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Recognizing the Big 5 Personality Traits in Your Child

Updated on October 28, 2008
Photo: nathaus,Flickr
Photo: nathaus,Flickr

Based on a theory known as the Five Factor Model, there are essentially five overriding personality traits. This list of personality traits are the dominant factors that shape all our our personalities and emcompass the more subtle individual traits. This article gives a personality traits list and examines each of the big five and how they may affect how your child relates to the rest of the world.


The Big Five Personality Traits – List of Personality Characteristics

1. Conscientiousness. The conscientious child is organized and disciplined. You can recognize this in how kids keep their toys, color, and complete school work. The conscientious child to shows self-discipline and prefers planned activities over spontaneous behavior. This trait is associated with a strong performance and a high level of commitment. Of all the personality charateristics, this one is associated with great students and professionals later in life.

2. Agreeableness. The agreeable child is friendly and pleasant to be around. His relationships will be mostly strong. He has tendency toward compassion and cooperation. He will rarely be suspicious or antagonistic with others. This child is a social creature, and gets energy from being around other kids and adults. This is the kid who gets along with everyone. You just have to watch out that he isn’t taken advantage of.

3. Neuroticism. The neurotic child is a worrier. She’s often anxious and her emotions can fluctuate quite a bit. She is vulnerable to experience unpleasant emotions such as anger and anxiety easily. This is sometimes referred to as emotional instability. Watch for signs of depression and sadness during the teen years. Although this trait is inborn, parents can help alleviate stress by providing and communicating a safe and stable environment. This personality trait often leads to physical ailments.

4. Openness. The open child is your daredevil. She loves adventures and trying new things and are very insightful and imaginative. This is the child wo entertains you with wise-beyond-her-years one liners and stunning creativity. She appreciates aret and unusual ideas. She is not afraid to take risks and therefore may not take your parental advice either!

5. Extraversion. The extraverted child is assertive, talkative, and loves to be the center of attention. He’s got a lot of energy and optimism. He has a tendency to seek stimulation and the company of others. While he may prefer not to be alone, he can become overwhelmed if this trait is allowed to go unchecked. Extraverts actually need time alone.

Although an individual personality profile will display a range of traits, the Big Five give you a starting place. If you perceive a dominant character trait in your child, you’re probably right. It’s nice to know what makes your child tick. Don’t you think? What’s really fascinating is when you start looking at the family unit as a whole. In our house we’ve got dominant personalities in four of the five!


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