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Rain Drops That Constantly Flow.

Updated on February 10, 2017

Rain is falling from the sky and water is pouring down.

Flowing and pouring through the drain pipes going on for very long.

My ears are opened as I listen to the rain drops hit the house pavement of cemented rock.

One by one in sync like a ticking of a fine tuned clock.

Raindrops hit the ground and splattered on everything all around.

Disappearing through the drain pipes that is laid hidden in the earth's moulded ground.

Rain drops falling as some nestled on the grass.

Just sitting like fine gems of pure watery glass.

Rain drops fall with a sound that is always so relaxing.

A free and sometimes constant flow that never comes with an implementation of taxing.

Just listen to its way that is always free with the refreshing of soothing ways.

Rain drops from the heavens and on everything it always shows.

On grass,flowers,plants,and trees up high down low as it helps them to constantly grow.

Harder and harder the rain begins to come down.

And more raindrops begin to fall so heavily on the ground.

The rain drops are hitting the house harder just sounding like an orchestra in a fine-tuned hall.

Today I wanted to go out to do some shopping at the mall.

Raindrops washing the Windows as it makes them all clean.

I looked through the window and more drops I can now clearly see.


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