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Recycle, go Green and stay Sustainable

Updated on May 7, 2011

It's always great to share your story; someone might learn something from it!

Recycling was always a passion of mine, I could call myself a "recycler" fanatic. We determined that we will continue our habits, no matter were we live. (P.S. - I am also making arts out of recycle goods)

Even the 1st year when we took over the motel business, the one small thing we took care off was the light bulbs - CFL (compact Fluorescent Lights). They were replaced with the CFL in all fixtures that we could fit them in, indoor or outdoor lighting. TIPS (for the house):

  • Invest in a dishwasher, you will be using less water, detergent and time to accomplish the task!
  • Do not place stove, dishwasher or other heat producing units next to the refrigerator or freezer
  • One common thing is, people overlook using cloth rags instead of towel paper; it's still a better option even so you have to do laundry - or use sham-wow!
  • Find a better cleaner - non-toxic, organic cleaner

I immediately implemented the bed sheets/towels program,

For those that are not familiar with this: if a room is occupied more then one night, we ask customers to request when they want the bed sheets changed and for used towel to drop them in the shower area, like this I know to leave fresh towels for them. (this saves you on laundry, detergent, water and labor.)

Replacing old windows,- imagine they were the originals,- old window style on metal frame.... We looked for an energy star product and had the job done, double pane, locally was a really good feeling! Concluding after one busy season, we decided to remodel the bathroom, however, I call this a DESIGNER MAKE OVER - it is so much more then just deep skin cleaning and having a new shower area. Improvements of the bathrooms where to start fresh, everything went out the door and the new and sustainable products were replacing those old things.

more saving TIPS

MORE savings tips:

  • replacing soap bars with liquid soaps
  • install a toilet that - preferably, has a dual flush, (I went from a 4gal/use to 1.6gal/use)
  • place recycle bins in your work and kitcken area, this is a good reminder.
  • use a low flow shower headthat can save you some money and give you even more then you expect

Overall, I felt like I had 2 Full Time Jobs, even so I like to call this establishment my business. The East wing was finished this past spring and now we are almost done with the West wing, as I like to call it.

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earth is beautiful, let's save it!hire a professional
earth is beautiful, let's save it!
earth is beautiful, let's save it!
hire a professional
hire a professional | Source


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      We have a window cleaning business in Jupiter, FL and have always used environmentally safe supplies. We use a lot of detergent mixed with water and have always used a biodegradable solution on all of our window cleaning jobs.