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Reasons Why Taking a Break From College is a Great Idea

Updated on December 9, 2011

I've been one of those people whom have gone to college, taken breaks from it and have gone back. When it comes to school, I am not one of those super smart people. I have always had to work hard at getting a decent grade. Some people, it comes naturally, but others have to work hard like me. I was not one of those people whom partied or anything when I went away to school.  For the most part, I kept my nose in the books.

What Are The Benefits of Taking A Break From College?

For anyone whom has to work hard for their grades, knows all about the stress of trying to do their personal best.  Sometimes the best thing is to take off to get over the stress and just relax for a semester, but remember to get your rearend back to school the following semester.  If you take too long to go back, you will never go back. 

Some Other Reasons People take off from college

Stress is not the only reason people do end up taking off from college.  For some people it may be that they have had some changes in their life like getting married, having kids or even having to take care of family members.  There may be other reasons too.  Everyone is different and we all face some sort of fork in the road.

Is it Right for you?

You are the only one whom can honestly tell you if its right for you to take a break.  If you are totally burned out and stressed out, I would say take a break.  Some schools have a break in between semesters and yet others do not.  If you are in one of those schools that do have breaks in between, then maybe you won't have to take off.  It still depends on how you feel about it.  Then there are the schools whom don't have other than christmas break.  If you are in one of those situations, then maybe taking off is a better idea.


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  • Tom Rubenoff profile image

    Tom Rubenoff 8 years ago from United States

    Taking a break is a good idea, but it can get out of hand. I left school in 1977 and didn't go back until 1999!