The whole thing is out of control. The kids with cell phones is another issue for me. My eight year old does not need a phone and is not getting one. Case closed.

      This is a tough subject I know. You were brave to tackle it.

    • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lost in America

      Well, maybe you can look at it as a guilty pleasure! If you've worked for it, then you deserve it! (Like candy, my guilty pleasure) LOL. But yeah my parents wouldn't of let me have an expensive thing like a cell phone, maybe one that only called home lol, but yeah I blame parents for a lot of the downfall with kids in today's society! Either their over protective which is bad, or they don't care as long as, like you said it babysits them! Same thing with a lot of the video games. Yeah the kid can play games, as long as they're home and in front of the tv! But what are they learning out of life! It was kind of my point behind the collecting hub I just made! I understand letting a kid pick out something to collect, it can be fun and entertaining, but I also pointed out that I saved change, and it built up and in one summer I was so caught up in adding another coin to my collection, I ended up with $100. As a kid that's a lot of money!

      You know, since you brought it up, that's another thing, while I can make a video blog, or written one and email it directly to the site, iPhone also had a little writing pad! It comes in handy for places like the grocery store! I can make a list, save it, then bam! There it is at the store! It also works as an email! iPHone is really a versatile phone! So people have their choices, for me it does just about all I need. One thing I learned over the years is to stop cutting myself out of things (well unless I can afford) but I do give up other things to have the iPhone. Can't always afford gas just to ride around and take pictures right now (like I like to do cos I love photography) but the money is better placed for now where I'll get the most use for my money! So it pays off. Plus like I said it kinda pays for itself cos I can take it to the pawn shops and look up dvd's and find out what will sell, list it right then and there and whatever I get extra is free. So I that's one way it pays for itself!

      Plus just jotting down notes. It has a recorder! If i'm driving and can't type it out, I can touch the record, and just do a voice record! Put my thoughts in it and playback when I get home to do whatever it is, from reminding myself to do something to maybe something I want to write about! For me, it works out! :) (luckily) :)

    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 

      8 years ago

      Yes we deserve some of the good things in life. Isn't it sad that I feel guilty about having an iPhone when I have paid my dues when a 13th year old gets to cart around one at the expense of his parents. You made a good point about these phones being essentially used as a babysitter. I certainly can see its usefulness especially for writers and bloggers.

    • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lost in America

      LOL Joan, I see your point! Many of my friends keep a cell phone that will use in case of an emergency, that's it! I did learn one thing about the "expensive" youth cell phone users, it's a parent who would rather give their kid the phone than deal with them! I saw it on the so popular Facebook! WHY would a 13 year old boy, be using an iPhone at 3am on a school night!

      After ending up in a small chit chat with him, I realized, it was his fathers, and after dad went to bed, he brought it into his room because he could go on the Internet with it and the computer light from his regular desk computer would not be seen, plus he could use ear phones so he could listen to his iPod music on them at the same time, playing around on FB!

      He invited me in to view his photos, and what I saw was a boy being raised by his single father, who left him alone quite a bit, and there were many hunted and stuffed animals on the walls in this home. So the parent had no idea his son was even on the cell phone, as he most likely paid for the phone to have an unlimited text or online usage.

      I do have an iPhone 4 myself and I love it. I've not had to spend a penny on anything extra from putting all of my own music on it, to just loving the camera on it. It has facetime, so I can chat in real time with another user who has one, but I can use face time to make video of myself when I am out, and if I forget where I've taken a photo, I can press map, and it pinpoints where each photo was taken! So for a grown up, who does use the functions, it's a great little toy, but there is NO WAY I would be paying for a child of mine to have one. If I had a young child, they would have one that made calls, and on minutes in which THEY would have to pay for other than 911, as it is free to call for help. Unless one can afford it, and they use the photo's and the other great functions on it, then it's worth it, otherwise, it's best to just stick to what is best for you.

      If you just need one say, because you'd like phone access while traveling, it's sure much easier to (and less expensive) to have one that you can call for help if you had a flat tire rather than walking, or call for a tow truck.

      It's when the times one is in a movie theater and you hear cell phones ringing, how inconsiderate that they didn't turn it off or put it on vibrate, as people go to see a movie not listen to someone's conversations! But yes, I find it's parents who either just give their kids phones or the child has snagged the phone to stay up late without the parents knowledge. Like my iPhone 4. I can make video and upload it directly to youtube with just a touch! But I use it. There's no reason for kids to have that sort of interaction when they need to be asleep!

      Thanks for your comment! If you ever do decide to upgrade to an iPhone, 1. Make sure you can afford the plan, and 2, make sure you fully understand the functions if you'll need them.

      I like that I can call 911 without anyone realizing I have it on and it will not make a noise! Then say nothing, with GPS, the police trace it, find me within seconds. I love the safety features like that.

    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 

      8 years ago

      I see young kids with more pricey cell phones than I care to pay for. I always wonder how they pay for the service. One day I may enter the 21st century and get an iPhone or something like it. For now, I am content to watch and wonder Why? oh why?

    • Katharella profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Lost in America

      Hi Susantoandre, I agree it's one of the greatest inventions, and has saved many people, and been very handy for children & parents to be closer, and just plain handy. But I think my point here is that while they are good to own, and it's nice to stay in touch even with a nice text to say "Hi thinking of you" and that's it, makes it that much more of a good thing. It's the ones who ring rather than one with vibrate in, say a movie theatre. Well, if you'd like anyone to buy a cell phone in Idonesia, if you do not have a store, and it is ok with everyone I can say that my best choice so far (about out of 4-5 cells) choice for a cell phone is an iPhone. Don't get it if you can't afford it, but even the first one out, the CG is great, and I've got the CG 4 that I'm looking at, but might wait to see what's next. Also they only use AT&T, which I do not care for, but I love my iPhone! Thanks for writing!

    • susantoandre26 profile image


      9 years ago

      Indonesia is the biggest market for cell phones. A lot of populations who needs cell phone.

    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      9 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      I hate being cut off by a cell phone user who tells me, "well, I've arrived at the store (or wherever) now, so I have to let you go. I'll call you back on the way home."

      How about if we just finish the conversation now????? I can be brief...

      Holding a text conversation with someone when you're not alone is a pet peeve. Just because the conversation is a silent one does not mean it isn't intrusive. Go ahead and call the other party if necessary and get it over with.

      Good hub. Cell phone usage needs an etiquette of some type, thanks for addressing this.


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