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Race And The New Frontier

Updated on July 9, 2016

Fight for Race and Equality In America

New Frontier In America

The Bet Awards has passed and now the Jesse Williams hype is slowly fading. The texts, and the phone calls I have received have cease to exist, since the night Jesse Williams called black folks sellouts for putting money over their culture. The table talk discussion has become mere dust now that the BET Awards is over. Jesse Williams, " The Greys Anatomy star ," gave black folks the what for when it came to how we as a people act in black society. Did Jesse open up a womb that needs to be healed but few care to do so ?

Many may not know Jessie Williams is a Biracial African American male whose mother is white and father is black a product of the civil rights era. Jesse seems to be the only cat who is not afraid to use his celebrity status to speak to the issues that effect Black America. At a time when most folks are crying for civil rights and gay rights. Jesse has hit a nerve that many have been crying for someone to hear for sometime. African Americans are under attack all across the country so anyone speaking to the issues of black folks is a target.

Jesse Williams and The Great Debate

Since his speech, some folks have started a petition to have Jesse removed from "Greys Anatomy," for his tough talk to the establishment and sell out ass negroes. Jesse Williams has been in the news a lot for his Bet awards speech which has been catching some back lash from media outlets who felt like they didn't know he was an another angry black man. White folks from all major news establishments have been spewing their rhetoric against the Greys Anatomy star for speaking so candidly about African
Americans issues. So the question now is, what's in the stars for black folks who have heard another fiery message from someone like Jesse, Malcom X, Farrakhan, Khalid
and others who have spit fire to the establishment ?

How is it that Black America can continue to hear the pain of their forefathers, and their descendants don't do anything significant to improve their situation ? When does America get it and give African American's their forty acres and a mule ? Probably never ...

Is their a such thing as a new frontier for African Americans who have been treated in the most inhumane way in history beyond any other race ? We have been lynch, burned, castrated, raped, and murdered for just being black in America. Its 2016 and we still are being murdered in the streets. What resolve do we have in America when it seems every other race works tirelessly to ensure that black folks in America never rise again.

Protesting for Justice

Black Americas Problem Solved

Now, Jesse spoke some truth in which we all needed to hear, but was his truth bottled up and put to good use. After all is said and done most people will go back to the same old mind state, which only leaves an entire race of people like crabs in the bucket in the same place.

What are some solutions that can be put in place to empower a group of people who have since the turn of century been powerless ? In my personal opinion,
we need to do several things 1. practice group economics, 2. grow our own food 3. establish a base for producing our own medicine that we have control over 4. buy land that we can use to build our own businesses, hospitals, and farm on. 5. Go back to producing our own media ( printing newspapers, building radio stations, and producing television shows ).

In order for their to be a new frontier, their has to be an agenda that we all work towards with less talk and more action. Black folks can't keep getting hyped over speeches and hand claps. We got to work and put a national agenda in place, or we will soon be extinct before we know it.

Progress for African Americans

Progress & Promise Dr. King

What Solutions Do African Americans Need

What are two solutions that Africans American Need ?

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African American Congress 1827


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